Pokémon Online (battle simulator)

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Pokémon Online
Language Multilingual (primarily English)
Status Active
Run 2010 - 2021
Date opened March 2010
Creator coyotte508
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Forum PO Forums
Mascot Dratini
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Pokémon Online is a fanmade Pokémon battle simulator. As a battle simulator, it allows players to simulate Pokémon battles against any other Pokémon player who is using the simulator from anywhere in the world. It was created using the C++ programming language and Qt development framework. It is open-source and free for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Android Phones, and Linux.

Pokémon Online's last update was v2.7.21, which was released in June 2017. [1] It was once available for download here.

Pokémon Online´s online server has since been shut down due to lack of development, funding, and lack of use.[2]


Pokémon Online has a full battle engine for all generations, with all Pokémon, moves, items, and Abilities implemented. Single, Double, and Triple battle formats are supported as well as team preview and a selection of common clauses, allowing for diversity of play and giving VGC players a place to practice. As with most battle simulators, the teambuilder allows competitive teams to be constructed in minutes rather than the days it would take in a real game, allowing competitive players to use it as a testing ground. Pokémon Online also has:

  • A ladder system
  • A channel system
  • Private Messages
  • An ignore button
  • Animated HP bars
  • Battle music and Pokémon cries
  • A Challenge Cup format (with Level Balance clause)
  • The ability to load multiple teams at once

Plugins or scripts can be created to add more features to the client or server.


Server scripts can be written in JavaScript allowing almost unlimited flexibility. The most notable scripts so far are the Mafia Script which runs mafia games in the chat, and the Tournament Script which runs tournaments of any size with minimal intervention, allowing large tournaments to be hosted constantly on the bigger servers. Documentation on scripting for PO and information on the custom functions can be found here.

Usage statistics

On July 28, 2010, the very first Pokémon Online usage statistics were released for all the tiers supported. The statistics contained the number of battles and percentage each Pokémon has been used, along with the different sets, EVs and Natures used. Current usage statistics can be found here. Other servers may download the stat collection plugin and generate their own usage stats to publish, but so far none have.


The themes are stored with the client as CSS and images and so can easily be edited. The client can switch between several themes and many alternate themes are available for download here.


Pokémon Online was developed by coyotte508 as the lead programmer, Darkness as the designer, and nmilkosky as the programmer. Mystra, Mephistos, KazoWAR, Ethan, CoolKingler, and Steve have all contributed to the code. On 28 November 2010, Version 1.0 was released, its "out-of-beta" stage. Weby hosted the main server, called Pokémon Online. Like the rest of the program, the server software is open and anyone is free to set up a server.

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