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Meloetta and the Undersea Temple!
BW096   EP753
Meloetta and the Undersea Temple!
First broadcast
Japan September 27, 2012
United States January 19, 2013
English themes
Opening Rival Destinies
Japanese themes
Opening やじるしになって!
Ending みてみて☆こっちっち
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 冨岡淳広 Atsuhiro Tomioka
Storyboard 尼野浩正 Hiromasa Amano
Assistant director 矢嶋哲生 Tetsuo Yajima
Animation director 志村泉 Izumi Shimura
No additional credits are available at this time.

Meloetta and the Undersea Temple! (Japanese: メロエッタと海底の神殿! Meloetta and the Undersea Temple!) is the 96th episode of Pokémon the Series: Black & White, and the 753rd episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on September 27, 2012, in the United Kingdom on December 31, 2012, and in the United States on January 19, 2013.

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While Ash is doing some special training at Cynthia’s house in preparation for the Unova League, the villains of Team Rocket are finishing preparations to launch their latest diabolical scheme: Operation Tempest!

After watching a training battle, Meloetta wants in on the action. Ash and Krookodile have just accepted Meloetta’s challenge when an enormous Golurk descends upon the battlefield, ridden by its Trainer, Larry—who immediately accuses Ash of being a villain and kidnapping Meloetta! The misunderstanding is quickly sorted out, and Larry explains that he’s one of Meloetta’s protectors, and that he and Golurk have been looking for the Mythical Pokémon for quite some time after it was taken away by some unknown villains.

The villains in question quickly make themselves known: a pair of Team Rocket agents have tracked Meloetta to Cynthia’s house, intending to recapture it! Larry says he and Golurk will battle them while Ash and the others get Meloetta out of harm’s way. The group begins their run—but their path is soon blocked by Jessie, James, and Meowth! Iris and Cilan stand against them while Ash, Pikachu, and Meloetta go on alone.

Unfortunately, they’re playing right into Team Rocket’s hands, and the Boss is waiting to apprehend them! Giovanni and his Persian trap Ash and Pikachu in a cage, and he orders Meloetta to surrender or watch its friends be hurt. Meloetta has no choice, and the three of them are taken onto Team Rocket’s helicopter, then transferred into a submarine that descends to a ruined temple at the bottom of Undella Bay.

Ash watches helplessly as Meloetta is restrained inside the temple. Dr. Zager begins to play a recording of Meloetta’s haunting song, which unlocks an ancient seal, transforming the temple and raising it to the surface of the bay. As soon as the path is clear, Giovanni makes his way to the innermost part of the temple and claims the Reveal Glass—a mystical mirror with unknown powers! What is Operation Tempest really about? Could this be the greatest threat the Unova region has ever faced?!


Somewhere in the sea near Unova, a Team Rocket helicopter lands on a floating platform. Giovanni steps out from the helicopter along with a few Team Rocket Grunts and is welcomed by Jessie, James, Meowth, and Dr. Zager. Giovanni gazes into the distance, with a sneer in his smile, and declares that the Unova region will soon be under the control of Team Rocket thanks to "Operation Tempest".

Meanwhile, at Cynthia's villa in Undella Town, Ash and Cilan have a training battle, with Ash's Oshawott versus Cilan's Pansage. Cilan commands Pansage to use Bullet Seed, but Ash orders Oshawott to use Razor Shell. Meloetta is keen to join in, so it transforms into its Pirouette Forme, wanting to battle against Oshawott. Oshawott doesn't want this, as he is in love with Meloetta. Ash, who thinks a battle against Meloetta would be cool sends out Krookodile and the two start their battle. Meloetta uses Hyper Voice, but Krookodile manages to hold on. Ash orders him to use Stone Edge, but Meloetta manages to take all stones out with its Close Combat. Ash orders Krookodile to use Dragon Claw. However, before the attack hits, a Flash Cannon comes out of nowhere, which is revealed to come from a Golurk. Ash takes the opportunity to scan it with his Pokédex. The Golurk flies down and lands with a mysterious man at its side. He accuses Ash and his group of being thieves for attacking Meloetta and orders his Golurk to attack them, but Meloetta intervenes, and the man understands that Ash and the others are in fact Meloetta's friends.

The man introduces himself as Ridley, he bows and apologizes for his rash judgement earlier. Ridley informs everyone that he is a descendant of The Protectors who have been dedicated to caring for Meloetta for thousands of years. He explains that he and Meloetta lived a peaceful life hidden deep within a forested area of Unova, until Team Rocket came in and stole Meloetta. He tried to stop them, but Team Rocket managed to escape with Dr. Zager's helicopter. Ridley explains that Team Rocket kidnapped Meloetta to use its ability to summon the Abyssal Ruins. Ridley prepares to leave with Meloetta, assuring Ash and the others that he has already found another safe location to avoid Meloetta being taken again.

Their conversation is cut short when Team Rocket surrounds Cynthia's villa and creates a dark fog. Ridley and Meloetta try to escape but they are stopped by a Golem and a Rhydon used by two Team Rocket Grunts. The Rhydon approaches with a Megahorn but Ridley counters it with Golurk using Heavy Slam. Golem uses Rock Blast. Ridley orders Ash and his friends to escape while he battles them. After that, Ridley has Golurk use Heavy Slam again to take out Rhydon. Golem uses Steamroller to attack. Jervis calls Cynthia, who is out all day assisting with preparations for the upcoming event, to inform her of the emergency.

Ash, Pikachu and Meloetta captured by Team Rocket

Ash and his friends continue to run away from Team Rocket but are now confronted by Jessie, James, and Meowth. James has his Yamask use Will-O-Wisp to trap them. Meloetta tries to escape by turning invisible, but James uses his infrared glasses and orders Yamask to use Shadow Ball. Ash and Pikachu run away while Cilan and Iris stay behind to fight the Rocket trio off.

Pikachu suddenly stops, sensing another Pokémon. This Pokémon turns out to be none other than Giovanni's Persian, which Ash's scans with his Pokédex. Giovanni appears as well, having come to steal Meloetta. He orders Persian use Shadow Claw, but Ash has Pikachu use Iron Tail to take him down. Giovanni, upon seeing Meloetta has turned invisible with his infrared glasses, orders his Persian launch a Power Gem to take Ash and Pikachu down. This also causes Meloetta to appear, in shock. A helicopter traps Ash and Pikachu with a synthetic cube that begins to shrink. Giovanni orders Meloetta to come with him or else he will crush Ash. With no other options, Meloetta agrees and comes with him. The cube containing Ash and Pikachu is also taken along. They head to the Abyssal Ruins in a submarine where the final stage of Team Rocket's Operation Tempest begins. Meloetta is transferred to a four-pointed star shaped altar and trapped by an incredible power. Using a recording of Meloetta's song, Giovanni is able to unseal the Reveal Glass hidden deep inside the Ruins. The Ruins soon rise from the seafloor, revealing an ancient pyramid-shaped structure.

Ridley can hear Meloetta's distinctive song and is certain it is under Undella Bay. He alerts Cynthia, who has rushed back in time, to the unfolding crisis. She orders Jervis prepare the cruiser boat so they can rescue Meloetta.

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Who's That Pokémon?: Golurk



  • At one point, when Jessie gives a command to Woobat, the loop of the R on her shirt is fully colored in.
  • In the Polish dub, Air Slash is mistakenly called Slash.

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