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My trades are now a limited time offer! I may in fact offer them once again when Platinum comes out, however, I likely will not for some time.

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Template Categorization project

You never responded when I asked if you could make sure I was doing it right. Suppose you didn't see it, what with everybody and their grandmother always asking you for assistance. In any case, just diff some of my contribs to make sure I'm doing it okay. Reply, and then I shall continue the categorizing. --ニョロトノ666 00:36, 18 September 2008 (UTC)

Just make sure that, with subtemplates, and subtemplates of subtemplates of subtemplates... you categorize them as subtemplates. TTEchidna 00:50, 18 September 2008 (UTC)
Uh... what? Give an example. --ニョロトノ666 00:54, 18 September 2008 (UTC)
This one, for example. TTEchidna 00:57, 18 September 2008 (UTC)
So, should that be categorized instead as [[Category:Movelist header templates]]? Or is it fine the way it is? --ニョロトノ666 00:58, 18 September 2008 (UTC)
No, no no. It can keep its current categorization, I just figured you could categorize all subtemplates in subtemplates, too. TTEchidna 01:00, 18 September 2008 (UTC)
Will do. First, though, I'm just gonna go through them and put them in their specific categories. Then I'll go back through them and add [[Category:Subtemplates]] as well. --ニョロトノ666 01:02, 18 September 2008 (UTC)
Good. TTEchidna 01:10, 18 September 2008 (UTC)


So, does that mean we add the XD tutors now? ht14 01:13, 18 September 2008 (UTC)

Indeed it does. TTEchidna 01:28, 18 September 2008 (UTC)


I just noticed it. Should we be phasing out Template:Special in its favor? It's been around since March, apparently, and nobody's done anything about it since, so... --Martonimos((Argh|Blargh)) 07:33, 18 September 2008 (UTC)

It's basically just an alternative, like {{Giga Impact}} is to {{Hyper Beam}}. TTEchidna 20:17, 18 September 2008 (UTC)

This may just be me but...

Why is the Arceus article mainly about it's flying type?~Ποκεμανιακα0β 22:26, 19 September 2008 (UTC)

Probably because it's the only Pokémon that can be a pure Flying-type "permanently".--Blazevoir 22:34, 19 September 2008 (UTC)
Unusual, and stupid. its base type is Normal...~Ποκεμανιακα0β 22:35, 19 September 2008 (UTC)
So? It can become any type it wants to, making it the only Pokémon to be pure Flying-type available right now.--Blazevoir 22:37, 19 September 2008 (UTC)
So what that it is a flying type? It's originally a normal type, and it can't be a flying type without a certain item (the plate). So I don't see why it is set as Flying type as default~Ποκεμανιακα0β 22:39, 19 September 2008 (UTC)
Oh, you mean the sprites. TTEchidna did that. It alternates based on the time you visit it (I think; feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).--Blazevoir 22:43, 19 September 2008 (UTC)
Oh...It alternates, well it's been like that for days, the only way to alternate it, is if someone edit the article every time~Ποκεμανιακα0β 22:45, 19 September 2008 (UTC)
If the article does in fact revolve around the flying type, something needs to be done. There is no reason to single out that type. --ニョロトノ666 22:58, 19 September 2008 (UTC)
Ones I can think off the top is that the color scheme for the templates there is the Flying-type color. All "weakness, immunities, and all" are all "hidden" except the Flying type one which is defaultly shown. The sprite is the flying type.~Ποκεμανιακα0β 23:03, 19 September 2008 (UTC)
And I think it says that the learnset is only for Arceus with the Flying type plate~Ποκεμανιακα0β 23:04, 19 September 2008 (UTC)

I remember seeing it a week or so ago based all on the Fire type, so I'm pretty sure it's configured to be changed. Not sure how often that happens though. ←{Berrymaster|Talk|Contrib}→ 23:07, 19 September 2008 (UTC)

Every second it changes. It's just cached. If you want it to change, click here, that'll purge the wiki's internal cache. If the page weren't cached, however, it would change every second. Having said that, Arceus is a  Poison-type  Pokémon, and only the plate can change that. TTEchidna 03:51, 20 September 2008 (UTC)


My account is fixed, please delete the currently blocked User talk:KUKI--KukiTalk 23:09, 19 September 2008 (UTC)

Done. --ニョロトノ666 23:30, 19 September 2008 (UTC)

Talk page abuse.

