Journey to the Orange Islands

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Journey to the Orange Islands
ISBN: 0439169429
Published: May 2000
Publisher: Scholastic
Author: Tracey West
Preceded By: Return of the Squirtle Squad
Succeeded By: Secret of the Pink Pokémon

Journey to the Orange Islands by Tracey West is the ninth book of the adaptation of the Pokémon anime. It was published by Scholastic and is 84 pages in length. It is the first book to take place in the Orange Islands. The book is based on the episodes A Scare in the Air, Poké Ball Peril, and The Lost Lapras.

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It's good-bye to an old friend, and hello to a new one in the biggest adventure of Ash's life!

When Professor Oak sends Ash on a mission to the Orange Islands, surprises await the young Pokémon trainer at every turn.

One member of Ash's team will say good-bye forever, maybe. A stranger will join the posse. But who is he really? And a gentle new Pokémon called Lapras is discovered- only it may perish without Ash's help.

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  • The back of the book says that this is the first of three books to take place in the Orange Islands, while in reality, eight books in the series take place in the Orange Islands.

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