Old Man Shuckle

Old Man Shuckle (Japanese: ツボ老人 Old Man Tsubo) is a character of the day who appeared in A Better Pill to Swallow.

Old Man Shuckle

He is a maker of Shuckle juice, owning many bottles of it. He makes use of the many wild Shuckle in the area where he lives. He produces medicines from the Shuckle juice, one of which was used to cure Ash's indigestion when they first met. Old Man Shuckle promised to teach his recipes to Brock if the group caught a Shiny Shuckle for him but Brock eventually decided against using man-made products as a Pokémon Breeder.

However, Old Man Shuckle also plays up his actual renown: while Ash and Brock were amazed at the beams of light that appeared when he spoke about himself, Misty easily noticed that the light was actually coming from a flashlight the man was holding behind his back.


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Old Man Shuckle has a Bellsprout, Spoopy (Japanese: ポチ Pochi), with the ability to check the scent of Shuckle in order to see if the juice inside them is ready. It helped find the rare purple Shuckle with Old Man Shuckle and the gang. It detected the scent of the Shuckle and Brock gave chase, but could not keep up. Spoopy then lifted up a rock, finding the purple Shuckle. Suddenly, Team Rocket appeared, grabbed the Shuckle, and ran away.

They eventually found the trio. Spoopy used Vine Whip to take Shuckle back and the group then sent Team Rocket blasting off.

Spoopy is incredibly fast and strong for its size, being able to easily lift heavy boulders while searching for the Shuckle.

Spoopy's only known move is Vine Whip.

Debut A Better Pill to Swallow
Voice actors
English Kayzie Rogers


Shuckle (multiple)
Old Man Shuckle uses multiple Shuckle that live in the area where he lives, for their ability to create a special juice that can be used as a medicine. Only wild Shuckle can produce quality juice, so instead of catching them, he simply takes them back to his laboratory, fills them with ingredients, and returns them to the wild for a year while the ingredients turn into juice. When Team Rocket drank the juice, the pheromones inside the juice made the Shuckle follow Team Rocket.

None of Shuckle's moves are known.

Debut A Better Pill to Swallow


Old Man Shuckle sought out this Shiny Shuckle for its ability to create a special juice that was necessary for a special medicine to ensure Pokémon obedience. However, Team Rocket got a hold of the Shuckle and drank its juice pure, which had the effect of making all nearby Pokémon obsessed with them. Old Man Shuckle was able to cure this by throwing a powder at them that apparently acted as an antidote.

None of Shuckle's moves are known.

Debut A Better Pill to Swallow

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 田の中勇 Isamu Tanonaka
English Jimmy Zoppi
Czech Jiří Prager
Finnish Pasi Ruohonen
Italian Riccardo Peroni
Polish Jan Kulczycki
Brazilian Portuguese Carlos Silveira
Spanish Latin America Carlos Íñigo
Spain Eduardo Moreno


  • Old Man Shuckle's Japanese name, Old Man Tsubo, is a pun. It is derived from the "tsubo" in Tsubotsubo and Madatsubomi, both of which are Pokémon that Old Man Shuckle owns.

In other languages

Language Title
  Czech Dědek Shuckle
  Finnish Shuckle-vaari
  French Bonhomme Caratroc
  German Old Man Pottrott
  Italian Vecchio degli Shuckle
  Polish Dziadek Pleśniak
  Latin American Spanish Ruco Shuckle

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