Team Rocket's arsenal

Not to be confused with Team Rocket's mechas.

This is a list of all of the arsenal used by Team Rocket, including vehicles, weapons, and gadgets, that the trio and the organization have used over the course of the anime and manga. Simple items such as shovels, small clamps, gloves, bell jars or appliances that run on Pikachu's shocks are also excluded from this list.

In the anime


Sun & Moon

In every series, the trio uses special binoculars with large zoom-in features for viewing at a distance. These binoculars have been frequently used to help the trio spy from high positions.

Road vehicles

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The trio sometimes use jeeps, trucks or vans to execute their schemes.


The drone spying on Ash and his friends in Coming Back Into the Cold!.

Team Rocket owns a special drone that they have used in New Places - Familiar Faces! and Coming Back Into the Cold!. It can fly around with a propeller and is equipped with a small video camera that syncs to a screen on the Meowth Balloon, as well as a video recorder to track sound from its surroundings. Team Rocket occasionally uses this device to spy on Ash and his friends whenever they can't directly sneak up on and eavesdrop on their conversations.

List of arsenal

Original series

Arsenal First Appearance Capabilities
Picture Name
  Drill Showdown in Pewter City A large conical drill. Used to escape a pit they had made for Ash and Misty but instead fell into themselves.
  Sled Clefairy and the Moon Stone An improvised vehicle with a wooden plank and ropes. Used to steal a large Moon Stone.
  Unknown The Water Flowers of Cerulean City Constructed of a stolen massive vacuum and a giant hose. Used to suck water and Pokémon from the pool at the Cerulean Gym.
  Rubber Ball The Path to the Pokémon League A big red ball. They hide inside it and try to capture Pikachu but fail.
  Flying Stadium Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village Has vacuums which suck Pokémon into the stadium and balloons that make it fly.
  Automatic-High-Speed-Super-Duper-Whatchamacallit (A.H.S.D.W.) Charmander – The Stray Pokémon Can drill holes that can be used for traps (to Meowth's chagrin, due to the fact that they tried it before), and is remote-controlled.
  Anti-Pikachu-Rubber-Balloon-Bazooka Shoots a rubber balloon that chases Ash's Pikachu, but Charmander burns Team Rocket and the balloon destroyed.
  Bombs Here Comes the Squirtle Squad Ordinary bombs. Used by Jessie and James from their balloon to attack Ash and Squirtle.
  Unknown Mystery at the Lighthouse Just an ordinary bazooka. Used to fire explosives at a giant Dragonite.
  Gyarados Submarine Beauty and the Beach (Japan) Sparks Fly For Magnemite (Worldwide) Powered by pedaling, serves as underwater transportation, has many attachments such as wheels and arms, and is capable of launching missiles.
  Speedboat Tentacool & Tentacruel An ordinary boat. Used to reach a construction site occupied by wild Tentacool and Tentacruel.
  Super Secret Stun Sauce Intended to exterminate all Tentacool and Tentacruel from the construction site (actually their coral habitat).
  Team R Helicopter Bye Bye Butterfree An ordinary helicopter marked with big red "R" sign in front. However, it has a pole that can be utilized to create a giant net. It was used again in Let Bagons Be Bagons! when it had a jet pack for Meowth to use.
  Warp tile Abra and the Psychic Showdown Used to teleport Ash, Misty and Brock to a room with no exit. Team Rocket then try to operate it with a control panel.
  Blaster Ball Pokémon Scent-sation! Planted in Celadon Gym. It is triggered by a blasting machine.
  Blasting machine Caused an explosion at Celadon Gym. Has been commonly used with explosives ever since.
  Unknown Hypno's Naptime A receiver that detects Hypno's sleep waves.
  Red Hang Gliders Regular hang-gliders that Team Rocket used to make their entry with.
  Glumpy Glue The Punchy Pokémon Team Rocket use two methods to cheat at the P1 Grand Prix. First, they use glue to immobilize Anthony's Hitmonchan. Then they plant a remote-controlled bomb under the boxing ring to target Ash's Primeape. The bomb can first give a powerful shock and then explode.
  Secret Weapon
  Unknown The Ninja Poké-Showdown Sticky strings. Used to catch many Pokémon at Koga's gym.
  Net The Kangaskhan Kid Formed by ropes launched from several small missiles. Different kinds of nets have been used commonly in later episodes.
  Parachute EP035 A parachute that James uses in some episodes. In its debut, it failed to open on time.
  Team Rocket Special Underwater Electric Bomb They try to use it for capturing all of the Pokémon in a lake.
  Cannon Ditto's Mysterious Mansion A Balloon attachment. It can fire a net.
  Unknown Holiday Hi-Jynx A missile that releases a large net. Later on, similar missiles in different shapes and sizes were used frequently.
  Cages The Battling Eevee Brothers Used to keep stolen Pokémon. The trio and other Team Rocket members have used cages of different sizes ever since, with many of them being directly hurled on their targets.
  Unknown The Song of Jigglypuff Apparatus to record Jigglypuff's song and put their targets to sleep. When this fails, they bring in a truck-borne stage for Jigglypuff.
  Stretcher Catcher A Chansey Operation Hospital stretchers with mechanical hands and the "R" logo.
  Unknown The Case of the K-9 Caper! Team Rocket enter a police compound in this Growlithe-themed van.
  Unknown They use gas to disable Growlithe's smell and alter Officer Jenny's voice.
  Unknown They use megaphone voice changers to instruct the squad of Growlithe in Jenny's actual voice.
  Unknown Volcanic Panic An ice missile launcher used to freeze Magmar and later its entire volcano.
  UFO Clefairy Tales Actually controlled by Meowth from a crane. Jessie and James make their entry disguised as aliens in it and capture Pikachu.
  Shock Platforms The Battle of the Badge Two special platforms in Viridian Gym. They shock the trainer every time his/her Pokémon is hurt in battle. Meowth had also rigged them with explosives just like the rest of the ground.
  Armor Suit Mewtwo Strikes Back Giovanni covers Mewtwo in this armor to focus as well as control its enormous power.
  Tank It's Mr. Mime Time Made of rubber, and has capture missiles with a cannon net inside. Also possessed live missiles.
  Unknown Lights, Camera, Quack-tion A giant claw crane used to grasp a bunch of Pokémon.
  Microphone Voice Changer Friend and Foe Alike Used by Jessie to mimic Ritchie's voice and trick Ash.
  Unknown Pallet Party Panic Two propellers for the Meowth balloon. Initially disguised as a food stall.