There is some talk page abuse taking place here: The discussion is not related to improving the page in any form. Trainer-c 12:42, 20 September 2008 (UTC)

While PTL's addition to the talk page may be a bit biased, she was answering a question posed. It's not really abuse unless it's something like "hay guiz itd be kool if ash got charzard bak and used him in sino to beet paul". I asked the question in anticipation of May's return, which I knew might heavily alter the article, and wanted to know if she'd said anything about returning, just to make sure my protection of the article wasn't in vain. TTEchidna 18:16, 20 September 2008 (UTC)

Hi TTEchidna! It's a good thing that you protected Veronica's Talk page! ^^ It was getting a bit out of hand, when ケンジのガール (whoever that person is) began arguing with me, just cause I love the 4Kids dub so much. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that everything I said on Veronica's Talk page is indeed true. I did receive a recent email from Veronica, where she made that statement which I quoted. Also, like I said, contracts aren't an issue for Veronica now, and they never prevented the original cast from returning in the first place (despite what some people might tell you). So basically, I just wanted you to know that I wasn't making anything up. Also, one last thing. I must clarify something that ケンジのガール has said: "Veronica said that she didn't want to return" - I really wish people wouldn't make up rumors like this about the original cast. This just shows people's own ignorance for starting/believing those rumors. Because anyone who knows Veronica, knows that she has always wanted to return to Pokemon again and voice Ash (and May). In fact, she would do this in a heartbeat, if she could! Anyway, I didn't mean for my comment to be this long. But thank you for hearing me out, TTEchidna. I was happy to answer your question! In the future, if you or anyone else has questions about Veronica, feel free to ask on my Talk Page on Bulbapedia or PM me on the forums. ^_^ --PokemonTrainerLisa 12:59, 21 September 2008 (UTC)


Can you protect my talk page archives? I don't want anyone touching them. --Baby G (talk to me) (see my edits) 00:04, 21 September 2008 (UTC)

Done. TTEchidna 00:06, 21 September 2008 (UTC)


What's with the footprints in the Pokémon pages? Are they new or something? tc26 00:31, 21 September 2008 (UTC)

They were new eight years ago. We're gonna be adding them to the Pokémon pages, though, since they should've been here since GS. TTEchidna 00:54, 21 September 2008 (UTC)

Moldy orange

I'd really appreciate it if you could take away his admin powers. He's abusing them yet again. --Baby G (talk to me) (see my edits) 19:51, 21 September 2008 (UTC)

Protecting pages to stop edit wars that you cause is not abusing power. And I also unprotected it because it isn't the episode in question. Just because you don't listen to Bulbapedia policy does not mean that others are abusing powers just because they change your mistake to the correct thing, so stop saying that it is. MoldyOrange 19:57, 21 September 2008 (UTC)
I wasn't causing an edit war. It's only an edit war if there are about 5 reverts in one day. My version that I reverted was the version of the page from a few days ago. I hardly consider that an "edit war". --Baby G (talk to me) (see my edits) 20:00, 21 September 2008 (UTC)
But u r annoying the heck out of us!--KukiTalk 20:03, 21 September 2008 (UTC)
An edit war is when an undo is undone. That has happened countless times with you. And protection is the only way to stop an edit war when people (namely you) are not willing to listen to policy and they constantly remove the correct information and add falsified information. MoldyOrange 20:04, 21 September 2008 (UTC)
Honestly. He's an admin, and I trust him to make the correct decision. We go by the title card; it was "Don't Touch That 'dile" when it was aired. I know "Totodile" is a proper noun, but when the anime says something, it's the truth, unless it gets retconned in a later episode. You keep getting reverted and blocked from editing the page, why not ask on the talk page why? TTEchidna 20:19, 21 September 2008 (UTC)

Pokémon Ranger (trainer class)

I'm trying to split the page between information on the actual trainer class and information on characters from the Ranger series, which I believe are separate roles that need to be given separate pages. I want to know

  1. If there's a specific splitting procedure I need to follow, and
  2. What your take on the idea is in the first place; whether or not they deserve separate articles. --((Marton imos)) 22:47, 21 September 2008 (UTC)
Hrm. While I agree that yes, they need to be split, I don't think there's an exact method of splitting pages other than just moving the information and adding a link to it. The Trainer Class is definitely different than the class of people in the Ranger games, that's for sure. TTEchidna 22:54, 21 September 2008 (UTC)
Well, if there's no way to preserve page history, then I'll go ahead and perform the split. Thanks for the info. --((Marton imos)) 22:55, 21 September 2008 (UTC)
History would stay on one page. Merging is what you have to be careful about. TTEchidna 22:59, 21 September 2008 (UTC)


Does Volkner bear any resemblance to Palmer?~Ποκεμανιακα0β 02:02, 22 September 2008 (UTC)

