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The Pokémon League

Now that Team Plasma has been dealt with, you can now challenge the Elite Four and the Champion without interruption.


Shauntal's team now includes Froslass and Drifblim. Her entire team is vulnerable to Ghost- and Dark-type attacks, but take care when using your own Pokémon of these types, as she also targets these weaknesses. Water-, Electric-, and Rock-type moves are also effective. Watch out for moves like Shadow Ball and Payback.


Grimsley's lineup now includes Sharpedo and Drapion. Most of his Pokémon are weak against Fighting-type attacks. Use a powerful Ground-type move, like Earthquake, to take out his Drapion. Look out for moves like Aerial Ace!


Caitlin has added Metagross and Bronzong to her party. Both of these newcomers happen to be vulnerable to Fire-type moves, like Flamethrower. Her other Pokémon can be defeated by using Bug-, Ghost-, and Dark-type attacks. Watch out for Metagross' Earthquake and Gothitelle's Flatter, as it will leave your Pokémon confused.


Marshal's new additions include Breloom and Toxicroak. All of his Pokémon are vulnerable to Psychic-type attacks, especially Toxicroak, who takes four times the normal damage. Flying-type moves are also very effective. Look out for Toxic, Close Combat, and Hi Jump Kick!

The Champion, Alder


Upon reaching the Champion's temple, Alder thanks you for defeating N and quickly accepts your challenge. His Pokémon have a variety of types, though some of them share weaknesses. His Accelgor, Escavalier, and Vanilluxe are all vulnerable to Fire-type attacks. Accelgor and Volcarona are weak against Flying-type moves, while Vanilluxe and Bouffalant both take double-damage from Fighting-type moves. They all attack with powerful moves, so taking too much time is dangerous. Strike their weak points to defeat them quickly.

When you defeat Alder, the two of you take the warp behind him to reach the Hall of Fame. He activates the machine here, and you and your Pokémon are recorded for the ages. The credits roll a second time, and you wind up back home in Nuvema Town again. Fly to Opelucid City and go east to reach Route 11.

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