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Proposed article for "The Power of Three" by Helena Mayer (still incomplete)

The Power of Three
ISBN: 9780545234405
Published: September 1, 2010
Publisher: Scholastic
Author: Helena Mayer
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The Power of Three is a Pokémon chapter book by Helena Mayer. It is an adaptation of the Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl episodes Unlocking the Red Chain of Events!, The Needs of the Three!, and The Battle Finale of Legend!. It is 94 pages in length.


Sinnoh's Legendary Pokémon are in jeopardy. Can Ash, Dawn, and Brock save them?

Team Galactic is up to no good - again. But this time, they're about to pull off something really big. So big they've enlisted a ruthless and vicious helper - Pokémon Hunter J.

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The story begins in media res with a man running through an abandoned factory deep in Sinnoh, dodging energy blasts from a swarm of Golbat. One of the attacks eventually hits him, briefly knocking him unconscious. He wakes up to find Jupiter, one of the commanders of Team Galactic, standing over him with her Skuntank at her side. She demands that the man show his face, and he tears off his disguise to reveal that he is Looker of the International Police. Jupiter calls his coat "out of style," and Looker calls her rude. Jupiter then begins interrogating him on how much he knows about Team Galactic. Skuntank prepares to use Slash, and Looker considers his options, or rather, his lack thereof.

Meanwhile, in Floaroma Town, as Ash and his friends are watching television, they learn that the next Pokémon Contest will be held in Daybreak Town, located east of Mount Coronet, and will follow the Double Performance format. Brock notes that Daybreak Town is on the way to Sunyshore City, and Dawn declares her intention to enter the Daybreak Contest, which she is especially excited for because she wants another chance at a Double Performance, since she lost the last time she did one. The group immediately sets out through the meadow, but before long, as Pikachu and Piplup lead the way, Pikachu sees something in the flowers and goes to investigate. Ash, Dawn, and Brock follow them and find an injured Meowth, who, to their surprise, turns out to be Team Rocket's Meowth. Meowth is initially annoyed to see the "twerps," but panics when he realizes that Jessie and James are absent, then collapses. Brock treats Meowth's wounds with a Super Potion and bandages his injured arm. Ash asks Meowth what happened to him, and Meowth immediately blames Team Galactic before recounting what happened.

Meowth explains that Team Rocket was tailing Ash and his friends, and as they were foraging for food, they saw Team Galactic's airship. They chased after it and arrived at an abandoned factory, which they deduced to be Team Galactic's base. Team Rocket decided to take a closer look, so they used a ladder they found nearby to get onto the roof and look for a way inside. They found an opening in the roof, through which they saw Jupiter catch Looker. The trio decided that working with the International Police was worth it if it meant taking down Team Galactic. Just as Jupiter's Skuntank was about to attack Looker, Team Rocket rushed to his aid, with a Vine Whip from James's Carnivine wrapping around Skuntank's paw to restrain it. Jupiter commanded the Golbat to attack, and the resulting explosion sent Team Rocket flying, with Meowth flying way off alone while Jessie and James were taken hostage by Jupiter.

Meowth thanks Brock for saving him, then heads off alone. When Ash and Dawn call after him, he replies that he's going back for Jessie and James. Brock warns Meowth that he could get seriously hurt, but Meowth ignores him. When they see that Meowth is determined to go back, Ash’s group volunteers to go with him to Team Galactic's base, which Brock has determined with his Pokégear is at the Fuego Ironworks. This confuses Meowth, who reminds them that they are enemies and refuses their help. Dawn replies that they're going to save Looker for their own reasons, and Brock says that since Looker had helped them before, it's their turn to help him back. Ash, Dawn, and Brock set off for the Fuego Ironworks, and Meowth reluctantly follows.

Back at the Fuego Ironworks, Jessie, James, and Looker are locked up inside a jail cell. Jessie sees Skuntank look at her smugly through the door and angrily threatens to rip the fur off of its body strand by strand for its attitude. She grabs the bars of the door and gets electrocuted, much to Skuntank's amusement. Looker adds that the entire facility is rigged with traps, with even Poké Balls not working, which James confirms by trying to use one of his Poké Balls to no avail. Looker apologizes for getting Jessie and James involved in his mess, but James replies that they willingly intervened because of their own disdain for Team Galactic. He adds that now they are inside Team Galactic's HQ, all that remains is to defeat their leader. However, Looker informs him that their current location houses neither Team Galactic's headquarters nor their boss, but is their secret factory. He tells Team Rocket that in the past, Fuego Ironworks was the largest and most successful manufacturing plant in the entire Sinnoh region. It was forced to shut down because of its excessive pollution, but now Team Galactic has been secretly using Fuego Ironworks to make something secret.

