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Stuff about me

Hello. My name is Blazevoir. I got my name by combining my favorite ability, Blaze, with my favorite Pokémon, Gardevoir. I started contributing on Bulbapedia on May 15, 2008, which was 5620 days ago. My birthday is in 200 days.

I am not the original "Blazevoir" that some of you may know from, GameFAQs, or DeviantArt. I made up the name, not realizing that someone else had already taken it. He vanished off the face of the Earth a few years ago, though, so I think I'm safe.

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Quotes to live by

"The best laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley."
-Robert Burns, "To a Mouse"
"Men fear death as children fear to go in the dark; and as that natural fear in children is increased with tales, so is the other."
-Sir Francis Bacon, "Of Death"
"Life's not a paragraph, and death, I think, is no parenthesis."
-E. E. Cummings, "Since Feeling is First"

My shinies!

These are the shiny Pokémon I have in D/P/Pt in no particular order.



Work in progress...

Logo Card # Card Name
None Base Set
4 Charizard
8 Machamp
24 Charmeleon
26 Dratini
28 Growlithe
31 Jynx
32 Kadabra
34 Machoke
38 Poliwhirl
39 Porygon
44 Bulbasaur
46 Charmander
47 Diglett
49 Drowzee
50 Gastly
51 Koffing
52 Machop
53 Magnemite
56 Onix
58 Pikachu
59 Poliwag
60 Ponyta
61 Rattata
71 Computer Search
80 Defender
81 Energy Retrieval
85 Pokémon Center
87 Pokédex
88 Professor Oak
90 Super Potion
91 Bill
92 Energy Removal
93 Gust of Wind
94 Potion
95 Switch
  97 Fighting Energy
  98 Fire Energy
  99 Grass Energy
  100 Lightning Energy
  101 Psychic Energy
  102 Water Energy
19 Flareon
22 Mr. Mime
33 Butterfree
36 Fearow
39 Marowak
43 Primeape
45 Rhydon
48 Weepinbell
49 Bellsprout
50 Cubone
51 Eevee
53 Goldeen
54 Jigglypuff
55 Mankey
56 Meowth
58 Oddish
59 Paras
61 Rhyhorn
62 Spearow
63 Venonat
64 Poké Ball
13 Muk
34 Golbat
37 Graveler
47 Geodude
48 Grimer
57 Zubat
  Base Set 2
45 Jynx
64 Weepinbell
80 Meowth
85 Paras
88 Poliwag
89 Rattata
90 Rhyhorn
108 Super Energy Removal
110 Energy Retrieval
  127 Grass Energy
  128 Lightning Energy
  Team Rocket
36 Dark Gloom
46 Dark Wartortle
49 Abra
50 Charmander
56 Ekans
57 Grimer
63 Oddish
65 Psyduck
67 Slowpoke
76 Imposter Oak's Revenge
  Neo Genesis
22 Elekid
27 Ariados
35 Furret
43 Phanpy
45 Quagsire
51 Togepi
59 Gligar
61 Hoppip
62 Horsea
67 Natu
71 Sentret
77 Sudowoodo
81 Totodile
90 Time Capsule
91 Bill's Teleporter
99 Berry
102 Pokémon March
103 Super Rod
  108 Grass Energy
  111 Water Energy


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