  Team Rocket Dirigible A Scare in the Air A very old and rundown blimp that was used to capture Ash and Pikachu.
  Drowzee Machine Pikachu Re-Volts This machine amplifies the hypnotic power of Cassidy's and Butch's Drowzee. The same power is broadcast by an antenna, giving them control over all Pokémon on Mandarin Island.
  Goggles A Shipful of Shivers Used to reveal lasers guarding a 300-year-old trophy from theft. A similar device was used in Fangs for Nothin'.
  Pedal Boat A Seadra-shaped boat. Used to flee from Ash and co.
  Glue Missile Tracey Gets Bugged Used to immobilize a swarm of wild Scyther.
  Horseshoe Magnet Get Along, Little Pokémon A magnet that is attached to the balloon. It can capture Magnemite.
  Habber Grabber It is shockproof and can be stretched to catch its target.
  Electromagnet Machine Powered by static electricity. It creates an electromagnetic field that attracts Magnemite.
  Ring Lock Bound For Trouble Openable by a normal key. Used to ensure that Ash's Pikachu is where Meowth is.
  Shock Protectors These are foldable and block Pikachu's shocks.
  Directed-energy weapon A balloon attachment. It is a simple high-tech cannon. It is unknown what it does, as Misty's Togepi destroys the balloon before it could be used.
  Robotic Mole Charizard Chills Can dig underground and has a compartment for holding Pikachu and other Pokémon.
  Improvised Motorboat Pokémon the Movie 2000: The Power of One Made from a discarded raft and a crashed helicopter's rotor. Used to transport Ash to Ice Island as he races to save the world.
  Unknown The Pokémon Water War Looks like a target for practicing Water Gun. Used to lure Team Wartortle into a pit.
  Tent A Tent Situation Suspended from the Meowth balloon. Used to trap Ash and co. inside Professor Oak's house.
  Rubber-Reinforced Camera Case The Rivalry Revival Looks like a camera. Has a mechanical hand inside it to capture Pikachu.
  Unknown The Double Trouble Header Pitching machines used to hit baseballs at Ash and his friends.
  Unknown Illusion Confusion A wooden boat on a zip-line. Used to flee after capturing Pikachu.
  Clamps Snubbull Snobbery These devices expand in mid-air and lock the feet of Ash and his friends.
  Inverted Periscope The Little Big Horn Used by Meowth above (in the balloon) to spy on Ash and his friends in a building below.
  Snowball Launcher The Chikorita Rescue Worn like a backpack, it is used to throw snowballs.
  Rocket A Bout With Sprout Intended to launch the pillar that supports Sprout Tower into space.
  Meowth Piggy Bank Tanks a Lot! Used by Meowth and James to save money. The money is described as spent on the Arbo-Tank shown in the same episode.
  Sunlight Simulator Grin to Win! Simulates sunlight for Sunflora
  Smoke Grenade Used to surprise the onlookers during Team Rocket's entry. An alternative to Weezing's smoke.
  Sunlight Reflectors Team Rocket surround a stadium with these mirrors. Their excessive sunlight disables all Sunflora gathered there.
  Giant Fan Foul Weather Friends Meowth describes it through a pun: "meet our biggest fan". It is used to blow away many Hoppip, because they can be easily caught later.
  Water Pump The Superhero Secret It is hand-operated. Intended to flood a pit that has trapped Ash and his friends.
  Light Bulbs Mild 'n Wooly A decoration for the Meowth balloon in their debut episode. In Tree's a Crowd, they make the balloon immune to Pikachu's shocks.
  Sound Amplifying Dish and Headphones Wired for Battle! Often used to snoop on Ash and his friends.
  Apricorn Harvesting Machine Going Apricorn! A human-powered generator attached to their Giant Fan.
  Rope Shooter Tricks of the Trade A broad gun. Used to shoot a rope around many trainers at the Pokémon Swap Meet.
  Mini Meowth Balloon 1 and 2 The Fortune Hunters Small replicas of the Meowth balloon, which are remote-controlled and have hands on the bottom of the basket. Misty's Staryu easily destroys them by spinning.
  Crane First used to project James as a mighty Moltres zodiac. This crane reappears in Octillery The Outcast.
  Flaming Fast Ball The Bug Stops Here A large baseball-shaped missile. Aimed at Casey and her Bayleef.
  Pidgey Retrieval System / Pidgey Carrier Carrying On! A bag with vacuum used to catch lots of Pidgey. It is suspended from the Meowth balloon and also has smoke dischargers to disguise the entire balloon as a cloud.
  Stone Age Hammer A Hot Water Battle They improvise this hammer to escape from a cave.
  Container Beauty and the Breeder Used to steal Pokémon from the Pokémon Beauty Contest.
  Speaking tube A Better Pill to Swallow Used to snoop on Old Man Shuckle's conversation with Ash and his friends.
  Gust Attack Blowing Vac Mountain Time A vacuum with two powerful settings: one that blows out, and one that sucks everything right back in.
  Unknown Ariados Amigos A gun that pulls its target using clamps and then makes a cage around it.
  Ice-cream cart Wings N' Things Used to sell fake glass (ice) as a part of the trio's latest scam.
  Tiltrotor Mewtwo Returns Used by Giovanni to pursue Mewtwo and later Ash. A similar vehicle had made a brief, partial appearance in Showdown at the Po-ké Corral.
  Super Sucker The Apple Corp! Another balloon attachment. It is a vacuum used to suck Pokémon, but also can suck up Pikachu's electricity and apples, and blow air.
  Treasure Detector / Itemfinder A Ghost of a Chance Detects only buried bottle caps in its debut episode, but accidentally leads the trio to Togepi.
A golden variant is used in Sky High Gym Battle!.
  Eeveelution Cage Trouble's Brewing It has a specialized cage for the following Eeveelutions: a shock-proof cage for Jolteon, a bubbly cage for Vaporeon, a heat-resistant cage for Flareon, a cute cage for Eevee, and a stark white cage for Umbreon.
  Blizzard Machine Moving Pictures Creates a Blizzard.
  Sled Spring Fever A three-seater that can ride on desert surfaces.
  Natural Rocket The Stolen Stones! It is a rocket used for transportation by Team Rocket.
  Grab-a-Hand It is an extendible hand used for grabbing stuff and Pokémon, that can also absorb electricity.
  Tandem bicycle Used to flee after stealing Fire Stones. It also has a parachute to slow down and avoid the chasing trainers.
  Poké Pod The Wayward Wobbuffet A device that was used to trap Pikachu (or on some occasions, other Pokémon) inside. James described it as "A device that can revolutionize Pokémon training" and as "A Pokémon transport device made-up of super tough plastic that is harder than diamonds. It's absolutely indestructible". The only way to open the device is with a key.