In the heart of the factory, Jupiter and Charon, Team Galactic's head scientist, are gazing upon that secret: the Red Chain, glowing and whirling in a loop as it floats in midair. Charon brags about being "the brilliant genius who should be credited with bringing it back to our world" and laughs maniacally, much to Jupiter's annoyance. She then asks Charon what the plan is to deal with Looker, and Charon tells her that Cyrus, their leader, had special plans for him. Meanwhile, over on Mt. Coronet, another of Team Galactic's commanders, Saturn, is having his Toxicroak use Rock Smash to break down a part of the mountain, revealing a huge, elaborately engraved stone gateway with a glowing golden orb embedded in the center. Saturn opens a silver briefcase, out of which comes a golden lattice that floats towards the gateway, which crackles with energy as the object touches it, confirming to them that they've finally found the Gateway to the Spear Pillar. Cyrus, watching from Team Galactic's HQ at the top of Mt. Coronet, orders Saturn to lock the area down until all preparations are ready. Cyrus thinks to himself that nothing can stop him now. Meanwhile, Ash, Dawn, Brock, Pikachu, Piplup, and Meowth are approaching Fuego Ironworks in Team Rocket's Meowth balloon. Upon being confronted by a swarm of Team Galactic's Golbat, Dawn calls on her Pachirisu and Ash calls on his Staraptor and Gliscor. Pikachu mounts Staraptor and Pachirisu mounts Gliscor, and the Electric types take down the Golbat swarm with Thunderbolt and Discharge. They descend towards the roof of the factory, only to be ambushed by Jupiter and her Skuntank as they land.

Jupiter has her Skuntank use Flamethrower, but Piplup counters with Bubble Beam, creating a burst of steam that enables the group get out of the balloon. The group tries to run, but Jupiter and Skuntank block them. Jupiter tells them that they're so good at appearing out of nowhere and mockingly suggests that they should join Team Galactic, much to Dawn's disgust. Meowth demands to know where Jessie and James are, and Ash demands to know where Looker is. As Jupiter looks at Ash and his friends, she suddenly recognizes them, causing her to drop her smug smile. With "a voice filled with silent fury," she says "Oh, Mesprit, Azelf, Uxie.", and the group recall their encounters at Lake Verity, Lake Valor, and Lake Acuity, and are stunned that Jupiter, of all people, not only knows about their connection to the Lake guardians but is furious at them about it. When Brock asks Jupiter how she knows about their visions, she admits that Team Galactic was supposed to have synchronized with the Lake guardians, while Meowth is completely lost on what's going on. She signals the swarm of Golbat to attack Ash and his friends, but Pikachu and Staraptor intercept the oncoming swarm and Pikachu hits them with another THunderbolt. Meowth rushes forward and prepares a Fury Swipes as he again demands Jupiter to tell him where Jessie and James are. Skuntank tries to hit Meowth with Flamethrower, but Piplup counters again with Bubble Beam, and the blast knocks everyone down. Gliscor and Staraptor land with Pachirisu and Pikachu, surrounding Jupiter and Skuntank. Jupiter, knowing she is outnumbered and outmatched, orders Skuntank to use Toxic, forcing everyone to cover their mouths to protect themselves from the hazardous sludge and its fumes, allowing Jupiter to escape in an airship. Pikachu and Staraptor move to pursue her, but Ash reluctantly calls them off, reminding them that they still have to find Jessie, James, and Looker. Ash recalls Staraptor and Gliscor while everyone enters the facility. In the airship, Jupiter still cannot understand why the Lake guardians chose Ash and his friends, while Charon chastises her for being jealous. She deflects by asking about the Red Chain. Charon assures her it's safely stored underneath her feet. She puts Ash and his friends out of her mind, telling herself that they don't matter, only getting the Red Chain to Cyrus matters, so that the real work can begin.

Meanwhile, Meowth and the group return their attention to finding their missing friends. As they search the facility, Looker notes how quiet it's become, and Jessie and James complain about their hunger. Suddenly, Looker hears footsteps and shushes them so they can listen. As the footsteps draw closer, Looker and Ash's group spot each other through the cell door. When Meowth asks Looker where his teammates are, Looker assures him that they are in the cell with him, and Jessie and James are so overjoyed to see Meowth again that they throw themselves at the door, forgetting that it is electrified. At Looker's suggestion, Piplup and Pikachu use Bubble Beam and Thunderbolt on the door, and it breaks. Looker thanks them, and Team Rocket joyously reunites and immediately leave to track Team Galactic down to exact their revenge. In their balloon, Jessie disses Meowth's tracking abilities, but Meowth is sure that Jupiter left in their current direction. Consulting a map, James notes that they will soon arrive at Mt. Coronet. Given Team Galactic's previous exploit inside the mountain, the trio believes they will find their foes there.