Like blond spiky hair? Yeah. So? TTEchidna 02:03, 22 September 2008 (UTC)
And those 6 beads~Ποκεμανιακα0β 02:05, 22 September 2008 (UTC)
Jackets are jackets. Just because I have the same jacket as someone else doesn't mean I'm related. TTEchidna 02:06, 22 September 2008 (UTC)
I wasn't talking about being related, I'm just asking if there's any resemblance~Ποκεμανιακα0β 02:08, 22 September 2008 (UTC)
Well, a slight one. Enough that many people were like "OMGZ RELATED PERLZ BRO VOLKNIR" TTEchidna 02:14, 22 September 2008 (UTC)


Bulbasaur's sprite isn't changed in Platinum?~Ποκεμανιακα0β 02:20, 22 September 2008 (UTC)

Nothing's sprite that isn't introduced in Gen IV or in the Sinnoh dex changes. TTEchidna 02:21, 22 September 2008 (UTC)

wait..what? ivysaur changed, yet bulbasaur did not~Ποκεμανιακα0β 02:22, 22 September 2008 (UTC)

No it didn't. If you had an Ivysaur in your DP games, that is, if you HAD the DP games, you'd see that that's the second sprite used in the animation. Some butthead uploaded it... TTEchidna 02:24, 22 September 2008 (UTC)
I haveΠοκεμανιακα0β 02:25, 22 September 2008 (UTC)
You got it? Finally. TTEchidna 02:29, 22 September 2008 (UTC)
I had it for like a month, I haven't played it yet though, too busy~Ποκεμανιακα0β 02:31, 22 September 2008 (UTC)
Pf. TTEchidna 02:34, 22 September 2008 (UTC)
I'm thinking about giving it to me friend on aim~Ποκεμανιακα0β 02:35, 22 September 2008 (UTC)


Do you know where I can watch Episodes DP088-Dp093?~Ποκεμανιακα0β 02:45, 22 September 2008 (UTC)

No idea. TTEchidna 02:50, 22 September 2008 (UTC)
How bout Dp081-Dp085?~Ποκεμανιακα0β 02:51, 22 September 2008 (UTC)
Searching around YouTube really seems to help more than asking me. TTEchidna 02:52, 22 September 2008 (UTC)
okay NOW do you know where I can watch Dp082 and Dp088?~Ποκεμανιακα0β 02:59, 22 September 2008 (UTC)
Find it on the tubes. Otherwise no idea. TTEchidna 03:00, 22 September 2008 (UTC)
I meant 82, and not on youtube~Ποκεμανιακα0β 03:00, 22 September 2008 (UTC)
Okay nevermind i got them all~Ποκεμανιακα0β 03:10, 22 September 2008 (UTC)

Appendix:Pokémon XD walkthrough

How can I merge Appendix:Pokémon XD walkthrough with Appendix:Pokémon XD walkthrough2? cause they are the same thing. Only Appendix:Pokémon XD walkthrough is super bad--☆Coolピカチュウ! 02:54, 22 September 2008 (UTC)

You can't. I will. TTEchidna 02:55, 22 September 2008 (UTC)
I know and thxs.--☆Coolピカチュウ! 02:58, 22 September 2008 (UTC)

I can trade an Up-Grade for a King's Rock

If you're still interested.--RexRacer 03:12, 22 September 2008 (UTC)

Name a date and time, I'll tell ya if I can. TTEchidna 03:16, 22 September 2008 (UTC)
How about... 7.00PM, Eastern Time. (I think thats 6.00PM Central Time, but I don't know. I'm kinda bad at things like that. Also, I've never done an item trade. Do you know how it works?)--RexRacer 03:00, 23 September 2008 (UTC)
Time, good, date? And item trade, just put the item on a piece of crap Pokémon like Bidoof. TTEchidna 02:12, 23 September 2008 (UTC)
Do you have a Bellsprout? If so, could you put it on that, and I'll give you my Bellsprout. Sound good. Oh yeah, tomorrow. Work for you?--RexRacer 03:00, 23 September 2008 (UTC)
Eh, tomorrow's no good. I have class until late. Wednesday instead, though, or Friday? TTEchidna 04:21, 23 September 2008 (UTC)
I can do Friday. Got a Bellsprout?--RexRacer 04:41, 23 September 2008 (UTC)
Well, I can give you an equally common Grass-type... TTEchidna 05:01, 23 September 2008 (UTC)
Such as?--RexRacer 23:44, 23 September 2008 (UTC)
Tangela, maybe, or Oddish. Heck, I might even come with a Yanma or Bulbasaur (the Yanma would have Silver Wind). TTEchidna 19:42, 24 September 2008 (UTC)
Any requests on my part?--RexRacer -talk 20:20, 24 September 2008 (UTC)
Not besides that Up-Grade. TTEchidna 23:57, 24 September 2008 (UTC)
I could give you a Porygon holding the Up-Grade... Also, I saw that you filled the National Dex. Does that mean caught, or seen?--RexRacer -talk 01:50, 25 September 2008 (UTC)
No plz, I have my own Porygon I plan on eventually evolving. And both with the exception of Arceus. TTEchidna 01:53, 25 September 2008 (UTC)