A grey variant named Portable Pokémon Prison appears in Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt. It has just a latch.

  Wobballoon A hot-air balloon with a Wobbuffet design.
  Power Picker Sick Daze A backpack vacuum. It can collect apples and Pokémon in detachable cylinders.
  Rocking Rocket Trapeze Doin' What Comes Natu-rally Used by Jessie and James for them to grab Pokémon.
  Team Rocket Power The Big Balloon Blow-Up Boosters and wings below the Meowth balloon, which were used to cheat in a balloon race. The boosters can turn around and shoot little missiles backward.
  Wobbuffet Rubber Life Raft Right On, Rhydon An inflatable lifeboat with a Wobbuffet design. Used for quick getaways.
  Unknown Pokémon 4Ever A glider used to follow Ash and his friends. It was destroyed when the wind caught it, causing it to crash.
  Dark Ball Used by the Iron-Masked Marauder. It can catch a Pokémon that already belongs to a Trainer, maximizing its power and making them evil.
  Anti-Electric Net Mark 2 Got Miltank? A gun with a sight. Shoots a net.
  Mystery Missile Fight for the Light! It contains James's Weezing in it.
  Fan-tastic A fan used as a rotor for the Meowth balloon.
  James' Super Bigger Net Around the Whirlpool A bazooka that sends out a large net. As usual, it was used to catch Pikachu, but it also works on other Pokémon.
  Unknown It has three propellers for additional hover support and a net for capturing Pokémon.
  Booster Rocket Fly Me to the Moon Used to boost the up stream of the Meowth Balloon.
  Capture Missile Takin' It on the Chinchou Used to capture the Chinchou with a net.
  Multiple Corsola Cable Snag A Corsola Caper! Has a multiple cable to catch multiple Corsola.
  Unknown Hi Ho Silver... Away! A vacuum that is attached to the Meowth Balloon and was used to suck all the jewelry from stores. In You're a Star, Larvitar!, the container of this vacuum can be detached and transported by a truck. A variant appears in Going for a Spinda and Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut?.
  Lugia Balloon A Parent Trapped! An inflatable Lugia. Used to lure Lugia.
  Namba's Nasty Pokémon Provoker Invented by Prof. Namba for Cassidy and Butch. This machine will increase the rage of a Pokémon.
  Unknown A machine that creates a force field. Used to capture the parent Lugia.
  Unknown A Promise is a Promise A similar machine is used to contain the captured Lugia inside Dr. Namba's underwater base.
  Wobbu-Warrior Nerves of Steelix Camouflaged as a giant Wobbuffet statue. Serves as transportation.
  Unknown Dues and Don'ts A time bomb shaped like an American football. They play with it with Ash and his friends to see who blasts off.
  Evolution Inducement Wave Talkin' 'Bout an Evolution A machine that encourages evolution. It can also tire Pokémon within its range.
  Ship Used for transport and to carry large net missiles.
  PikaPower Mark II As Clear as Crystal Drains electricity from any power source; unlocks and explodes when completely charged.
  PikaPower Mark III A upgraded version of PikaPower Mark II. It can absorb the attacks of many Electric Pokémon simultaneously.

