Psyduck Ducks Out

Psyduck Ducks Out
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ISBN: 0439200911
Published: December 2000
Publisher: Scholastic
Author: Jennifer L. Johnson
Preceded By: Talent Showdown
Succeeded By: Thundershock in Pummelo Stadium

Psyduck Ducks Out is the fifteenth book of the adaptation of the Pokémon anime. It is based on the events of the anime episodes Hypno's Naptime, The Ninja Poké-Showdown, The Breeding Center Secret and Bye Bye Psyduck. It was written by Jennifer L. Johnson. It is 89 pages in length.

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When Psyduck evolves into Golduck, Misty is thrilled! Golduck is the fastest swimmer of all. Besides, training Psyduck was one big headache. Psyduck was totally clueless and clumsy, except when it got a headache. Then its attacks were unstoppable - especially against Team Rocket!

But is Golduck about to give Misty a big surprise?

Get the inside scoop on Misty and Psyduck from their hypnotic encounter to their biggest battles ever.


The book starts with Misty, Ash and Brock walking towards Ash's next Gym battle. Misty asks if they can rest but Ash wants to keep moving. Pikachu begs Ash and they decide to stop. Misty smiles as she thinks about Pikachu. Togepi's belly rumbles and Misty spots some fruit in a tree. She is going to release Staryu, but Psyduck comes out instead. She groans as Ash laughs. Misty flashes back to when she first got Psyduck.

Hypno's Naptime

She and her his friends are walking through HopHopHop Town when they see an Officer Jenny. She tells them that there are children who have gone missing three days ago. Ash immediately declares them on the job. They head off toward the Pokémon Center and see Nurse Joy. They see other Pokémon behind her and ask what is wrong. She tells them that the Pokémon became sick three days ago. They realize that is the same time the children went missing. Misty then spies a Psyduck lying with the other Pokémon. She is not impressed, and neither is Ash. Officer Jenny says that there has been an increase in sleep waves being admitted from the town. Nurse Joy says that it couldn't be her Pokémon and Officer Jenny says it isn't, and they follow her out of the center to a mansion. Walking inside they see many people wearing fancy dresses and skirts. Walking over to one guy, they ask him what is going on. They find out that this is the Pokémon Lovers Club. They are having trouble sleeping so they are having a Hypno admit sleep waves. Misty walks over to it and begins to act like a Seel. Ash and Brock are horrified and Misty runs off. She leads them to a place where the missing children are, all acting like a Pokémon. They take them back and have Drowzee cure them. Going back to the center, all the Pokémon are better except the Psyduck. Brock volunteers to care for it to impress Nurse Joy. Heading out Brock says that Misty would be a better Trainer for it. Misty declines then trips and an empty Poké Ball lands next to Psyduck. It hits the Ball with its beak and it opens, capturing Psyduck.

The Ninja-Poké Showdown

Ash is battling Koga at the Fuchsia Gym for the Soul Badge. Suddenly the ceiling caves in as Jessie and James appear. Team Rocket recites their motto and then Meowth pounces in front of Koga and says that they are there to steal the Poison-type Pokémon. Jessie and James release their Arbok and Weezing as Ash lets out Charmander. Koga's Venonat and Venomoth join Charmander but are then caught in sticky goo. Ash has Pikachu go at Team Rocket but he is also caught in the sticky goo. Misty tries to send out Starmie but Psyduck pops out instead! Misty then attempts to send out Staryu but Psyduck is still there. Misty orders Psyduck to go and attack Team Rocket but it just stands there. Ash hands Misty his Pokédex and Misty looks up Psyduck's attacks. The Pokédex says that Psyduck's first attack is Tail Whip. Misty orders Psyduck to use Tail Whip but all it does is wag its tail weakly. Misty gets angry and Ash looks up another attack. The Pokédex than says that Psyduck's second attack is Scratch. Misty orders Psyduck to use Scratch on Arbok but Arbok picks it up in its fangs. Misty gets mad again. Koga then pulls a string and the ceiling opens up, dropping a dozen Voltorb. Team Rocket doesn't know what they are but Jessie fires a net and captures all but one. Meowth picks up the loose Voltorb but James recognizes what it is. Voltorb exploded and scattered goo all around the room. Meowth grabs a Voltorb from the net and rolls it towards Misty and her friends as it explodes. Psyduck begins to run back and forth in front of Team Rocket but Team Rocket doesn't want it. It continues to hold its head. As Misty attempts to return it faces Team Rocket and sends waves out of its head. Team Rocket is frozen and the Pokédex says that the move is Disable. Team Rocket begins to sway around uncontrollably and the Pokédex says that the move is Confusion. Misty feels pride for Psyduck and Psyduck then blasts Team Rocket off. Koga is impressed and offers his Venomoth for Psyduck. Ash is shocked but Misty says that she wouldn't trade Psyduck for anything.