Cool. So... if it isn't too much to request, could you hatch a Johto starter egg and put the King's Rock on it?--RexRacer -talk 03:08, 25 September 2008 (UTC)

That might be a bit of trouble; I might not get it hatched in time. TTEchidna 05:23, 25 September 2008 (UTC)
Ah, well, I'll see you tomorrow.--RexRacer -talk 23:03, 25 September 2008 (UTC)
P.S., can I use your trading table?--RexRacer -talk 23:24, 25 September 2008 (UTC)
Sure, go for it. Anyway, it might be a bit of a problem for me to trade if I don't get the WFC adapter working in time. I did get the Johto starter though. TTEchidna 02:14, 26 September 2008 (UTC)
Thanks! Good luck on the adapter. --RexRacer -talk 03:20, 26 September 2008 (UTC)
... So I guess you didn't get the adapter working.--RexRacer -talk 00:04, 27 September 2008 (UTC)
Nope, didn't manage to. It's the network I'm on. I'll try and get it working soon, but I have no idea when I can. TTEchidna 00:15, 27 September 2008 (UTC)
Well, you know where to find me.--RexRacer -talk 00:18, 27 September 2008 (UTC)
On a slightly unrelated topic, Deadlymethane never got a talk page greeting. Poor guy...--RexRacer -talk 00:39, 30 September 2008 (UTC)

Pokémon pages

Why should the Pokémon pages not have the abilities on top?--Diby 18:59, 22 September 2008 (UTC)

Because what we had pretty much told EVERYTHING about the ability. They're in the infobox anyway, though with all the regional dex numbers, it's looking like it needs a redesign... TTEchidna 21:50, 22 September 2008 (UTC)

Inactive administrators

Hay thar,

I was just looking at the list of administrators and realized that there are a bunch of them that are either completely or almost completely inactive. What's the deal with this? I mean, some of these users haven't edited a page since 2005! Now, you could make the argument that "oh, well they're the webmaster of some other site" or "oh, well they're a mod on the forums" or "oh, they're an admin on PokéWiki." Well, I'm a Bulbapedia admin and that doesn't mean I can just go over to some other Pokémon wiki and they'll make me an admin. Personally, I feel that if someone knowingly ditches this wiki, they don't deserve the power associated with their name. Here's a list of inactive admins:

So, what's your view on this? --ニョロトノ666 22:31, 22 September 2008 (UTC)

Well, they definitely should keep their powers, just in case they decide to return, however, it should be indicated that they're inactive... I'll talk to Zhen about creating a special group for them. TTEchidna 22:36, 22 September 2008 (UTC)
Pie is on hiatus, not inactive. If you were including people on hiatus, then Zhen Lin would be on this list, because he said that he was on hiatus himself. It is obvious you don't want to mean hiatus, and Pie comes and helps after major vandal attacks, so you might not want to include her... MoldyOrange 22:38, 22 September 2008 (UTC)
"I've left you for the Ace Attorney fandom." Direct quote from Pie. Oh, and if inactive admins should keep their powers regardless, why, then, did Zhen demote Happy Mask Man for that exact reason? Just givin' you a hard time. :D --ニョロトノ666 22:58, 22 September 2008 (UTC)
I agree with Politoed on this.--DCM((TalkContributions))
Don't worry they're come back eventually.--Tavisource 23:25, 22 September 2008 (UTC)
People move on....Im an admin on another pokemon site and havent gone there in months.I woulnt bet on a return--DCM((TalkContributions))
That was mostly because HMM was adminized and then immediately after just up and quit. TTEchidna 23:52, 22 September 2008 (UTC)

So, uh...