A similar-looking device is used inside a large fishing net in The Great Eight Fate.

  Smoke Grenade Designed as a Wobbuffet balloon. It first inflates, then explodes.
  Mataminder Mach III Outrageous Fortunes Controls a Pokémon's every move.
  Heaters EP250 Regular space heaters that were used to attempt to melt down the Ice Cave and weaken the Ice-type Pokémon there.
  Agile Handy Andy Fangs for Nothin' A flexible mechanical hand. Used by James to avoid laser alarms and steal a Dragon Fang.
  Unknown Hatch Me if You Can A trap for Ash's Larvitar. Disguised as an incubator.
  Twisty Turbo Tempest 2 Entei at Your Own Risk Creates a giant vortex of air and water with the help of propellers. It can suck in many bulky Pokémon and is immune to most non-physical Pokémon moves.
  Sneasel Balloon Pop Goes The Sneasel Another alternative to the Meowth balloon, as Jessie wanted to replace Meowth with Sneasel.
  Unknown The Ties That Bind A machine to mass-produce badges during the Johto League.
  Plan Goalie Gotta Catch Ya Later! A cage made by joining two goal posts on a field.
  Electromagnet Hoenn Alone! This balloon attachment was used by Team Rocket to drain Pikachu's electricity and overload him with power. Even though it was deactivated, it managed to cause Pikachu to become seriously ill.
  Ropester A bazooka that launches a rope to swing on.

Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire

Arsenal First Appearance Capabilities
Picture Name
  Unknown In the Knicker of Time! A balloon attachment that resembles a satelite dish. It can absorb Electric attacks and launches them back.

A similar device, named Zap Back Mark 2, is used in Now That's Flower Power!.

  Unknown Tree's a Crowd! A Bulldozer that was used to capture Treecko, including Ash's Treecko. Opponents can be hit with it's spade.
  Capsule A Tail with a Twist Electric-proof capsule that was used to keep Pikachu inside.
  Top Secret Pokémon Evolution Research A Bite to Remember Trio, disguised as scientists introduced Max to machine, that can make any Pokémon evolve immediately. As it came out, they just put the Pokémon there and steal it with their balloon, placed inside.
  Unknown The Lotad Lowdown! A ship used to capture many Lotad including Brock's Lotad, it is vulnerable to Electric attacks, except for Thunderbolt, which Pikachu can use to destroy it.
  Congratulatory Bouquet All Things Bright and Beautifly! A fake Bouquet which in reality has a built in smoke bomb to allow Team Rocket to capture Pokémon.
  Unknown Nets, mounted on sticks, used to keep stolen Pokémon.
  Listening devices Gonna Rule the School Used to hear conversations behind the wall, inside Roxanne's school.
  Smoke bombs On a Wingull and a Prayer! Used to interrupt the battle.
  Giant vacuum Sucks in all the Pokémon.
  Cage A Corphish Out of Water A standard Electric-proof cage used to capture Pikachu.
  Traps The trap is kept underground, so anyone who steps on it will be caged. Team Rocket soon realise this mistake when they get caged as well.
  Butterfly net Standard Butterfly nets. Team Rocket wanted to catch Pikachu with them, but failed as Thunderbolt blasted them off.
  Treat Abandon Ship! Used to bait and capture Pikachu.
  Bag Used to catch Pikachu, but got destroyed by Corpish.
  Fishing rod Now That's Flower Power! Ordinary fishing rods. Used to get things from long distances. They were used again in Disaster of Disguise to try removing Brock's disguise, but their plan was thwarted by Pikachu, who destroyed their balloon.
  Dish Another Balloon attachment that resembles a dish. It can absorb electricity. It was destroyed by a Solar Beam of Drew's Roselia.
  Carry On Mark 1 Having a Wailord of a Time A large sling tied to the Meowth balloon. Used to capture a sick Wailord. Ripped apart by Combusken, allowing Pikachu to destroy the balloon's propeller engine.
  Absorb-A-Zap-O-Matic Mark VI Watt's with Wattson? A large vechicle with a vaccum that can be used to suck up Pokémon. A purple version was used in Promoting Healthy Tangrowth!.
  Remote Control Blast Off Let Bagons Be Bagons A remote controlled jetpack for Meowth.
  The Ball A Togepi Mirage! A magical ball used by Team Rocket to inform Ash and his friends of the whereabouts of Colonel Hansen.
  Unknown Candid Camerupt! A balloon attachment. It is a pink claw that can capture Pokémon. It has made many infrequent reappearances in other episodes like Gulpin It Down and Pokéblock, Stock, and Berry. A grey variant is used in Lights, Camerupt Action.