The Breeding Center Secret

Misty, Ash, Brock and Todd Snap are walking through a town when Misty sees a commercial about a new Pokémon Breeding Center. They all decide to go check it out and find a large crowd gathered outside of it. The girl from the commercial and her assistant are standing behind a counter checking in Pokémon. Misty decides to leave Psyduck there and asks the girl if she can make Psyduck smarter and get rid of its clueless looking face. Misty and her friends then leave Psyduck and leave the Breeding Center. Ash says that Misty is just going to leave Psyduck there forever while Misty says she is not.

They then arrive at a Restaurant called Restaurant Hungry. The sign says that you can get all you can eat for free and the chef walks out and says that they only get free food if they can show him his favorite Pokémon. They think they can and all release their Pokémon but none of them are the chef's favorite. The chef then says that his favorite Pokémon is Psyduck. Misty decides to go back to the Breeding Center to get Psyduck. When they get back to the Breeding Center it is closed but when they walk around to the back, the back door is open and they walk in. When Brock turns on his flashlight they see cages lined up and realize that it is not a Breeding Center. Brock finds Psyduck in one of the cages. Misty says that it looks smarter but Brock says that it is just because they taped its eyes back. Ash notices a conveyor belt running boxes down it into the lobby where the blue-haired boy and golden-haired girl were looking through the boxes. The boy opens a box and says that there is a Sandshrew in it. The boy says that they have a lot of Pokémon piled up and the girls adds that a lot of Pokémon Trainers are fools. They say that they are going to be the bosses favorite and Misty cannot believe that they would treat Pokémon like that. Todd decides to take pictures of the place to show everybody what is really going on in the center. As they are taking pictures the boy notices something behind the curtain and comes to check it out. Ash sticks Pikachu in an empty cage and Pikachu lets out small sparks. The boy leaves and they want to leave but Misty refuses to leave Psyduck there and rattles the cage creating a really loud noise. The boy and girl walk in then and begin to recite a motto really close to Team Rocket's. Cassidy and Butch's motto was a lot meaner and ended with a Raticate jumping out. The better Team Rocket team started to chase them when a metal cage dropped from the ceiling, only leaving Misty, Togepi and Pikachu free. Officer Jenny then rides up on her bike and Cassidy ran out and told her that they had caught the thieves and Officer Jenny says she is taking Ash, Brock and Todd to jail.

As Officer Jenny takes the boys away to jail Misty tries to think of a way to clear the boys of blame. She then remembers that Todd had taken all of the pictures of the cages and stuff. Misty waits until the next morning and sticks her hair up inside a baseball cap and puts a jacket over her regular clothes and sneaks back into the Breeding Center. Cassidy did not recognize her and she tells Cassidy that she really needs her Psyduck back as Pikachu went back behind the counter and into the back. Cassidy comes back with her Psyduck and Pikachu returns with the camera. She then runs out the door and gets the pictures developed before going to the jail. She hands the pictures to Officer Jenny who lets the boys out of jail and they all go back to the Breeding Center. Butch and Cassidy order their Raticate to attack them but Pikachu zaps it and causes it to faint. Butch and Cassidy then try to run for it but Ash lets Bulbasaur out and it uses Vine Whip to catch them. Later they all head to Restaurant Hungry and eat all they can eat for free.