I removed the Platinum standard moveset category from Template talk:Moveentry, then realized you had taken measures to compensate for that, so... I thought I'd better let you know. Want me to revert? --((Marton imos)) 01:17, 23 September 2008 (UTC)

...YES PLEASE. TTEchidna 01:50, 23 September 2008 (UTC)
Done. Sorry. Please don't kill me. --((Marton imos)) 03:21, 23 September 2008 (UTC)

Item trade offer

Hey, long time no talk. I just saw your limited-time item trade offer tonight, and I'd be willing to give you one of my extra Reaper Cloths for a DeepSeaTeeth to evolve my Clamperl. I haven't even found a Duskull (let alone a Dusclops), so the Reaper Cloths aren't doing me much good. Since you already have another trade lined up a few sections above, I can make myself be available at the same time as that one if this swap works/is still possible for you. FWIW, I'll probably attach the Cloth to one of the several Oddish I've acquired. --TMF Let's Go Mets - Stats 03:52, 23 September 2008 (UTC)

I'll see if I can. TTEchidna 04:20, 23 September 2008 (UTC)

We now have a problem

We already had IQ and someone made IQ skill, which is mostly just an atrocity of a page with only a ton of red-links. Maybe we could just list the info instead of setting it up so that they all have pages, since they really shouldn't. Could you possibly use your all-knowing wisdom and put them together, since I don't know how to merge pages well? MoldyOrange 21:11, 23 September 2008 (UTC)

It seems like the IQ page already lists what they do. Just redirect IQ skill to the section of the IQ page that lists them. TTEchidna 21:41, 23 September 2008 (UTC)

I made IQ skill, and it's part of a larger commit that I had been planning (like, I don't know, filling in all those redlinks?). You've pretty much removed the work that I had spent some hours on. KelvSYC 01:35, 24 September 2008 (UTC)

On a wiki, everything can be undone. We will discuss things, though... TTEchidna 02:43, 24 September 2008 (UTC)

Separate IQ skill pages needed

I fail to see why you would believe IQ skills would lack the "individual information" that abilities would have, when all there is on an ability page is a short blurb on what they do and who can have it. This may have been true for MD1 (where all Pokémon can pick up all IQ skills), but this is certainly not the case for MD2. Knowing that you don't have MD or MD2, I'll have to argue why separate pages for IQ skills are needed:

  • Not all Pokémon get all IQ skills in MD2 - for example, Group A Pokémon such as Beedrill have Trap Buster, while Group C Pokémon such as Rampardos do not. Pokémon pages, by the way, do not currently list which group a Pokémon is in.
  • Some skills cannot be deactivated in MD2, and so are pretty much abilities in function - Brick-Tough (available to Groups C, E, and H) gives a 10HP bonus.
  • Some skills are pseudo-abilities - Nonsleeper, when active, is pretty much Insomnia
  • Some are otherwise relevant battle-wise - No-Charger reduces all multi-turn attacks to one turn, but the move will cost 2PP per use.

The net effect that, for MD2 especially, that certain Pokémon fill better roles - for example, Group C Pokémon are probably bad team leaders when exploring, but fare better as leader when facing down monster houses, due to the fact that Group C Pokémon have no countermeasures against traps (they don't have Trap Buster, Trap Avoider, or Trap Seeker), but have more skills in doing damage (they have Aggressor, Clutch Performer, Intimidator, No-Charger, etc). Similarly, Group G Pokémon are one of the best explorers (as they have Trap Avoider, Trap Seeker, Stair Sensor, and Map Surveyor, but are comparatively poor in battle (they do not have any IQ skills that boost combat abilities).

On a separate note, I've also noticed a severe lack of MD-relevant info on Bulbapedia, and so I've been trying to expand it and make it better - I've been adding MD-specific ability info, for example. I'd strongly suggest a separate MD infobox (or expanding the existing one) for moves, owing to the wildly different battle mechanics of MD (and the fact that the existing infobox isn't a good fit for Wide Slash or Vacuum-Cut).

I'd also try to merge Status ailment and Status ailments in Mystery Dungeon, and other similar articles.

If you have any issues, please talk to me on my talk page. As I said, simply deleting my work on IQ skill is a bit premature.

KelvSYC 01:09, 24 September 2008 (UTC)

Well, since half of the page on each ability is the Pokémon that can have it, I don't see why each IQ skill needs to get its own article.
However, I'll address your points:
  • This could be easily solved with a list of Pokémon by Mystery Dungeon 2 group. After that's been set up, we can put it into the Pokémon infobox and go from there.
  • That can be noted on the IQ page; it does not need an entire article on each one to tell.
  • ...and? Some abilities are pseudo-moves, but we don't redirect Sand Stream to Sandstorm.
I know there's a lot more stuff we could have on here about MD/MD2, but the fact is that most of the focus in the last six months has been on Pt and the main series.
As for moves... An "In Mystery Dungeon" section at the bottom above the trivia section. If you want me to set up an MD infobox thing for that, I could do so, if I knew what would be needed.
And the status ailments... eh, mixing MD with main series... bad idea. Really really bad idea. It'd be like saying Ash's Pikachu is the standard for all Pikachu in the games. TTEchidna 03:16, 24 September 2008 (UTC)
actually, all the Pokemon pages do have PMD info on them, its in "side game information" but, it does need to be updated. -- MAGNEDETH 03:24, 24 September 2008 (UTC)
Well, there ya go.
Now of course if someone wanted to get me PMD2 so that I could make a more educated decision... *waits for offers* TTEchidna 03:38, 24 September 2008 (UTC)

By your logic, I don't see why each ability has their own article, then – I could have simply made "Abilities in Mystery Dungeon" with a big-ass table by the same token. But at least this is a lot more constructive than some of the drivel other admins have put forth.