It can be launched by a bazooka in Following a Maiden's Voyage.

  Hurricane Hand Used to capture Pikachu from a distance.
  Sound equipment ZigZag Zangoose! Used by Jessie to call Zangoose.
  Unknown Maxxed Out! A tank-like vehicle that can mash anything with its giant hammer.
  Zap Back Mark 8 Electricity Repeller Umbrella Used to repel against Thunderbolt attacks. Knocked down by Bubble Beam, then destroyed by Pikachu.
  Unknown Pros and Con Artists These are similar to the claw attachment above. This version features five several claws that were used for stealing Pokémon from a contest venue.
  Unknown Come What May A device that allows Jessie to cheat in the cotest. It is disguised as a bow tie, and is operated by Meowth using a remote control. It scatters rainbow-colored powder, Poison Stings and winds. The device soon mulfunctions and breaks apart, prompting Ash and his Pikachu to easily defeat them.
  Periscope Cheer Pressure Used to spy Ash and friends.
  Wheelbarrow Poetry Commotion Used to steal Flannery's Torkoal.
  Shopping Stand Scam Manectric Charge Team Rocket set up several traps for Ash and company at a carnival. These are remote-controlled by Meowth.
  • One is a bull's eye that transforms into a water jet.
  • Another is a hammer that releases a net.
  • The third are tossing rings that trap the user Pokémon when activated.
  Extendable butterfly net Delcatty Got Your Tongue Used to grab Pokémon from the usual trap holes.

A variant appears in Berry, Berry Interesting, which can be compressed into a small rod.

  Water pump Take the Lombre Home Pumps water that the trio then sells and makes money off of.
  Sharpedo bazooka Exploud and Clear! Shoots corks and net. It is an upgrade of the Carvanha bazooka from the same episode. Its corks work like a fire-and-forget missile.
  Packaged goods and railcar Balance of Power Used to build a base under Petalburg Gym.
  Motion detector A Six Pack Attack! Used in the trio's secret base. When it detects any footsteps, the armored gate of the base closes, trapping the stranger inside.
  CCTV Also for the secret base.
  Sucker Of A Punishment A backpack vacuum. Used to capture smaller Pokémon owned by Ash and co.
  Trap doors Used to trap May, Max and Professor Oak inside the secret base.
  Grab-All-The-Poké-Balls-By-The-Old-Bait-And-Switch Plan Hokey Poké Balls! An idea originated by James.

The trio, disguised as repairmen, converted a Pokémon Center's Poké Ball Transporter into a stealing machine. The transported Poké Balls are taken to Team Rocket by James' PokéPipeline, while Trainers received empty ones.

  Duo Sonic Superpowered Red Tip "James" Inflatable rockets used by the trio to retreat. They are powered by a faulty "Super High-Tech Mass-Class Blast Engine".
  House armor Another one of James' inventions. Intended to protect the stolen Poké Balls from its Trainers.
  Unknown Me, Myself And Time Has various digging equipment and a claw to fight Pokémon. Since it was made of steel, it was easily destroyed.
  Ribbon selling shop Cruisin' for a Losin' Made at a contest venue to sell Imitation Souvenir Ribbons. This venture also fails because the ribbons are too large for Pokémon.
  Sewing machines
(Offscreen) Bomber Beam Take This House and Shuppet Very little is known about this device except that it failed to catch Pikachu and it turned the hair of the trio and the protagonists curly.
  Cart Lights, Camerupt, Action! A cart used by the trio to transport stolen movie equipment and bring it to Giovanni. It reappears in A Cacturne for the Worse.
Charm Crazy as a Lunatone The charm on the Meowth balloon is made of a shiny material. Little else is known about it. It makes a wild Lunatone faint as soon as it sees it.
  Smoke grenade Clamperl of Wisdom Similar to the one used in the original series, but smaller and colored differently.
  Handy Index Cards James uses these cards whenever he notices a new Pokémon or its strange moves.

Cards and other similar objects like books are used by James as alternatives to Pokédexes until Pokémon Journeys: The Series, when they get their own Rotom Phone.

