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Now that you can use Strength......

There are many places you can access with Strength, such as the secret part of Wayward Cave (this will be further introduced). You can also get some items you previously couldn't get.

If you haven't got HM04 (Strength), go back to Route 209. Explore Lost Tower. Refer to Section 8 for details.

Oreburgh Gate (Basement)

You need to bring Pokémon with Surf and Rock Smash.

Go to the basement. Surf to where you fought Veteran Grant. Go down the stairs and use Strength to push the boulder. Collect the Earth Plate. Then go north and use Rock Smash first. After that, push the boulder to the west. You can get the TM01 (Focus Punch).

Route 211 (East)

There is a boulder for you to push. But you'll get totally nothing. You can simply ignore it. Go into Mt. Coronet for items.

Mt. Coronet (Northern area)

You need to bring a Pokémon with Rock Smash.

You can get some items here. You can also get to Routes 216-217, Lake Acuity and Snowpoint City, but this is not recommended. There is a blizzard on Route 217, so it is very hard to get through. If you are determined to get through this route now, be prepared for the worst situation, as the Town Map mentioned. To get to Route 216, Pokémon with Defog is also required.

Wayward Cave (Secret Basement)

Wayward Cave's secret area

Make sure that you have Pokémon with the moves Cut, Flash and Strength. Also, bring a lot of Repels, Super Repels or Max Repels.

Go to Route 206 again. Cut down the trees and access the route under the Cycling Road. There is a hidden entrance of Wayward Cave under the Cycling Road west of the main entrance of the cave. Enter it and use Flash. You will find 5 boulders blocking your way. These 5 boulders form a cross. Use Strength to push the boulder in the middle to the north, then go through the stairs to the basement.

There are a lot of ramps and slopes. You need your Bicycle to get through. You will also need to switch gears at the right time to get the items. Use Repels, Super Repels or Max Repels to repel the wild Pokémon, so that you can get the items successfully. Max Repels will help the most.

This basement is the only place to find wild Gible. Gible is a Dragon/Ground-type Pokémon. It evolves into Gabite at Level 24 and Garchomp at Level 48. Gible's evolutionary line has a high Attack stat and learns a lot of good Dragon-type and Ground-type moves (such as Dragon Claw and Dig). It also learns some Dark-type moves like Crunch. However, you will find Gible at Level 15 to 17, which is a distance from your Pokémon's level -- your Pokémon's level should be around Lv.40 by now. Using it or not, it's up to you.

There is another set of stairs in the southeast corner of the basement. This leads to the an isolated area in the main cave, which contains TM26 (Earthquake).

Canalave Library

Return to Canalave City. Go to Canalave Library. Head to the top floor, and Rival Barry will lead you to the desk, which Professor Rowan and his aide Lucas or Dawn are waiting there.

Professor Rowan then talks about some results of his research about Pokémon evolution, and mentions the Lake guardians -- Mesprit, Uxie and Azelf. He instructs his aide to go to Lake Verity, you to Lake Valor and Barry to Lake Acuity, saying that he needs a tough Trainer to go there. Barry says that he doesn't have a PokéDex, while Professor replies:

"... And who was it that bolted from the lab before I had a chance to give you a PokéDex?"

Then Professor says that witnessing a Pokémon with eyes are also important.

When Professor finishes talking, an "earthquake" suddenly occurred!

After the "earthquake", Professor Rowan, his aide and Barry immediately head outside. Professor tells you to be careful of the aftershock. When you regain control, you may talk to the other people in the library, and you'll find that everyone talks something different. Especially the librarian, she was obviously scared, but she claims that she is 'not the one who screamed, "Giyaaaah!" Or yelled out, "Heeeelp meeee!"'

Go out immediately. You will find everyone (Professor, his aide, Barry). A sailor comes and talks to all of you. He says that an explosion has occurred at Lake Valor, and the sound was very loud, like:


So the "earthquake" was an explosion, after all! Professor Rowan tells you to go to Lake Valor immediately. He is very worried about what happened there. Professor Rowan and his aide will also head off to Lake Verity. Barry will head off to Lake Acuity, too.

Fly to either Pastoria City or Veilstone City, then head to Valor Lakefront. If you fly to Pastoria City, head east to Route 213 and go through Hotel Grand Lake. If you fly to Veilstone City, go south to Route 214.

Valor Lakefront

Heal up your Pokémon before proceeding.

Go all the way south from Route 214 (if you flew to Veilstone City). Or go east through Route 213, then turn north to go through Hotel Grand Lake. No matter which way you choose, you will arrive in Valor Lakefront again. Yes, where you arrive in is where you chased the Galactic Grunt all the way to and where Cynthia gave you the Secret Potion.

This time, no one is blocking the lake entrance. Go inside. You will be in Lake Valor.

Lake Valor

You will find the lake was dried up after the explosion. Many Magikarp are flopping around. It was terrible. What a mess! Who did this to the lake? You're probably furious about this, aren't you?

The dried-up Lake Valor. Note the numerous Magikarp flailing.

Head west, and go down the stairs. You will find a grunt saying that they used a Galactic Bomb. It was none other Team Galactic! (Remember after the Pastoria Gym battle, a grunt outside the Great Marsh delivered a Galactic Bomb to Lake Valor, and you tailed him?) This should have infuriated everyone.

Head to the northwest corner, where a lot of Magikarp are flopping, and use your Dowsing Machine to help you collect a hidden HP Up. Then fight all of the grunts.

After fighting all of the grunts, go to the middle of the lake. Head inside the cave and you will be in the Valor Cavern.

Valor Cavern

Heal up your Pokémon before proceeding.

There is almost nothing here, other than the final Team Galactic Commander you encounter in the game— Saturn. Talk to him. He says that he has caught Azelf. He then recognizes you and challenges you to a battle.

This battle shouldn't be a big problem because you beat Canalave Gym Leader Byron.

After beating you defeat Saturn, he tells you that Commander Mars should have caught Mesprit in Lake Verity by this time. Fly home to Twinleaf Town because this is the closest place to Lake Verity.

Lake Verity

As you need to fly to Twinleaf Town, you may stop by your home (which is where you land) and talk to your in-game Mom to heal your Pokémon.

Make sure that you heal your Pokémon before proceeding.

Now head north to Route 201, head west and go through Verity Lakefront, just like how you go to Lake Verity at the start of your game. But you have to go faster this time.

Go inside. You will find Professor Rowan arguing with a grunt. He notices you and yells out that his aide Lucas/Dawn needs your help! Fight all grunts and proceed.

You will see Lucas/Dawn having difficulty fighting against Mars. Talk to Lucas/Dawn, and he/she will request you to help him/her. Talk to Mars. She recognizes you, too (you beat her in Valley Windworks). She guesses that you have forgotten who she was and re-introduces herself. Then she will battle you again.

This battle wouldn't be too difficult for you, either. Be careful that Mars' Purugly might start off with Fake Out that will surely make your Pokémon flinch and force your Pokémon to skip a turn.

After beating her once again, Professor Rowan will tell you that he is worried about Barry.

The water level of the lake has risen, so surf around. Luckily, there is no damage and there is an item for you to get. Nothing is found inside Verity Cavern, though.

What to do next, then? If you have gone all the way to Snowpoint City after beating Canalave Gym, fly to Snowpoint City now and head to Lake Acuity. But you probably have not. So, get ready for a long and tough journey. Head to either Eterna City or Celestic Town whenever you are ready because you will head to Routes 216 to 217 through Mt. Coronet and get to Lake Acuity. However, do not set off yet! Do some serious preparation first.

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