Bye Bye Psyduck

Misty, Ash and Tracey are hanging out on a sandy beach when Pikachu runs up and starts waving its arms and leaping up and down. Both Pikachu and Togepi seem to be upset about something. Suddenly, Misty realises that her Psyduck is missing, which had been playing with Pikachu and Togepi. Misty, Ash, Tracey, Pikachu, Togepi and all of Misty's Water Pokémon look everywhere. But even with Marill large, sensitive ears and Venonat radar, they find no sign of Psyduck. Misty becomes upset. At that moment, a girl with spiky black hair and a long black ponytail rows up in a rowboat. The girl asks if she is looking for this, pointing to her Tentacruel which then uses its tentacle to point to a weepy-looking Psyduck. Misty is relieved to have found Psyduck and Psyduck snuggles between her legs. The girl comes out of the boat and introduces herself as Marina. Marina then points to Psyduck's tail, and to Misty's surprise, it is glowing pink. From the glowing, Marina predicts her Psyduck will evolve, stating that a Pokémon trainer once told her that a Psyduck's tail would glow pink before evolution. Excited, Misty asks Psyduck if it is ready to evolve, but Psyduck responds in its usual clueless Psy-y. Ash grabs his Pokédex and looks up Golduck. Dexter replies and Ash exclaims that Golduck sounds like a cool Pokémon, and asks Misty if she agrees. Both Misty and Marina reply simultaneously that Golduck is their favourite Pokémon. Misty then makes the exciting discovery that Marina is a Water Pokémon trainer too. They both agree that Water Pokémon are great, but Marina states her confusion about Psyduck's inability to swim. Turning red, Misty laughs a loud, fake laugh and jokes that her Psyduck is a rare Psyduck but is willing to trade it for her Tentacruel. Marina objects and decides to have a Pokémon battle to see which one is the better trainer.

Misty is psyched and agrees on a three-on-three battle. Marina decides to start with something cool so brings out her Tentacruel, while Misty starts off with Goldeen. Marina commands Tentacruel to use Wrap but Goldeen dodges Tentacruel's tentacles with Agility. Misty then commands Goldeen to use Horn Attack. Marina then counters by ordering Tentacruel to use Poison Sting. Misty tries to warn Goldeen, but her warning comes too late as Goldeen lands with a splash next to Misty. Misty then calls out her Staryu, and Staryu shoots out a powerful ray of stars which causes Tentacruel to wilt and become too tired to continue with the battle. Marina then exclaims that she will call forth her strongest Pokémon and brings out her own Psyduck. However, Marina's Psyduck looks fierce, and Ash points out that it looks much different to Misty's own Psyduck. Misty then shouts out at Staryu to use Water Gun, and Staryu lets out a powerful jet of water. However, Psyduck counters with Confusion which repels the blast of water, knocking out Staryu with its own blast. Marina then asks Misty to use her Psyduck for the battle. Doubtful that her Psyduck could win, Misty is reluctant to heed Marina's wish. At that point, Tracey prompts Misty to use Psyduck, saying that it might cause Psyduck to evolve. Realizing this, Misty calls out to Ash to throw Psyduck's Poké Ball to her. However, Ash is unable to find it in Misty's backpack, and so Misty tells Ash to throw the whole bag to her. But, the bag lands with a splash in the water next to Misty. Sighing with frustration, Misty bends over and fishes out her backpack. At that moment, an elegant Golduck rises out of the water. Surprised, Ash exclaims that her Psyduck had evolved. Misty becomes excited and gives Golduck a huge hug. Marina squeals that she has never seen a Golduck so fine as Misty's. Back into the battle, Marina commands Psyduck to use Confusion, and her Psyduck uses its power to create a tidal wave. Misty then yells at Golduck to ride the wave and becomes elated when Golduck listens and follows suit. However, the tidal wave becomes a whirlpool and Misty screams a warning to Golduck to get out quickly. Suddenly, an enormous Magikarp submarine lurches out of the water. Misty and the others run away from the submarine's way, but they see that Marina's Tentacruel and Psyduck are trapped by Team Rocket's net.

