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Joined 4 August 2009

Hey, I'm Kota, and I am a competitive battler, and I battle on Pokemon Online.

Pokémon Online (battle simulator)

Team's Personalities.

Voltula the Galvantula (male) He's stronger and faster than most Galvantula. Due to the extra electricity in his body, he is usually very hyper. He is somewhat socially awkward.

Vesper the Dusknoir (male) Scary...but nice...I think.

Bruiser the Darmanitan (male) Extremely dim-witted, and not good with strategies, so he attacks with pure force. He gets easily annoyed by Benji and picks on him often. He has an on-and-off relationship with Hanna.

Benji the Swampert (male) Complete nerd. Benji knows a lot about Competitive battling. His biggest fear is Grass-type Pokemon, even though he knows Ice Punch.

Xander the Weavile (male) A renowned thief. After Kota confronted him, he joined his team. Although he seems like a rebel, he can be very kind at times.

Gracie the Togekiss (female) Very affectionate and childish, Gracie loves attention and beauty, and is slightly dim-witted.