Looker, having failed his mission of stopping Team Galactic, decides to examine the now-deserted Fuego Ironworks for clues as to Team Galactic’s plan. Looker leads the group down an elevator shaft and to the laboratory where the Red Chain had been. A gleaming shard, a piece of the Red Chain, attracts Looker’s attention. They return to the Floaroma Police Station, where a machine examines the shard and transmits the data to International Police HQ. But within a few seconds, the shard glows before destroying the device. The shard turns out to be some sort of bomb as they receive a call from the International Police informing them that their entire database had been wiped out during the analysis. Looker realizes that Team Galactic left the object behind on purpose to ruin his investigation, departing from the station infuriated by the setback and more determined than ever to stop Team Galactic. Later in the evening, Ash, Dawn, and Brock depart the station as well. As they leave, Dawn wonders why Team Galactic is so interested in the Lake Guardians and the heroes' sightings of them. Brock still wonders how Team Galactic was aware that they saw the Pokémon in the first place.

In the meantime, Cyrus celebrates his plan going as smoothly as it has. When he hears from Saturn that the preparations for the Galactic Bomb are complete, Cyrus then contacts Pokémon Hunter J and orders her to capture the Lake Guardians, as planned.





  • This book was included as part of the Pokémon Super Special Chapter Book Collection released in 2021, where it is paired with Maria S. Barbo's Ancient Pokémon Attack in the form of a flip book.
  • Team Galactic's helicopters are consistently referred to as airships throughout the book.


  • When Jupiter first captures Looker during the cold open, in the anime, Jupiter makes a flirtatious comment about Looker's codename being well-deserved and him being her type, and Looker responds that she is unfortunately not his type. This exchange was cut from the book.
  • The explosion that occurs at the end of the cold open of "Unlocking the Red Chain of Events!" is not mentioned in the book's version of events until Meowth tells his side of the story to Ash and co. after they find him and treat his wounds.
  • In the anime, when Pikachu and Piplup spot Meowth lying injured in the meadow, they both run ahead together to investigate. In the book, only Pikachu runs ahead to investigate, and Piplup is not mentioned, presumably tailing Pikachu with Ash, Dawn, and Brock.
  • In the anime, Brock is just about to start bandaging Meowth's injured arm when Ash asks what happened to him, and he finishes wrapping the bandage during Meowth's recollection. In the book, Ash does not ask Meowth what happened to him until after Brock is finished with the bandage.
  • In the anime, Brock interrupts Meowth's recollection of events to use his Pokégear to pinpoint the Team Galactic base Meowth described at Fuego Ironworks. In the book, Brock does not interrupt Meowth, and it is not clear when exactly Brock used his Pokégear to find that the Galactic base was at Fuego Ironworks, only that he did it at some point before the group sets out for the Fuego Ironworks.
    • In the anime, Dawn later interrupts Meowth again so they can clarify that "the International Police dude from the train station with the lunchboxes" Meowth mentioned was, indeed, Looker. This scene is cut from the book.
  • In the anime, when Meowth sets off for the Fuego Ironworks alone, Piplup and Pikachu to catch up with him as Ash, Dawn, and Brock ensure that all their stuff is packed, and Meowth angrily threatens them off with Fury Swipes before reminding Ash and his friends that they are enemies. In the book, there is no mention of Pikachu and Piplup here, and Meowth reacts to Ash's group's offer to go with him with confusion rather than anger.
  • After Ash and his friends start going to the Fuego Ironworks ahead of Meowth, in the anime, there is a brief scene where Meowth tears up, touched by the selflessness and compassion of "those twerps." This scene was cut from the book.
  • After Cyrus commands Saturn to block off the area around the gate to Spear Pillar, there is a scene in the center of the Ironworks where Jupiter and Charon learn about Spear Pillar being found and receive orders to bring the Red Chain to Mt. Coronet, then a Team Galactic Grunt comes in to warn Jupiter and Charon about Ash and his group flying in. This scene is cut from the book.
  • In the anime, the scene with Team Rocket in their balloon happens after Looker, Ash, Dawn, Brock, Pikachu, and Piplup descend into the laboratory and find the gem. In the book, the scene in the balloon takes place before the laboratory scene, immediately after they leave Looker's group.


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