List of TCG cards by e-Reader card ID

This article lists all cards featured in the Pokémon Trading Card Game compatible with the e-Reader peripheral and their associated card ID.

The card IDs are ordered in a similar manner to the Japanese ordering of cards during the e-Card Era: by type, National Pokédex number, and ascending rarity. This ordering remains the same for the early English EX Series expansions that continued to support the e-Reader, despite the difference between the Japanese and English expansion ordering systems at the time.

The card IDs increment alphabetically based on Japanese releases, thus the English e-Card Series expansions encompass two sets of IDs due to their consolidation. There is a clash of language-specific card IDs at 'M' due to the handful of cards included in the English EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua expansion, the Japanese McDonald's Pokémon-e Minimum Pack, and select cards used for the Sample Set. It is unknown as to why the English releases bypassed 'J' and 'L' during the EX Series.

It's not known what IDs the original 2001 Japanese Press Conference Sample Set cards had, but thanks to pictures from the 2001 Japanese Space World event it is known that the Sample Set cards from that had IDs prefixed with 'R' - possibly to denote these as examples as the word 'example' is 例 Rei in Japanese.

List of card IDs

Card ID Card name Type English expansion # Japanese expansion #
A-01-# Bulbasaur   Expedition Base Set 94/165 Pokémon-e Starter Deck 001/029
A-02-# Bulbasaur   Expedition Base Set 95/165 Pokémon-e Starter Deck 002/029
A-03-# Ivysaur   Expedition Base Set 82/165 Pokémon-e Starter Deck 003/029
A-04-# Venusaur   Expedition Base Set 67/165 Pokémon-e Starter Deck 004/029
A-04 Venusaur   P Promotional cards 012/P
A-05-# Chikorita   Expedition Base Set 99/165 Pokémon-e Starter Deck 005/029
A-06-# Chikorita   Expedition Base Set 100/165 Pokémon-e Starter Deck 006/029
A-07-# Bayleef   Expedition Base Set 71/165 Pokémon-e Starter Deck 007/029
A-08-# Meganium   Expedition Base Set 53/165 Pokémon-e Starter Deck 008/029
A-08 Meganium   P Promotional cards 015/P
A-09-# Charmander   Expedition Base Set 97/165 Pokémon-e Starter Deck 009/029
A-10-# Charmander   Expedition Base Set 98/165 Pokémon-e Starter Deck 010/029
A-11-# Charmeleon   Expedition Base Set 73/165 Pokémon-e Starter Deck 011/029
A-12-# Charizard   Expedition Base Set 39/165 Pokémon-e Starter Deck 012/029
A-12 Charizard   P Promotional cards 014/P
A-13-# Cyndaquil   Expedition Base Set 104/165 Pokémon-e Starter Deck 013/029
A-14-# Cyndaquil   Expedition Base Set 105/165 Pokémon-e Starter Deck 014/029
A-15-# Quilava   Expedition Base Set 91/165 Pokémon-e Starter Deck 015/029
A-16-# Typhlosion   Expedition Base Set 64/165 Pokémon-e Starter Deck 016/029
A-16 Typhlosion   P Promotional cards 017/P
A-17-# Squirtle   Expedition Base Set 131/165 Pokémon-e Starter Deck 017/029
A-18-# Squirtle   Expedition Base Set 132/165 Pokémon-e Starter Deck 018/029
A-19-# Wartortle   Expedition Base Set 92/165 Pokémon-e Starter Deck 019/029
A-20-# Blastoise   Expedition Base Set 36/165 Pokémon-e Starter Deck 020/029
