Winner Takes All

Winner Takes All
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ISBN: 0-439-35802-7
Published: July 2002
Publisher: Scholastic
Author: Tracey West
Preceded By: Tough Enough
Succeeded By: -

Winner Takes All by Tracey West is the twenty-eighth and final book of the adaptation of the Pokémon anime. This book was published by Scholastic, and is 83 pages in length.

The book is based on the events of the anime episodes A Goldenrod Opportunity, A Dairy Tale Ending, The Bug Stops Here, and Two Hits and a Miss.


Ash is on a winning streak!

Ash and his friends travel through the Johto Region to catch new Pokémon and earn more badges. After winning a tough match, Ash and Pikachu feel as if they just can't lose! But they'll soon have to face some Pokémon who are just as determined to win as they are.

With new challenges and Team Rocket hot on his trail, will Ash lose his game?

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The book begins with Ash's battle against Whitney, the Goldenrod Gym Leader. Ash had begun with his Cyndaquil, but did not expect Whitney to use her Miltank! Whitney ordered her Miltank to use Rollout — despite Ash's cries, Miltank is too quick and Cyndaquil is easily knocked out.

Ash calls on his next Pokémon, Totodile, but before he could make a move, Whitney orders her Miltank to use Rollout once more. Ash yells for Totodile to dodge, but once again, Miltank's speed overtakes Totodile, who is sent flying.

Finally, Ash chooses Pikachu for his last Pokémon. Pikachu directly hits Miltank with a blast of electricity, but Miltank is too fast and the electricity bounces right off! Pikachu, not expecting that, had no time to react — Pikachu soon meets the same fate as the other two.

Whitney apologizes to Ash, saying that his Pokémon were no match for her Miltank. Though her words stung, Ash could not dwell on them, as he had to take his injured Pokémon to the Pokémon Center.

As Ash sulks in the waiting room, Misty and Brock attempts to comfort Ash, who didn't feel any better. Ash resolves that he wouldn't stop until he figured out a way to defeat Miltank.

The next day, as Ash awakes, Chansey walks into the lobby with Cyndaquil, Totodile, and Pikachu — all fully healed! Suddenly, Whitney walks into the Pokémon Center, saying she would take them to a great place.

Ash and his friends follow Whitney across the city to a big green field surrounded by a wooden fence. Many Miltank could be seen sleeping in the grass, and Ash recognizes Whitney's Miltank in the field, too. Whitney explains that the place is a Miltank ranch, run by a friend of hers. Soon, a figure walks towards them, whom Whitney introduces as Milton.

Milton takes them to the ranch house and pours them each a glass of milk, which he explains was Miltank milk — the best in the Johto region. Suddenly, a loud crash interrupts them, and Whitney runs out of the room to investigate..

Three figures burst into the room, immediately recognized as Jessie, James, and Meowth, three members of Team Rocket. Instead of stealing Pokémon, they were stealing food: their arms were loaded with cheese and cartons of milk.

Ash calls for Pikachu to use Thunder Shock as everybody runs outside. As soon as there is a clear shot, Pikachu blasts them with an electric surge. Team Rocket sizzles with the charge, and the food flies out of their hands, caught by Brock, Misty, and Milton.

Jessie scowls and began a Pokémon battle, sending out her Arbok. James follows suit with his Weezing, while Whitney steps up beside Ash and calls her Miltank up. Whitney yells for Miltank to use Rollout, and Team Rocket's Pokémon didn't stand a chance — Miltank slammed into them and they crashed into Jessie, James, and Meowth. Miltank then slammed the entire group, who were sent blasting off again!

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