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Pokémon stuff

  • I love it when people check out my eBay auctions!
  • I registered for Bulbapedia on July 17th, 2007, making me one of the oldest (semi-)active contributors on the site.
  • I'm a former member of the Leadership Board and longtime administrator of Bulbapedia, in addition to moderating a number of sections on BMGf. I also ran Bulbagarden's annual TCG Christmas Contest for a few years.
  • I have made well over 11,000 total edits to Bulbapedia. This includes all mainspaces.
  • I've played the Pokémon Trading Card Game competitively for over eight years; most of my passion for and knowledge of Pokémon relates to the TCG.
  • Check out articles like Gardevoir/Gallade, Wailord/Fossils, and SMF for a sample of my work on Bulbapedia.

Upcoming projects


  • Standardize capitalization of glossary terms (Knock Out, eg.) in archetype articles

Cataloguing the 2004 format

Cataloguing notable TCG players

Cataloguing notable TCG fansites




Contact Information

  • E-Mail: [email protected]
  • AIM: Politoed666
  • Facebook: Ask. Unlikely I'll give this to non-staff.

-- P o L i T o E d 6 6 6 ~