A-20 Blastoise   P Promotional cards 013/P
A-21-# Totodile   Expedition Base Set 134/165 Pokémon-e Starter Deck 021/029
A-22-# Totodile   Expedition Base Set 135/165 Pokémon-e Starter Deck 022/029
A-23-# Croconaw   Expedition Base Set 74/165 Pokémon-e Starter Deck 023/029
A-24-# Feraligatr   Expedition Base Set 46/165 Pokémon-e Starter Deck 024/029
A-24 Feraligatr   P Promotional cards 016/P
A-25-# Potion T Expedition Base Set 156/165 Pokémon-e Starter Deck 025/029
A-26-# Full Heal T Expedition Base Set 154/165 Pokémon-e Starter Deck 026/029
A-27-# Switch T Expedition Base Set 157/165 Pokémon-e Starter Deck 027/029
A-28-# Energy Search T Expedition Base Set 153/165 Pokémon-e Starter Deck 028/029
A-29-# Moo-Moo Milk T Expedition Base Set 155/165 Pokémon-e Starter Deck 029/029
B-01-# Oddish   Expedition Base Set 122/165 Base Expansion Pack 005/128
B-02-# Hoppip   Expedition Base Set 112/165 Base Expansion Pack 002/128
B-03-# Ekans   Expedition Base Set 108/165 Base Expansion Pack 004/128
B-04-# Koffing   Expedition Base Set 114/165 Base Expansion Pack 001/128
B-05-# Caterpie   Expedition Base Set 96/165 Base Expansion Pack 003/128
B-06-# Ponyta   Expedition Base Set 126/165 Base Expansion Pack 007/128
B-07-# Vulpix   Expedition Base Set 136/165 Base Expansion Pack 006/128
B-08-# Krabby   Expedition Base Set 115/165 Base Expansion Pack 010/128
B-09-# Magikarp   Expedition Base Set 118/165 Base Expansion Pack 012/128
B-10-# Shellder   Expedition Base Set 129/165 Base Expansion Pack 009/128
B-11-# Goldeen   Expedition Base Set 111/165 Base Expansion Pack 011/128
B-12-# Poliwag   Expedition Base Set 125/165 Base Expansion Pack 008/128
B-13-# Marill   Expedition Base Set 120/165 Base Expansion Pack 013/128
B-14-# Qwilfish   Expedition Base Set 127/165 Base Expansion Pack 014/128
B-15-# Corsola   Expedition Base Set 102/165 Base Expansion Pack 015/128
B-16-# Pikachu   Expedition Base Set 124/165 Base Expansion Pack 016/128
B-17-# Mareep   Expedition Base Set 119/165 Base Expansion Pack 017/128
B-18-# Abra   Expedition Base Set 93/165 Base Expansion Pack 018/128
B-19-# Gastly   Expedition Base Set 109/165 Base Expansion Pack 019/128
B-20-# Diglett   Expedition Base Set 106/165 Base Expansion Pack 020/128
B-21-# Machop   Expedition Base Set 117/165 Base Expansion Pack 021/128
B-22-# Larvitar   Expedition Base Set 116/165 Base Expansion Pack 024/128
B-23-# Cubone   Expedition Base Set 103/165 Base Expansion Pack 023/128
B-24-# Geodude   Expedition Base Set 110/165 Base Expansion Pack 022/128
B-25-# Rattata   Expedition Base Set 128/165 Base Expansion Pack 026/128
B-26-# Meowth   Expedition Base Set 121/165 Base Expansion Pack 029/128
B-27-# Clefairy   Expedition Base Set 101/165 Base Expansion Pack 028/128
B-28-# Tauros   Expedition Base Set 133/165 Base Expansion Pack 030/128
B-29-# Spearow   Expedition Base Set 130/165 Base Expansion Pack 027/128
B-30-# Pidgey   Expedition Base Set 123/165 Base Expansion Pack 025/128
B-31-# Dratini   Expedition Base Set 107/165 Base Expansion Pack 031/128
B-32-# Houndour   Expedition Base Set 113/165 Base Expansion Pack 032/128