  Missiles The Relicanth Really Can A Magikarp Submarine attachment. It was used to break Adam's submarine.
  Plunger rope Another Magikarp Submarine attachment. It can retrieve objects from long distances.
  Electric net missile Gaining Groudon A net carried in a missile. It can give an electric shock by pressing a button on the bazooka that fires it.
  Fake garage shutter Used to secretly enter Team Aqua's base.
  Berry Crusher A Cacturne for the Worse A Wobbuffet-shaped Berry crusher that was used by James.
  Megaphones Claydol Big and Tall Used to pronounce the motto.
  Unknown A long stick to bait a giant Claydol with eggplants and calm it down.
  Spotlight Once in a Mawile Used by Meowth to highlight Jessie and James while they were reciting the motto.
  Power Boost Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut? A device who's electric pulses can strengthen Cacnea's Pin Missile.
  Platform Mean With Envy Used by Jessie as an entrance in the Pacifidlog Town Pokémon Contest.
  Fog machines Used by James in the Pacifidlog Town Pokémon Contest for special effects.
  Pokémonic Performer Pacifidlog Jam A small but very special bag that gives Meowth the disguises of various Pokémon. It was destroyed when Meowth's claws rip apart the Wailord costume.
  Bladerunner Hi Ho Silver Wind! A helicopter disguised as a tent. Used to flee with captured Pokémon in cages.
  Operation Raffle Racket Island Time A charter plane used to kidnap Ash and his friends by giving them fake tickets. However, it soon crash lands when it runs out of fuel.
  Claw gun Another upgraded claw that was previously used.
  Anti-Electric Umbrella Like a Meowth to a Flame Another umbrella device that can absorb and shoot out Electric attacks.
  Segways The Scheme Team Transportation used in the Team Rocket HQ.
  Jetpacks New equipment given to Cassidy and Butch by Giovanni.
  Pogo sticks New equipment given to Jessie and James by Giovanni.
  Poké-Vac 5000 A Real Cleffa-Hanger Has giant vacuums to suck up Pokémon. It is an upgraded version of Suck-Of-A-Punishment. Fell to Bubble before being destroyed by Solarbeam.
  Shuriken From Cradle to Save Carries a rose inside.
  Net Used to trap Angela.
  Shelter Cutting the Ties that Bind! Similar to the "Anti-Beedrill Tank" from the original series, but unlike cardboard, this version is made of heavy metal. It protects the trio from Bug-types. It was easily destroyed, however.
  Container Pinch Healing! Stores stolen Pokémon inside and blows smoke for the trio to retreat.

Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl

Arsenal First Appearance Capabilities
Picture Name
  Rickety Roof Inn Dawn of a New Era A cardboard trap for Ash and his friends. The wind blows it down.
  Custom Fitting Case A case made for Pikachu to relax (actually a trap). The trio's disguises fail before it can be used.
  Capsule Gettin Twiggy with It It can launch two suction cups to capture Pokémon.
  Remoraid missiles Like It or Lup It Hundreds of missiles are launched at Dawn's Piplup from the Magikarp submarine. They orbit their target and can hit it directly.
  Carnivine balloon The Rise of Darkrai This Carnivine balloon was used to attack Ash, Brock, and Dawn as they traveled to Alamos Town in a hot air balloon.
  Sharpedo Jetski Sandshrew's Locker! Has a Magikarp Net Launcher, Carvanha torpedoes, and 3 Remoraid torpedoes
  Probopass Mind Manipulator Nosing 'Round the Mountain! A Device that can control a Probopass by making it use moves and controlling its three noses.
  Unknown Hungry for the Good Life! A flying mecha that can let out a smokescreen, and the inside is full of holes and traps.
  Super Sucker Mark 9 A Trainer and Child Reunion! A device that is attached to the Meowth Balloon that can suck up Pokémon into a big container. It was used again in Frozen in Their Tracks! where it had a different nozzle and a net. Vulnerable to Signal Beams.
  Nightmare Maker Sleepless in Pre-Battle! This device sends out electromagnetic pulses that makes sleeping people have nightmares and blame it all on Darkrai.
  Unknown Where No Togepi Has Gone Before! A rocket that has the trio's desires, it also has a dungeon, a lift, and a control system. It flew up to space where it got attacked by a wild Rayquaza, and crash landed back to earth. Vulnerable to Hyper Beams.
  Yanmega balloon Zoroark: Master of Illusions This Yanmega balloon was used while following Ash, Brock, and Dawn as they traveled to Crown City.

Pokémon the Series: Black & White

This series marks a reduction in the use of mechas and increased dependence on real-world gadgets. Many of the trio's gadgets such as laptops also get a costlier and refined appearance as compared to past series.