Marina calls out her Starmie while Misty sends Golduck out to rescue the trapped Pokémon. Golduck uses Confusion, causing the submarine to lift off and fly through the air. The submarine lands with a crash and Jessie, James and Meowth crawl out miserably. Both Marina and Misty command Team Rocket to give back the Pokémon, but Jessie cackles and says they will as long as they give up Pikachu. Ash retorts, and Pikachu gets ready to unleash a Thunder Shock. Ash tells Pikachu to hold the Thunder Shock as Tentacruel and Psyduck would get shocked too. Marina then shouts out to her Pokémon to try to break out of the net, but they are too tired from the battle to break themselves out. Deciding to get them out herself, Marina charges towards the submarine. To block her, Jessie calls out Arbok. But suddenly, Arbok is hit by a powerful jet of water from Golduck which had snuck up behind Team Rocket. Meowth then says that now is the chance to capture Golduck, and so Jessie yells out to Arbok to attack with Poison Sting. But without as much as a chance, Golduck unleashes a Hyper Beam which blasts Arbok and Team Rocket, sending them flying away too. Golduck then lifts the front of the submarine, allowing Tentacruel and Psyduck to come out. Grateful, Marina thanks Misty and Golduck. Despite all the excitement, Marina and Misty resume their battle and Marina sends her Starmie against Golduck. Without hesitation, Golduck quickly aims a Hyper Beam at Starmie causing it to faint. Ash excalims that Misty had won and Marina congratulates Misty on her win. However, in an attempt to return Golduck to its Poké Ball, Misty's Psyduck pops out instead, yawning. Misty wails that her Psyduck had evolved. Just then, a group of teenage girls walk by causing Golduck to race after the girls, showing off its muscles. Marina then tells Misty that the Golduck is not hers at all, but just likes to show off in front of female trainers. Misty moans that Golduck is a Pokémon version of Brock, but then gets a happy thought that her Psyduck was still going to evolve, evidenced by the glowing tail. However, Marina looks sheepish making it obvious that what Marina had said was incorrect. Marina sympathises with a crushed Misty by reassuring that she was a great Water Pokémon trainer, having won with a wild Pokémon. Tracey and Ash agree, but Ash asks if the battle then counted if it wasn't her Psyduck. Misty gasps in horror and throws a tantrum. Holding her head in her hands, she rages that now she has a Psyduck-sized headache.

Psyduck Forever

Back in the woods, Misty continues to think about her adventures with Psyduck. Even though Psyduck had been a nuisance at times, she recollects that it had also been a hero too and was always loyal to her. Coming out of the forest with fruit, she sits down beside Ash, and Ash asks Misty what is on her mind. Misty replies that she is just thinking about Psyduck, and Ash asks is she is still mad at Psyduck. Misty replies that although Psyduck had been annoying at times, they had also been through a lot together, which Ash agrees to heartily. Misty then calls on Psyduck if it remembers the time she had thought it was a Golduck. Psyduck moans back, and Misty tells it was because it had been sleeping the whole time. Suddenly, Psyduck remember and raises its wings above its head in an imitation of Golduck. Strutting around, Psyduck trips and falls backwards. Helping Psyduck get back up, Misty gives it a big hug and says that she would never trade Psyduck for anything.

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  • The book features a section of the Kanto Pokérap on the first page. However, it separates the singing and rap sections, with slight differences in the lyrics for the singing section. For the rap section, it lists the first two stanzas of the rap from Electrode to Wigglytuff, with other books from this series listing the rest of the Pokémon in the rap.


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