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Route 11

Route 11

Route 11 passes over a flowing river with a large waterfall. A trailer is parked next to the waterfall. As you head east, climb the waterfall north of the road to find TM50 (Overheat) to the right, and a hidden Max Revive to the left. Ride down the southern waterfall to reach Pokémon Ranger Crofton and the Protector northeast of him. Continue east to Village Bridge.

Village Bridge

Village Bridge

Village Bridge is a bridge with houses on it, like the name implies. The bridge has long been a landmark; it is believed to have been built 200 years ago while the region was still being developed. If you need to heal up, talk to the girl in the northeastern-most house. The Village Bridge Restaurant is located on the eastern shore.

The Patrat Girl

The second house from the east is home to a woman and her four Patrat. The group is aiming for new heights, and after speaking to her here, you can see their Patrat Show on Marvelous Bridge.

Village Bridge Restaurant

Village Bridge Restaurant is run out of a trailer below the east end of the bridge. If you defeat Baker Chris, you can work here part-time. Tell Chris each of the customers' orders, and deliver each sandwich to the correct customer. If the customers are happy, Chris will reward you with a Lum Berry.

Route 12

Route 12

Route 12 is a short route with gentle hills and large patches of tall grass. Grab the Full Heal near the Village Bridge gate, then climb the hills to find TM53 (Energy Ball) near Pokémon Breeder Ethel. A Revive lies to the northeast, and Lacunosa Town is situated off to the east.

Lacunosa Town

Lacunosa Town

Lacunosa Town is a tiny town comprised of little more than a Pokémon Center. The residents once believed a legend that claimed a monster will attack at night, and no one dares to go outside after nightfall. Take a break at the Poké Center, then go east to reach Route 13.

The Gracidea flower

Talk to the woman in the Poké Center to learn about the Gracidea flower. If you have a Shaymin in your party, she will give one to you. This flower is used to switch between Shaymin's Land and Sky Formes.

The folktale

Speak to the old woman by the house in the northwest of town, and she will tell you about the meteor, the monster, and the cold wind. Though no one believes this legend anymore, none of the residents ever venture outside after nightfall. Sometimes during the night time she may fall asleep in the middle of the story, leaving it unfinished.

Route 13

Route 13

Route 13 is a picturesque seaside route lined with trees. A treasure hunter here will give you a rare item every day, and a move tutor will offer to teach an ultimate move.

Behind the two trees near Lass Fey is a Max Ether. On the bridge south of her is a girl with a Wingull, which needs help finding the three Grams it lost nearby. Gram 2 is across the bridge south of here, along with a Razor Claw; talk to the old man at sea level to get Gram 1; the southern-most Parasol Lady on the beach has Gram 3. Return the three Grams to Wingull to get TM89 (U-turn).

Surf north from the old man to find a Prism Scale, then climb the staircase and move the boulder into the hole to create a shortcut. Head back south along the sandbar and swim to the east to find a DeepSeaScale in a patch of shallow water. To the west across the beach is a man in black; this treasure hunter will give you a valuable item once per day. Past him is a house with a move tutor, who will offer to teach your starter Pokémon either Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn, or Hydro Cannon. Northwest of that is a house with a Veteran who gives you the Splash Plate and Draco Plate. Atop the large staircase in the southwest, behind a boulder, is TM29 (Psychic). An Electirizer lies behind a small tree to the southeast.

Return to Lacunosa Town to rest and stock up on Ultra Balls, then head east to the Giant Chasm.

Giant Chasm

Giant Chasm

The Giant Chasm is the old impact site of a large meteor, with a verdant forest on the crater floor. The deepest part of the crater is said to be the home of a monster, and the residents of Lacunosa avoid the place at all costs. Many foreign Pokémon make their home here, like Ditto and Absol. A full list of available Pokémon can be found here.

Entrance Cave

Go left and check the first small rock to the west for a Big Mushroom, and move the boulder in the southwest to get a Star Piece. Inspect the small rocks in the northwest corner for a hidden TinyMushroom, then move the next boulder for a second Star Piece. Check the rocks just east of here for another TinyMushroom, and move the third boulder to find a Comet Shard. When you reach the northeast corner, you have a choice; you can either surf to the southwest, or jump the ledge and shove a fourth boulder. Both ways lead to the staircase at the exit.

Crater Forest

The trees and ledges in the crater forest form a natural maze, forcing travelers to move in a clockwise direction. Pick up the Max Elixir to your left and head north. Grab the Max Potion to the right and jump the ledge. A Revive lies in the northwest corner, and a Carbos is just south of it. To the east is a fork in the road with TM13 (Ice Beam) on the southern trail. A Full Heal lies in a patch of dark grass, and a Max Revive is sitting among the trees in the southeast corner. To the northwest is TM03 (Psyshock), in another patch of dark grass. Jump the ledge to the northwest, and follow the trail through the trees to the pit in the middle of the forest. Something cries out when you approach it, and the whole forest is instantly buried under a thick blanket of snow. Go northeast to enter the monster's lair.

The Monster's Lair

Inside this tiny cave is Kyurem, the third member of the Tao trio. Start off by inflicting double-damage with Fighting-, Rock-, or Dragon-type attacks, then wear down its health with Grass-, Water-, or Electric-type moves. Its signature move Glaciate, while not overly powerful, is guaranteed to reduce the target's Speed, and Endeavor can be brutal as its health is worn away. As the battle takes place in a cave, Dusk Balls are an effective method of capture.

Dragon Ice
Held item:
Kyurem Lv.75
Ice Special
Dragon Pulse
Dragon Special
Psychic Status
Normal Physical

With Kyurem captured, the snow that had buried the forest is gone, so you can collect any items you may have missed. Now make your way south to Undella Town.

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