B-33-# Gloom   Expedition Base Set 78/165 Base Expansion Pack 034/128
B-34-# Metapod   Expedition Base Set 87/165 Base Expansion Pack 033/128
B-35-# Magmar   Expedition Base Set 86/165 Base Expansion Pack 035/128
B-36-# Poliwhirl   Expedition Base Set 89/165 Base Expansion Pack 036/128
B-37-# Jynx   Expedition Base Set 83/165 Base Expansion Pack 037/128
B-38-# Flaaffy   Expedition Base Set 77/165 Base Expansion Pack 039/128
B-39-# Electabuzz   Expedition Base Set 76/165 Base Expansion Pack 038/128
B-40-# Kadabra   Expedition Base Set 84/165 Base Expansion Pack 040/128
B-41-# Haunter   Expedition Base Set 80/165 Base Expansion Pack 041/128
B-42-# Machoke   Expedition Base Set 85/165 Base Expansion Pack 042/128
B-43-# Pupitar   Expedition Base Set 90/165 Base Expansion Pack 045/128
B-44-# Graveler   Expedition Base Set 79/165 Base Expansion Pack 043/128
B-45-# Hitmonlee   Expedition Base Set 81/165 Base Expansion Pack 044/128
B-46-# Pidgeotto   Expedition Base Set 88/165 Base Expansion Pack 046/128
B-47-# Dragonair   Expedition Base Set 75/165 Base Expansion Pack 048/128
B-48-# Chansey   Expedition Base Set 72/165 Base Expansion Pack 047/128
B-49-# Warp Point T Expedition Base Set 152/165 Base Expansion Pack 064/128
B-50-# Master Ball T Expedition Base Set 143/165 Base Expansion Pack 061/128
B-51-# Energy Restore T Expedition Base Set 141/165 Base Expansion Pack 050/128
B-52-# Super Scoop Up T Expedition Base Set 151/165 Base Expansion Pack 055/128
B-53-# Power Charge T Expedition Base Set 147/165 Base Expansion Pack 051/128
B-54-# Energy Removal 2 T Expedition Base Set 140/165 Base Expansion Pack 052/128
B-55-# Pokémon Reversal T Expedition Base Set 146/165 Base Expansion Pack 059/128
B-56-# Dual Ball T Expedition Base Set 139/165 Base Expansion Pack 057/128
B-57-# Strength Charm T [PT] Expedition Base Set 150/165 Base Expansion Pack 056/128
B-58-# Professor Oak's Research T [Su] Expedition Base Set 149/165 Base Expansion Pack 053/128
B-59-# Bill's Maintenance T [Su] Expedition Base Set 137/165 Base Expansion Pack 060/128
B-59-# Professor Elm's Training Method T [Su] Expedition Base Set 148/165 Base Expansion Pack 049/128
B-61-# Pokémon Nurse T [Su] Expedition Base Set 145/165 Base Expansion Pack 058/128
B-62-# Mary's Impulse T [Su] Expedition Base Set 142/165 Base Expansion Pack 054/128
B-63-# Copycat T [Su] Expedition Base Set 138/165 Base Expansion Pack 063/128
B-64-# Multi Technical Machine 01 T [TM] Expedition Base Set 144/165 Base Expansion Pack 062/128
B-65 Venusaur   Expedition Base Set 30/165 Base Expansion Pack 097/128
B-65-# Venusaur   Expedition Base Set 68/165 Base Expansion Pack 065/128
B-66 Meganium   Expedition Base Set 18/165 Base Expansion Pack 102/128
B-66-# Meganium   Expedition Base Set 54/165 Base Expansion Pack 070/128
B-67 Vileplume   Expedition Base Set 31/165 Base Expansion Pack 100/128
B-67-# Vileplume   Expedition Base Set 69/165 Base Expansion Pack 068/128
B-68 Butterfree   Expedition Base Set 5/165 Base Expansion Pack 098/128
B-68-# Butterfree   Expedition Base Set 38/165 Base Expansion Pack 066/128
B-69 Arbok   Expedition Base Set 3/165 Base Expansion Pack 099/128
