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The Scholastic Corporation is an American book publishing company. Currently based in New York City, the company was founded in Pennsylvania by Maurice R. Robinson in 1920. The name of the company reflects the original focus of the company: educational books. In recent years, they have expanded to carry other children's books, including the popular Harry Potter series.

For the Pokémon franchise, Scholastic publishes anime chapter books, the Official Pokémon Handbook series, and many other books relating to Pokémon.

In July 2, 2003, Scholastic Corp. acquired Troll Communications, L.L.C., a publisher and distributor of children’s books and other educational material for children of all ages[1]. This includes Pokémon books such as Pokémon Activity Book, How to Draw Pokémon and World's Best Pokémon Drawing Book.

List of Pokémon books published by Scholastic

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