  • There are 65-odd IQ skills in MD1 and MD2. I don't think a table in the style of what we have existing is appropriate - especially when we also put down that Sharpshooter does not stack with Scope Lens, but does stack with Super Luck, Patsy Band, and Type-Advantage Master. Or that Super Mobile and Absolute Mobile (one's MD1 only, one's MD2 only) will replace wall tiles with floor tiles, but does not allow the ability to go diagonally through a corner.
  • MD2 has been out longer than Platinum, and has crap for real content. MD1 has been out even longer, and it's only marginally better. Age isn't exactly a valid argument. Some have stated that just because it's not a game mechanic in the main game it's not worthy of separate pages.
  • With regards to an MD infobox, as I have stated, it would need a significant add-on:
    • PP is not consistent with the main games. Neither is base accuracy. Or base power.
    • All moves have an inherent range of effect (one space, two spaces, line range, room range, etc.), and also an inherent target of effect (one opponent, all opponents, etc)
    • All moves have an inherent critical rate that's a lot more comprehensive than comparing Pound to Karate Chop.
    • There needs to be a flag for "affected by Muzzled status", "affected by Ginseng", "affects frozen Pokémon", "affected by Taunted status", "can be chosen by Metronome"
  • The Pokémon infobox, in addition to Group, also needs the mobility type.
  • Then there are the "pseudo-attacks": orb effects which are treated as moves in the game. For example, the Sizebust Orb triggers an attack called Echo, and then Echo, in turn, does different damage based on the Pokémon it is used against - from 8 to two types of Unown (I and Q) to 255 for Ho-Oh.

KelvSYC 03:50, 24 September 2008 (UTC)

Each ability: in-game text, actual effect, what Pokémon can have it. Same as moves. When something doesn't even have as much as what moves have, then it's not notable enough for its own page.
And I meant a separate infobox all its own so it doesn't interfere with the original one, which is long enough as-is.
And... hrm, the pseudo-attacks... likely could be confined to their own page with several infoboxes, sicne they seem to be able to be used by any Pokémon. TTEchidna 04:05, 24 September 2008 (UTC)
OK. MD2 has in-game text for each IQ skill (and I'm pretty sure so does MD1). One can find actual effects empirically (as is the case with abilities), and Pokémon have the skill based on IQ groups and the IQ level of the Pokémon in question. So tell me why it's not notable enough for its own page again? KelvSYC 04:13, 24 September 2008 (UTC)
Well, if you look at it from our point of view, you can't really just go in there and make a giant page with a bunch of redlinks. It scares people. Start with one. Did we make a list of moves page first or did we make a few moves before listing them? What came first, the list of Pokémon or Bulbasaur?
Mock up your idea, then transfer it over to the mainspace if it looks good. I didn't just start screwing with Bulbasaur's page without thinking to make the movelists. I carefully planned it out first. A big project like this ought to be planned so that you aren't all who's doing it. TTEchidna 04:30, 24 September 2008 (UTC)


How do you create animated png's? Do you create two frames in the same file?--Tavisource 03:41, 24 September 2008 (UTC)

No, there's a special Firefox extension to do it. The APNG editor. TTEchidna 03:42, 24 September 2008 (UTC)
I'll guess I'll be researching 'bout that, thanks.--Tavisource 03:43, 24 September 2008 (UTC)
How many ms between frames frame?--Tavisource 04:08, 24 September 2008 (UTC)
For the AniMSes? 170. TTEchidna 04:10, 24 September 2008 (UTC)
Alright, thanks. See, baby G created some minisprites for the CSP, but they weren't exactly correct, so I decided to redo them AND add in the animation while I was at it. Thanks, you're a big help!--Tavisource 04:11, 24 September 2008 (UTC)
Which ones? TTEchidna 04:13, 24 September 2008 (UTC)
I finished. They are Madame Muchmoney's Snubbull and Granbull. I've made them look much nicer than they were before. You could check the archives to see how it looked before.--Tavisource 04:42, 24 September 2008 (UTC)