B-69-# Arbok   Expedition Base Set 35/165 Base Expansion Pack 067/128
B-70 Weezing   Expedition Base Set 32/165 Base Expansion Pack 101/128
B-70-# Weezing   Expedition Base Set 70/165 Base Expansion Pack 069/128
B-71 Typhlosion   Expedition Base Set 28/165 Base Expansion Pack 106/128
B-71-# Typhlosion   Expedition Base Set 65/165 Base Expansion Pack 074/128
B-72 Charizard   Expedition Base Set 6/165 Base Expansion Pack 103/128
B-72-# Charizard   Expedition Base Set 40/165 Base Expansion Pack 071/128
B-73 Ninetales   Expedition Base Set 21/165 Base Expansion Pack 104/128
B-73-# Ninetales   Expedition Base Set 57/165 Base Expansion Pack 072/128
B-74 Rapidash   Expedition Base Set 26/165 Base Expansion Pack 105/128
B-74-# Rapidash   Expedition Base Set 62/165 Base Expansion Pack 073/128
B-75 Magby   Expedition Base Set 17/165 Base Expansion Pack 107/128
B-75-# Magby   Expedition Base Set 52/165 Base Expansion Pack 075/128
B-76 Feraligatr   Expedition Base Set 12/165 Base Expansion Pack 112/128
B-76-# Feraligatr   Expedition Base Set 47/165 Base Expansion Pack 080/128
B-77 Blastoise   Expedition Base Set 4/165 Base Expansion Pack 108/128
B-77-# Blastoise   Expedition Base Set 37/165 Base Expansion Pack 076/128
B-78 Poliwrath   Expedition Base Set 24/165 Base Expansion Pack 109/128
B-78-# Poliwrath   Expedition Base Set 60/165 Base Expansion Pack 077/128
B-79 Kingler   Expedition Base Set 15/165 Base Expansion Pack 111/128
B-79-# Kingler   Expedition Base Set 50/165 Base Expansion Pack 079/128
B-80 Cloyster   Expedition Base Set 8/165 Base Expansion Pack 110/128
B-80-# Cloyster   Expedition Base Set 42/165 Base Expansion Pack 078/128
B-81 Ampharos   Expedition Base Set 2/165 Base Expansion Pack 115/128
B-81-# Ampharos   Expedition Base Set 34/165 Base Expansion Pack 083/128
B-82 Raichu   Expedition Base Set 25/165 Base Expansion Pack 113/128
B-82-# Raichu   Expedition Base Set 61/165 Base Expansion Pack 081/128
B-83 Pichu   Expedition Base Set 22/165 Base Expansion Pack 114/128
B-83-# Pichu   Expedition Base Set 58/165 Base Expansion Pack 082/128
B-84 Alakazam   Expedition Base Set 1/165 Base Expansion Pack 116/128
B-84-# Alakazam   Expedition Base Set 33/165 Base Expansion Pack 084/128
B-85 Mew   Expedition Base Set 19/165 Base Expansion Pack 119/128
B-85-# Mew   Expedition Base Set 55/165 Base Expansion Pack 087/128
B-86 Mewtwo   Expedition Base Set 20/165 Base Expansion Pack 118/128
B-86-# Mewtwo   Expedition Base Set 56/165 Base Expansion Pack 086/128
B-87 Gengar   Expedition Base Set 13/165 Base Expansion Pack 117/128
B-87-# Gengar   Expedition Base Set 48/165 Base Expansion Pack 085/128
B-88 Machamp   Expedition Base Set 16/165 Base Expansion Pack 121/128
B-88-# Machamp   Expedition Base Set 51/165 Base Expansion Pack 089/128
B-89 Golem   Expedition Base Set 14/165 Base Expansion Pack 122/128
B-89-# Golem   Expedition Base Set 49/165 Base Expansion Pack 090/128
B-90 Dugtrio   Expedition Base Set 10/165 Base Expansion Pack 120/128
B-90-# Dugtrio   Expedition Base Set 44/165 Base Expansion Pack 088/128
B-91 Clefable   Expedition Base Set 7/165 Base Expansion Pack 125/128
