Pokémon 4Ever - The Voice of the Forest (book)

Pokémon 4Ever
The Voice of the Forest
Pokémon 4Ever cover.png
ISBN: 0439389194
Published: November 2002
Publisher: Scholastic
Author: Tracey West
Preceded By: Pokémon the Movie 3 - Spell of the Unown
Succeeded By: Destiny Deoxys

Pokémon 4Ever - The Voice of the Forest by Tracey West is a book based on the fourth Pokémon movie. It was published by Scholastic.


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This book follows the plot of Celebi: The Voice of the Forest.

The book starts 40 years before the present. It explains how a Celebi that was being chased by a Pokémon Hunter, traveled through time with a young boy called Sammy to escape. In the present, the same hunter is confronted by the Iron-Masked Marauder, who uses his Dark Tyranitar’s Hyper Beam to destroy the Hunter’s entire camp, after he refuses to tell him where he spotted Celebi. After pleading Iron Mask to stop, he tells him where he saw Celebi.

After this, at a small village Ash, Brock and Misty are ready to board a boat that will take them to another Pokémon Gym. Once aboard the boat, the gang meet White, who offers to take them to the forest near HatenoVille. Ash and Pikachu then see a mysterious Pokémon, and Ash then contacts Professor Oak to consult him about the Pokémon he saw. Professor Oak then explains that it was the legendary Pokémon Suicune.

Once White’s boat floats up to HatenoVille, Ash, Brock and Misty meet Diana and Towa. Towa warns Ash not to move if they hear the spirit of the forest. The group then venture into the forest, only to find Sammy, who they take back to Towa’s house. After explaining what happened, Sammy, along with Ash, Brock and Misty return to the forest to find Celebi.

After finding Celebi, they meet Iron Mask, who attempts to steal Celebi off them, and sends his Dark Tyranitar to attack them. Jessie, James and Meowth, who recognize Iron Mask as a member of Team Rocket, tag along with him. He then sends his Scizor and Sneasel to track down Celebi. After battling Scizor and Sneasel with Bayleef and Charmeleon, the gang head to the Lake of Life to heal Celebi, who is badly injured. Once they arrive at the lake, Celebi is healed, only to be captured by Iron Mask in a Dark Ball.

Iron Mask then commands his new Pokémon to destroy the forest. Celebi then starts to surround itself in a nest of trees and debris. Iron Mask then orders Celebi to attack Ash and Sammy, who are saved by Suicune. Ash and Sammy then enter the nest, to save Celebi. They succeed by making Celebi remember that they are its friends.

With it removed from Iron Mask's clutches, the dying Celebi is rushed to the Lake of Life, to be healed. Using its last bit of strength, Celebi enters the lake, and hundreds of Celebi fill the sky. Celebi is then revived. After trying to capture Celebi again, Iron Mask is caught. Following a sad goodbye, Sammy and Celebi travel back to the past.


The search for Celebi is on!

Deep in the forest lies a mysterious Pokémon. Its name is Celebi. Its powers are awesome! But one day Celebi vanishes without a trace. Quick! It's a race against time as Ash and Pikachu try to find Celebi and bring it back home—before Team Rocket and the new bad guy get it first!

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