Do you think a template would be good for the TMs just on this page? Porygon-Z 18:02, 24 September 2008 (UTC)

Like the movelist ones? Eh, I dunno actually. I'll see about mocking something up. TTEchidna 18:50, 24 September 2008 (UTC)


Platinum's been out for almost a week now. Why not unprotect it altogether? - unsigned comment from Missingno. Master (talkcontribs) 00:18, 25 September 2008 (UTC)

Eh, timed protects are my thing. It'll unprotect itself soon. TTEchidna 00:35, 25 September 2008 (UTC)

Platinum Trainers

Sorry to bother you cause you said not to until October, but where'd you get the moving trainer sprites?--☆Coolピカチュウ! 05:07, 26 September 2008 (UTC)

Some people actually have them as their avatars on the forums. I've seen Flint and Dahlia so far. TTEchidna 05:17, 26 September 2008 (UTC)
He'll be getting them later.--Tavisource 06:06, 26 September 2008 (UTC)
If I can find them all and if I can make them all anipngs. TTEchidna 06:27, 26 September 2008 (UTC)
Could you help me? I was trying to move my talk page to an archives, but now I'm all messed up. COuld you help me fix it please?--Tavisource 06:43, 26 September 2008 (UTC)
And the new messages thing won't go away. Also...where's my orginal talk page? it keeps on redirecting itself to the archives page.--Tavisource 06:46, 26 September 2008 (UTC)
Nevermind, i got it...sorry to bother you.--Tavisource 06:49, 26 September 2008 (UTC)
Okay. By the way, which sprites did you upload so I can see which ones that are going to be uploaded.--☆Coolピカチュウ! 06:49, 27 September 2008 (UTC)


Please block WolfManofLight. He reapeatedly inserted poorly written info, and refused to correct it--KukiTalk 22:35, 26 September 2008 (UTC)

If he does so again, after this warning, certainly. TTEchidna 22:40, 26 September 2008 (UTC)
Uh... I didn't see your reply until after I gave him a little time off, TTE. Sorry. Being a higher rank than me, you're free to unblock him as you see fit, but the way I see it, he kept at it after he was warned by Martonimos. Not exactly respectable behavior. I believe that's referred to as "edit warring," punishable by Bulbadeath. :D --ニョロトノ666 22:43, 26 September 2008 (UTC)
Well, if it's already done I see no reason to undo it. I was debating doing it myself, but I figured to give him he benefit of the doubt since it's been 20 minutes since his last contribution. No need to unblock though, it's only three days. TTEchidna 22:46, 26 September 2008 (UTC)

Who's Online wiki extension

Do we have it? I figured I'd ask you since Zhen's on hiatus and Evkl and Archaic rarely show up here. --ニョロトノ666 22:59, 26 September 2008 (UTC)

We don't. We could, but last time it was proposed Zhen didn't say yes so it kinda just stopped there. I'll remind him though. TTEchidna 23:56, 26 September 2008 (UTC)
Yeah, I think it would be very helpful in certain situations. --ニョロトノ666 21:32, 27 September 2008 (UTC)
We'll see. TTEchidna 03:07, 28 September 2008 (UTC)
Well, Zhen said it'd be a bad idea. TTEchidna 05:06, 28 September 2008 (UTC)
Surprising. Do you know why? --ニョロトノ666 17:23, 28 September 2008 (UTC)
No idea. Likely because it'd only cause problems. TTEchidna 22:53, 28 September 2008 (UTC)


Do you despise all .gifs and want to annihilate them immediately, or do you just prefer animated .pngs? Because converting all GIFs on the pedia would be freakin' lots of work. I think you should allow both GIFs and PNGs with the latter being preferred. It's my proposition of compromise. --Maxim 11:22, 27 September 2008 (UTC)

Well of course I still think gifs are good, just not when we have animated pngs of the same thing. I worked hard to convert Dahlia into anipng. TTEchidna 17:51, 27 September 2008 (UTC)

Old Man Swamp

Is what I did OK?--KukiTalk 17:56, 27 September 2008 (UTC)

If it doesn't get undone assume it is. TTEchidna 17:57, 27 September 2008 (UTC)


Something as important as this page should be protected, right?--Tavisource 21:48, 27 September 2008 (UTC)

Yes it should. --ニョロトノ666 21:49, 27 September 2008 (UTC)

Message from the Editor

Who exactly is permitted to edit this? I mean, I know sysops are able, since there's no "only bureaucrats" level of protection, but who is allowed to edit it? --ニョロトノ666 21:51, 27 September 2008 (UTC)