Arsenal First Appearance Capabilities
Picture Name
  Unknown In the Shadow of Zekrom! A claw used to capture Pikachu in a cage. It has a reflecting dish to block Pikachu's Thunderbolt.
  Unknown Enter Iris and Axew! This suitcase shaped mecha could open up and extend a pair of arms to grab Pikachu and Axew. It also works with other Pokémon.
  Hot-Air Balloon This mecha is more of an upgrade of the original hot air balloon. It is contained within a briefcase until use.
  Unknown A Sandile Gusher of Change! This magnet crane was used to capture the leader Sandile.
  Unknown The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice! This bubble-shaped mecha was used to protect attacks as in Oshawott's Water Gun but fell to Tepig's Ember.
  Energy Excavating Robot Dreams by the Yard Full! This mecha can be used to harness the energy of dreams.
  Jetpacks A Rival Battle for Club Champ! Used to make quick getaways. The Trio use these to retreat instead of blasting off throughout the Black and White season.
  Hologram rings A Home for Dwebble! Rings with the ability to project computer data as holograms.
  Helicopter Scraggy—Hatched to be Wild! Often piloted by Dr. Zager, this helicopter replaced the balloon as Team Rocket's primary mode of transportation for much of Pokémon the Series: Black & White. It is based on real-world "flying cranes" such as the Sikorsky CH-54 Tarhe. It can be outfitted with a variety of weapons and attachments.
  Unknown A scanner used to apply the Dream Energy to the Meteonite.
  Scanner A Venipede Stampede! A scanner dish attached to the helicopter. It is used to search for the Meteonite.
  Jet Giovanni's personal transport jet.
  Ray gun BW023 (unaired) A ray gun with the ability to fire an energy blast from the Meteonite. It was to be used by Jessie in its debut and James in BW024 (unaired), but due to the indefinite postponement of these episodes, it has had no canon appearances.
  Unknown The Dragon Master's Path! This flying mecha has three cable launchers that can be used to catch Pokémon, and pull them into the mecha's cargo hold. Vulnerable to Dragon Rage.
  Giant Fan Cottonee in Love! This mecha has a giant fan which can be used to blow Cottonee into a net bag. Vulnurable to Thunderbolt.
  Unknown Cottonee in Love! The vehicle has a giant net bag which is used to trap Cottonee. Protected from attacks such as Tranquill's Air Cutter, but was finally destroyed from inside when it got filled by the Cottonee's Cotton Spore.
  Unknown A UFO for Elgyem! This small machine sends out restraining energy bolts that can be used to tie its targets. Vulnerable to X-Scissor.
  Unknown This small machine looks like a briefcase. It sends out restraining energy bolts that can be used to tie its targets and trap them into a square energy field. Vulnerable to Dragon Rage and SolarBeam.
  Tiltrotor This vehicle is used for aerial transport. Vulnerable to Electro Ball.
  Roggenrola Cannon Gotta Catch A Roggenrola! This mecha can attach up to nineteen Roggenrola to itself and force them all to use their Flash Cannons at once, creating a powerful blast of energy. It has two extendable spiked clubs, that it used to create a cave in.
  Unknown Meowth's Scrafty Tactics! Computer devices that enable the Ghost Train to manipulate the Battle Subway's rail switches.
  Ghost Train Beheeyem, Duosion and the Dream Thief! A subway train used to steal Pokémon from the Nimbasa City Pokémon Center. It is equipped with the ability to manipulate the railroad switches in the system, deploy decoy trains, and suck up Poké Balls with a vacuum tube.
  Decoy trains Crisis From the Underground Up! Balloons attached to train carriages, used to act as decoys for the real Ghost Train. The carriages are armed with bombs, which will detonate if the decoy is disturbed.
  Cargo hook Battle for the Underground! A crane attached to the helicopter. Used to pick up the freight car of the Ghost Train.
  Laser containers Stopping the Rage of Legends! Part 2 Laser boxes used to capture both people and Pokémon, and are attached to the helicopter.
  Drill Crisis at Chargestone Cave! A digging mechanism to unearth the Chargestones.
  Cargo truck A cargo truck used to transport the mined Chargestones.
  Drone A drone used to transport Chargestones after the truck's destruction.
  Barrier generator A Restoration Confrontation! Part 1 Devices used to generate a laser barrier.
  Fossil Restoration Machine A machine created by Dr. Zager to restore Fossils for Team Rocket's Pokémon army. It was powered by Chargestones and ran on data stolen from Professor Juniper and Fennel, but it was destroyed by a Tirtouga.
  Eyepiece A Restoration Confrontation! Part 2 A multipurpose scanner eyepiece with a built-in communicator function.
  Life energy amplifier A weapon used to amplify Carracosta's life energy to sustain the opening of the Time Gate.
  Stealth goggles All for the Love of Meloetta! Special goggles devised by Dr. Zager to track Meloetta. The goggles can be used to see Meloetta even when it turns invisible.
  Unknown Piplup, Pansage and a Meeting of the Times! A sea-bound mecha used by Team Rocket as their base during Operation Tempest. It has a laboratory used by Dr. Zager to analyze Meloetta's song and a seaport used to launch the submarine, as well as a landing pad on its roof used by both the helicopter and Giovanni's transport jet.
  Sensors Expedition to Onix Island! Underwater sensors dropped to search for the Abyssal Ruins.
  Submarine The Mystery of the Missing Cubchoo! A submarine used to find and later enter the Abyssal Ruins.
  Air scooter Meloetta and the Undersea Temple! A flying scooter used by Giovanni. It has the ability to manipulate the laser containers via a control pad.
  Sound system A sound system that is used to play Meloetta's song and raise the Abyssal Ruins to the surface.
  Unknown New Places... Familiar Faces! A small tank with a cargo bay to carry stolen Pokémon.
  Unknown Team Plasma's Pokémon Power Plot! A small drone used to hack into Colress's computer system and download the data from his Pokémon manipulation program.
  Unknown The Light of Floccesy Ranch! Can fire beams of static electricity, which lures in Electric-type Pokémon like Mareep, which are then locked into a cage below. It can also absorb electricity from the Electric Pokémon within the cage and fire it from its cannon as an attack. Vulnerable to Thunderbolt.
  Laser traps Meowth, Colress and Team Rivalry! These modified versions of the barrier generators have the ability to converge their lasers onto a single point, from which a pyramid-shaped barrier forms. They were used to trap Aldith, Barret and other Team Plasma Grunts. The barrier blocks all Pokémon attacks from within except for Supersonic.
  Basculin Submarine The Island of Illusions! Much like the Magikarp Submarine, this submarine is powered by pedaling and serves for underwater transportation. It is used by Team Rocket while following Ash and his friends through the Decolore Islands. It resembles a Blue-Striped Basculin.
  Unknown To Catch a Rotom! A device used to drain electricity from the power lines on Torom Island. The stolen electricity can then be fired from handheld cannons. It also has a container to hold a Rotom, and can drain power from the Rotom as well.
  Bazooka Genesect and the Legend Awakened This computerized bazooka was to be used to capture the Genesect Army, but it was dropped by James before use.
  Unknown Best Wishes Until We Meet Again! These missiles, launched from the balloon, latch onto the sides of the Decolore Queen cruise ship and deploy helium balloons of their own, lifting the ship into the air.
  Grab the Poké Balls in One Fell Swoop Handi-Vac A backpack-mounted vacuum used for stealing large quantities of Poké Balls from the cruise ship's passengers.