B-91-# Clefable   Expedition Base Set 41/165 Base Expansion Pack 093/128
B-92 Pidgeot   Expedition Base Set 23/165 Base Expansion Pack 123/128
B-92-# Pidgeot   Expedition Base Set 59/165 Base Expansion Pack 091/128
B-93 Dragonite   Expedition Base Set 9/165 Base Expansion Pack 126/128
B-93-# Dragonite   Expedition Base Set 43/165 Base Expansion Pack 094/128
B-94 Fearow   Expedition Base Set 11/165 Base Expansion Pack 124/128
B-94-# Fearow   Expedition Base Set 45/165 Base Expansion Pack 092/128
B-95 Tyranitar   Expedition Base Set 29/165 Base Expansion Pack 127/128
B-95-# Tyranitar   Expedition Base Set 66/165 Base Expansion Pack 095/128
B-96 Skarmory   Expedition Base Set 27/165 Base Expansion Pack 128/128
B-96-# Skarmory   Expedition Base Set 63/165 Base Expansion Pack 096/128
C-01-# Nidoran♂   Aquapolis 96/147 The Town on No Map 001/092
C-02-# Nidorino   Aquapolis 55/147 The Town on No Map 002/092
C-03-# Grimer   Aquapolis 79/147 The Town on No Map 003/092
C-04-# Spinarak   Aquapolis 111/147 The Town on No Map 006/092
C-05-# Spinarak   Aquapolis 62/147 The Town on No Map 007/092
C-06-# Hoppip   Aquapolis 83/147 The Town on No Map 010/092
C-07-# Skiploom   Aquapolis 60/147 The Town on No Map 011/092
C-08-# Growlithe   Aquapolis 80/147 The Town on No Map 014/092
C-09-# Growlithe   Aquapolis 51/147 The Town on No Map 015/092
C-10-# Houndour   Aquapolis 86/147 The Town on No Map 018/092
C-11-# Psyduck   Aquapolis 104/147 The Town on No Map 020/092
C-12-a Golduck   Aquapolis 50a/147 The Town on No Map 021/092
C-12-b Golduck   Aquapolis 50b/147 The Town on No Map 021/092
C-13-# Goldeen   Aquapolis 78/147 The Town on No Map 022/092
C-14-# Seaking   Aquapolis 59/147 The Town on No Map 023/092
C-15-# Marill   Aquapolis 53/147 The Town on No Map 024/092
C-16-# Wooper   Aquapolis 117/147 The Town on No Map 027/092
C-17-# Wooper   Aquapolis 66/147 The Town on No Map 028/092
C-18-# Magnemite   Aquapolis 91/147 The Town on No Map 032/092
C-19-# Voltorb   Aquapolis 115/147 The Town on No Map 033/092
C-20-# Voltorb   Aquapolis 64/147 The Town on No Map 034/092
C-21-a Drowzee   Aquapolis 74a/147 The Town on No Map 040/092
C-21-b Drowzee   Aquapolis 74b/147 The Town on No Map 040/092
C-22-a Mr. Mime   Aquapolis 95a/147 The Town on No Map 043/092
C-22-b Mr. Mime   Aquapolis 95b/147 The Town on No Map 043/092
C-23-# Smoochum   Aquapolis 61/147 The Town on No Map 047/092
C-24-# Cubone   Aquapolis 72/147 The Town on No Map 050/092
C-25-# Marowak   Aquapolis 54/147 The Town on No Map 051/092
C-26-# Hitmonchan   Aquapolis 81/147 The Town on No Map 052/092
C-27-# Tyrogue   Aquapolis 63/147 The Town on No Map 055/092
C-28-# Hitmontop   Aquapolis 82/147 The Town on No Map 056/092
C-29-# Phanpy   Aquapolis 100/147 The Town on No Map 053/092
C-30-# Chansey   Aquapolis 69/147 The Town on No Map 057/092
C-31-# Eevee   Aquapolis 75/147 The Town on No Map 058/092
C-32-a Porygon   Aquapolis 103a/147 The Town on No Map 059/092
C-32-b Porygon   Aquapolis 103b/147 The Town on No Map 059/092
C-33-# Togepi   Aquapolis 114/147 The Town on No Map 060/092
C-34-# Smeargle   Aquapolis 109/147 The Town on No Map 064/092
C-35-# Houndour   Aquapolis 87/147 The Town on No Map 069/092