Anyone. You feel the need, go for it. TTEchidna 02:40, 28 September 2008 (UTC)
Perhaps it should be changes to Message from the Editors then... Porygon-Z 02:44, 28 September 2008 (UTC)
Well, we basically let anyone make a blanket statement from all of us if it's important enough. MftE's not that special. If it needs said, say it. TTEchidna 05:06, 28 September 2008 (UTC)


Are they permitted on here? I'd think not, since they're no more legitimate than fanfiction, which is clearly not allowed. And, in addition, pages on fanfiction characters are not allowed. Why should fake characters not from fanfictions be any different? They're still fake and they're still useless. So, essentially, are Fakémon allowed in the userspace? Are they any more permissible than fanfiction characters or fanfictions themselves? I hope the answer is no... :P BTW, sorry for screwing up those template categorizations. I should've thought of that... --ニョロトノ666 01:29, 29 September 2008 (UTC)

Well, taken that I created the policy on no Fanfiction, I should have a say in the extent of the rule. I think that they should stay, we can't limit the userspace completely, or else many users would be turned away. You know that some admins have the page, like TTE and Magnedeth. As long as they don't edit it more than three times a day, they shouldn't be a problem. MoldyOrange 02:09, 29 September 2008 (UTC)
i will say that i was the first to start the Fakemon thing in a sense of new evolutions. i dont like when people outright create Pokemon, as it isnt really their job. but, whos to say me inventing new evolutions is my job? however, i dont think its really hurting anything. Fanfics are huge and ultimately, there are more than enough internet sites to support them (in-fact, Bulba has one) and as MO said, i only edit my new evs or other pages maybe once a week. besides, if we rule out something like that, what will the userspace be good for? might as well not have it. ok, thats going far, as sandboxes and personal projects can sometimes amount to useful things. hell, i created this page in the hopes that it can, in some way, be implemented into the mainspace. in retrospect, maybe not a good idea, but none-the-less. i just think that Fakemon have their place in the Poke-community, and letting users have one page isnt too much to ask. -- MAGNEDETH 02:35, 29 September 2008 (UTC)
There aren't places to support new evos like they can support fanfictions. They can be something unique to Bulbapedia. On a side note, I don't really like Sandboxes in Userspace. I think they are pointless when there is Bulbapedia:Sandbox out of userspace. MoldyOrange 02:38, 29 September 2008 (UTC)
Nope, Fakémon are messes up the whole wikia...I don't like place with fake stuff...what's the point on putting Fake stuff here anyways? Would it benefit Bulbapedia? These things just confuses new users, for they do not know how to tell what's real and what's I did at another wiki.--Tavisource 02:40, 29 September 2008 (UTC)
And the fact that it would be in the userspace and not easily accessed without intense searching? If someone can't read "User:" at the beginning of the page title, they are pretty much an idiot. MoldyOrange 02:43, 29 September 2008 (UTC)
It wasn't exactly clear that we were talking about the userspace. Pokemon Encyclopedia has fake Pokémon in the mainspace. They're more prominent than the real Pokémon, in fact. --((Marton imos)) 03:56, 29 September 2008 (UTC)
Pokémon Wiki is a riot. It's probably the suckiest wiki I've ever seen. Frankly, I could go over there and make the number of contributions I do now on here and become a sysop within three days. In any case, TTE, we really need your input on this. There's no reason for blatantly made up Pokémon in the userspace, period, whether or not they're from fanfics or just random Fakémon. --ニョロトノ666 01:49, 30 September 2008 (UTC)
That I agree with... however I'm reluctant to completely say "no" to ideas users might have. Separate pages for them, definitely a bad thing. But a list of ideas isn't too bad I'd say. TTEchidna 02:53, 30 September 2008 (UTC)

Really odd problem

I've noticed something really, really odd. Check the Candidates for deletion. Several userpages show up, none of which have the delete tag on them. The only similarity they share is having one of Tesh's "Nice Try" tags on them. Understand? So, by logical deduction, it must have something to do with those tags... a mystery. That I'm too tired to solve, so it's your problem now. :D I'll check back tomorrow. --ニョロトノ666 02:12, 30 September 2008 (UTC)

WHAT THE HELL?! Now this page is shown as a Candidate for deletion too! What's going on...? --ニョロトノ666 02:13, 30 September 2008 (UTC)
That's because the category wasn't linked correctly. A leading colon is needed to link to a category as plain text and not categorize the page.
Anyway, the problem appears to be fixed now. Only one edit showed up in the recent changes en route to the category emptying. --Shiningpikablu252 02:25, 30 September 2008 (UTC)
Linking categories is better done with {{cat}} anyway. TTEchidna 02:48, 30 September 2008 (UTC)
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