Pokémon the Series: XY

Arsrnal First Appearance Capabilities
Picture Name
  Collar Lumiose City Pursuit! A collar intended for use to control Pokémon. When Team Rocket tried to use it to Mega Evolve a Garchomp, it malfunctioned, sending the Garchomp on a rampage. It was ultimately destroyed by Pikachu's Iron Tail.
  Rhyhorn Express Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race! A train of metal cages used to capture Rhyhorn from a Rhyhorn race. Pikachu got trapped with them. The cages are formed from laser traps and then connect to each other, with Meowth driving the train from the front wagon. It was immobilized by Clemont's Bunnelby and Serena's Fennekin and the cages disappeared when Clemont destroyed the remote.
  Unknown Grooming Furfrou! An energized cage used by Jessie in an attempt to capture Jessica's Furfrou. It was destroyed when Jessica struck it with a stick.
  Mecha Evolution Power-Packed Amplify-O-Rama Mark 2 Calling from Beyond the Aura! They're very similar to the Powering-up Parts. Team Rocket equipped their Pokémon with these devices to make them stronger. It upped their strength defeating Clemont's Bunnelby and nearly defeating Clemont's Chespin and Ash's Pikachu. They were ultimately defeated by Korrina's Mega Lucario.
  Anti-Zap Cage A Slippery Encounter! A cage with a lighting bolt to capture Pikachu. It's unaffected by Electric attacks. Later, when Team Rocket tried to use the same cage again, Pikachu destroyed it with Iron Tail.
  Unknown Beyond the Rainbow!
  Unknown Battling with a Clean Slate!

Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon

Mecha First Appearance Capabilities
Picture Name
  Unknown They Might Not Be Giants! It was destroyed before being used.
  Z-Crystals Locating Device A Team-on-Team Tussle! It can point a Z-Crystal's location with its antennas.
  Unknown Why Not Give Me a Z-Ring Sometime? They are hand-sewn puppets in the shape of Jessie, James, Meowth and Wobbuffet with tape recorders inside them which say pre-recorded lines. They were made to trick Bewear into thinking the real Team Rocket were still in its den when they head out to find a Z-Ring. As time passes, the Tape Recorders eventually malfunction and Bewear then finds out they are puppets.

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Mecha First Appearance Capabilities
Picture Name
Lugia Balloon Dreams Are Made of These! A giant Lugia balloon, used to carry away a cage containing Pikachu, Raboot and Yamper. It was destroyed quickly by Mew, who had transformed itself into a Lugia, before it freed three captured Pokémon.

Unlike most balloons that Team Rocket use, this is not a hot air balloon, it is instead a giant helium balloon.

  Unnamed Gotta Catch a What?! A Pikachu-themed van equipped with a hose designed to suck Pikachu into an electric-proof glass cage. The glass cage is equipped with a claw machine that can grab a Pikachu contained in it and drop it outside. It also has hover engines at its bottom, allowing it to fly. The hose was destroyed when Goh's Pikachu evolved into Raichu while going through it, and the machine itself was destroyed by a group Thunderbolt from the rest of the Pikachu.
  Unnamed To Train, or Not to Train! A Snorlax-themed vacuum used to steal Pokémon. Its mouth can open to suck in Pokémon with great force and close to keep them trapped inside, and it is moved by pushing it. It was destroyed by Pikachu's Iron Tail.
  Unnamed Sobble Spies a Stealthy Strategy! Small radio-controlled Meowth-themed tanks and drones that have cameras on them. Team Rocket intended to use them to film footage of Jacqueline's Inteleon, but instead ended up filming footage of Ash and Goh, who showed up instead of Jacqueline and Inteleon. The footage recorded by the robots was later used as movie material.
  Super Ultra Rocket Nab Net When a House is Not a Home! A backpack net launcher that Meowth brings in to try and recapture the runaway Grookey.

In the manga

In the Ash and Pikachu manga

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Arsenal First Appearance Capabilities
Picture Name
  Poké Pod After the Missing Rucksack!! This device was used to capture Ash's Pikachu.
  Golem Balloon

In The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga

Arsenal First Appearance Capabilities
Picture Name
  Unknown This Gyarados-shaped boat was used to capture a giant Slowpoke.


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