C-36-# Magnemite   Aquapolis 52/147 The Town on No Map 072/092
C-37-# Houndoom   Aquapolis 14/147 The Town on No Map 019/092
C-38-# Quagsire   Aquapolis 30/147 The Town on No Map 029/092
C-39-# Elekid   Aquapolis 9/147 The Town on No Map 039/092
C-40-# Jynx   Aquapolis 18/147 The Town on No Map 044/092
C-41-# Donphan   Aquapolis 7/147 The Town on No Map 054/092
C-42-# Porygon2   Aquapolis 28/147 The Town on No Map 063/092
C-43-# Weakness Guard T Aquapolis 141/147 The Town on No Map 075/092
C-44-# Super Energy Removal 2 T Aquapolis 134/147 The Town on No Map 076/092
C-45-# Seer T [Su] Aquapolis 133/147 The Town on No Map 077/092
C-46-# Pokémon Fan Club T [Su] Aquapolis 130/147 The Town on No Map 078/092
C-47-# Town Volunteers T [Su] Aquapolis 136/147 The Town on No Map 079/092
C-48-# Grass Cube 01 T [TM] Aquapolis 124/147 The Town on No Map 080/092
C-49-# Fire Cube 01 T [TM] Aquapolis 122/147 The Town on No Map 081/092
C-50-# Water Cube 01 T [TM] Aquapolis 140/147 The Town on No Map 082/092
C-51-# Lightning Cube 01 T [TM] Aquapolis 127/147 The Town on No Map 083/092
C-52-# Psychic Cube 01 T [TM] Aquapolis 132/147 The Town on No Map 084/092
C-53-# Fighting Cube 01 T [TM] Aquapolis 121/147 The Town on No Map 085/092
C-54-# Darkness Cube 01 T [TM] Aquapolis 119/147 The Town on No Map 086/092
C-55-# Metal Cube 01 T [TM] Aquapolis 129/147 The Town on No Map 087/092
C-56-# Pokémon Park T [St] Aquapolis 131/147 The Town on No Map 088/092
C-57-# Power Plant T [St] Aquapolis 139/147 The Town on No Map 089/092
C-58-# Darkness Energy   E Aquapolis 142/147 The Town on No Map 090/092
C-59-# Metal Energy   E Aquapolis 143/147 The Town on No Map 091/092
C-60-# Rainbow Energy   E Aquapolis 144/147 The Town on No Map 092/092
C-61 Muk   Aquapolis H17/H32 The Town on No Map 005/092
C-61-# Muk   Aquapolis 23/147 The Town on No Map 004/092
C-62 Ariados   Aquapolis H3/H32 The Town on No Map 009/092
C-62-# Ariados   Aquapolis 3/147 The Town on No Map 008/092
C-63 Jumpluff   Aquapolis H13/H32 The Town on No Map 013/092
C-63-# Jumpluff   Aquapolis 17/147 The Town on No Map 012/092
C-64 Arcanine   Aquapolis H2/H32 The Town on No Map 017/092
C-64-# Arcanine   Aquapolis 2/147 The Town on No Map 016/092
C-65 Azumarill   Aquapolis H4/H32 The Town on No Map 026/092
C-65-# Azumarill   Aquapolis 4/147 The Town on No Map 025/092
C-66 Suicune   Aquapolis H25/H32 The Town on No Map 031/092
C-66-# Suicune   Aquapolis 37/147 The Town on No Map 030/092
C-67 Electrode   Aquapolis H7/H32 The Town on No Map 036/092
C-67-# Electrode   Aquapolis 8/147 The Town on No Map 035/092
C-68 Zapdos   Aquapolis H32/H32 The Town on No Map 038/092
C-68-# Zapdos   Aquapolis 44/147 The Town on No Map 037/092
C-69 Hypno   Aquapolis H12/H32 The Town on No Map 042/092
C-69-# Hypno   Aquapolis 16/147 The Town on No Map 041/092
C-70 Espeon   Aquapolis H9/H32 The Town on No Map 046/092
C-70-# Espeon   Aquapolis 11/147 The Town on No Map 045/092
C-71 Nidoking   Aquapolis H18/H32 The Town on No Map 049/092
C-71-# Nidoking   Aquapolis 24/147 The Town on No Map 048/092
C-72 Togetic   Aquapolis H27/H32 The Town on No Map 062/092
