Lisa is a resident of the United States and she is originally from Charleston, West Virginia.

She is a very active member of Bulbagarden forums, and she has been posting since her registration in March of 2003.

Everyone knows Lisa is an Ash fangirl. Although, she is probably best known in the Pokemon community for being both a supporter and a loyal viewer of the Pokemon English dub. She is also known for being a nice person in general. In addition to this, she is almost always happy and can often bring a smile to anyone's face. And because of these great aspects of her personality, many people have come to respect her around Bulbagarden.

She has done a few things to support Bulbagarden itself. One of which, includes her participation in the Bulbacast. She has appeared as a call-in speaker in many different episodes. Lisa enjoys the Bulbacast and likes asking intriguing questions about the world of Pokemon.

Along with User: Pie and Dogasu, Lisa became a main cast member in the Bulbacast: English Edition. This cast was a spin-off from the regular Bulbacast, where the cast members discuss topics relating to the Pokemon English dub. Lisa apprears in Episodes 1 and 2 of the Bulbacast. However, she wasn't in Episode 3 because she was unfortunately, unable to make the scheduled recording time for the last episode.

Currently, Lisa is the owner and leader of two usergroups on Bulbagarden: The League of Neutral Posters, and The Ash Club.

Areas of the forums where she posts most often include the Anime forum, and the Fun, Clubs, and Games forum.

Her favorite threads are the Ash Club and of course, the SOVA Organization thread.

Lisa is a very active member of Save Our Voice Actors, and is one of the organization's leaders.

In the past, she has sent quite a few letters and emails to the respective companies. Even today, Lisa continues to work on projects for SOVA, as she believes with all her heart that the campaign will one day succeed.