C-72-# Togetic   Aquapolis 39/147 The Town on No Map 061/092
C-73 Blissey   Aquapolis H6/H32 The Town on No Map 066/092
C-73-# Blissey   Aquapolis 6/147 The Town on No Map 065/092
C-74 Umbreon   Aquapolis H29/H32 The Town on No Map 068/092
C-74-# Umbreon   Aquapolis 41/147 The Town on No Map 067/092
C-75 Houndoom   Aquapolis H11/H32 The Town on No Map 071/092
C-75-# Houndoom   Aquapolis 15/147 The Town on No Map 070/092
C-76 Magneton   Aquapolis H16/H32 The Town on No Map 074/092
C-76-# Magneton   Aquapolis 22/147 The Town on No Map 073/092
D-01-# Oddish   Aquapolis 97/147 Wind from the Sea 001/087
D-02-# Gloom   Aquapolis 49/147 Wind from the Sea 002/087
D-03-# Paras   Aquapolis 99/147 Wind from the Sea 005/087
D-04-# Bellsprout   Aquapolis 68/147 Wind from the Sea 007/087
D-05-# Bellsprout   Aquapolis 45/147 Wind from the Sea 008/087
D-06-# Weepinbell   Aquapolis 65/147 Wind from the Sea 009/087
D-07-# Exeggcute   Aquapolis 76/147 Wind from the Sea 012/087
D-08-# Tangela   Aquapolis 112/147 Wind from the Sea 015/087
D-09-# Scyther   Aquapolis 106/147 Wind from the Sea 016/087
D-10-# Scyther   Aquapolis 57/147 Wind from the Sea 017/087
D-11-# Pinsir   Aquapolis 101/147 Wind from the Sea 018/087
D-12-# Vulpix   Aquapolis 116/147 Wind from the Sea 021/087
D-13-# Ponyta   Aquapolis 102/147 Wind from the Sea 024/087
D-14-# Tentacool   Aquapolis 113/147 Wind from the Sea 028/087
D-15-# Slowpoke   Aquapolis 108/147 Wind from the Sea 031/087
D-16-# Horsea   Aquapolis 84/147 Wind from the Sea 033/087
D-17-# Horsea   Aquapolis 85/147 Wind from the Sea 034/087
D-18-# Seadra   Aquapolis 58/147 Wind from the Sea 035/087
D-19-# Chinchou   Aquapolis 70/147 Wind from the Sea 036/087
D-20-# Remoraid   Aquapolis 105/147 Wind from the Sea 038/087
D-21-# Chinchou   Aquapolis 71/147 Wind from the Sea 043/087
D-22-# Mareep   Aquapolis 93/147 Wind from the Sea 046/087
D-23-# Flaaffy   Aquapolis 47/147 Wind from the Sea 047/087
D-24-# Exeggcute   Aquapolis 77/147 Wind from the Sea 050/087
D-25-# Mankey   Aquapolis 92/147 Wind from the Sea 054/087
D-26-# Onix   Aquapolis 98/147 Wind from the Sea 056/087
D-27-# Larvitar   Aquapolis 89/147 Wind from the Sea 059/087
D-28-# Pupitar   Aquapolis 56/147 Wind from the Sea 060/087
D-29-# Doduo   Aquapolis 73/147 Wind from the Sea 061/087
D-30-# Dodrio   Aquapolis 46/147 Wind from the Sea 062/087
D-31-# Lickitung   Aquapolis 90/147 Wind from the Sea 063/087
D-32-# Kangaskhan   Aquapolis 88/147 Wind from the Sea 064/087
D-33-# Sentret   Aquapolis 107/147 Wind from the Sea 065/087
D-34-# Furret   Aquapolis 48/147 Wind from the Sea 066/087
D-35-# Aipom   Aquapolis 67/147 Wind from the Sea 067/087
D-36-# Miltank   Aquapolis 94/147 Wind from the Sea 068/087
D-37-# Sneasel   Aquapolis 110/147 Wind from the Sea 069/087
D-38-# Parasect   Aquapolis 27/147 Wind from the Sea 006/087
D-39-# Rapidash   Aquapolis 31/147 Wind from the Sea 025/087
D-40-# Slowbro   Aquapolis 33/147 Wind from the Sea 032/087
D-41-# Lanturn   Aquapolis 20/147 Wind from the Sea 037/087
D-42-# Exeggutor   Aquapolis 13/147 Wind from the Sea 051/087
D-43-# Primeape   Aquapolis 29/147 Wind from the Sea 055/087
D-44-# Energy Switch T Aquapolis 120/147 Wind from the Sea 076/087
D-45-# Traveling Salesman T [Su] Aquapolis 137/147 Wind from the Sea 077/087
D-46-# Juggler T [Su] Aquapolis 126/147 Wind from the Sea 078/087
D-47-# Forest Guardian T [Su] Aquapolis 123/147 Wind from the Sea 079/087
D-48-# Memory Berry T [PT] Aquapolis 128/147 Wind from the Sea 080/087
D-49-# Healing Berry T [PT] Aquapolis 125/147 Wind from the Sea 081/087
D-50-# Time Shard T [PT] Aquapolis 135/147 Wind from the Sea 082/087
D-51-# Undersea Ruins T [St] Aquapolis 138/147 Wind from the Sea 083/087
D-52-# Apricorn Forest T [St] Aquapolis 118/147 Wind from the Sea 084/087
D-53-# Crystal Energy   E Aquapolis 146/147 Wind from the Sea 085/087
D-53 Crystal Energy   E P Promotional cards 039/P
D-54-# Boost Energy   E Aquapolis 145/147 Wind from the Sea 086/087
D-54 Boost Energy   E P Promotional cards 040/P
D-55-# Warp Energy   E Aquapolis 147/147 Wind from the Sea 087/087
D-55 Warp Energy   E P Promotional cards 041/P
D-56 Vileplume   Aquapolis H31/H32 Wind from the Sea 004/087
D-56-# Vileplume   Aquapolis 43/147 Wind from the Sea 003/087
D-57 Victreebel   Aquapolis H30/H32 Wind from the Sea 011/087
D-57-# Victreebel   Aquapolis 42/147 Wind from the Sea 010/087
D-58 Exeggutor   Aquapolis H10/H32 Wind from the Sea 014/087
D-58-# Exeggutor   Aquapolis 12/147 Wind from the Sea 013/087
D-59 Bellossom   Aquapolis H5/H32 Wind from the Sea 020/087
D-59-# Bellossom   Aquapolis 5/147 Wind from the Sea 019/087
D-60 Ninetales   Aquapolis H19/H32 Wind from the Sea 023/087
D-60-# Ninetales   Aquapolis 25/147 Wind from the Sea 022/087
D-61 Entei   Aquapolis H8/H32 Wind from the Sea 027/087
D-61-# Entei   Aquapolis 10/147 Wind from the Sea 026/087
D-62 Tentacruel   Aquapolis H26/H32 Wind from the Sea 030/087
D-62-# Tentacruel   Aquapolis 38/147 Wind from the Sea 029/087
D-63 Octillery   Aquapolis H20/H32 Wind from the Sea 040/087
D-63-# Octillery   Aquapolis 26/147 Wind from the Sea 039/087
D-64 Kingdra   Aquapolis H14/H32 Wind from the Sea 042/087
D-64-# Kingdra   Aquapolis 19/147 Wind from the Sea 041/087
D-65 Lanturn   Aquapolis H15/H32 Wind from the Sea 045/087
D-65-# Lanturn   Aquapolis 21/147 Wind from the Sea 044/087
D-66 Ampharos   Aquapolis H1/H32 Wind from the Sea 049/087
D-66-# Ampharos   Aquapolis 1/147 Wind from the Sea 048/087
D-67 Slowking   Aquapolis H22/H32 Wind from the Sea 053/087
D-67-# Slowking   Aquapolis 34/147 Wind from the Sea 052/087
D-68 Sudowoodo   Aquapolis H24/H32 Wind from the Sea 058/087
D-68-# Sudowoodo   Aquapolis 36/147 Wind from the Sea 057/087
D-69 Tyranitar   Aquapolis H28/H32 Wind from the Sea 071/087
D-69-# Tyranitar   Aquapolis 40/147 Wind from the Sea 070/087
D-70 Steelix   Aquapolis H23/H32 Wind from the Sea 073/087
D-70-# Steelix   Aquapolis 35/147 Wind from the Sea 072/087
D-71 Scizor   Aquapolis H21/H32 Wind from the Sea 075/087
D-71-# Scizor   Aquapolis 32/147 Wind from the Sea 074/087
D-72 Nidoking   Aquapolis 150/147 Wind from the Sea 088/087
D-73 Kingdra   Aquapolis 148/147 Wind from the Sea 089/087
D-74 Lugia   Aquapolis 149/147 Wind from the Sea 090/087
E-01-# Zubat   Skyridge 117/144 Split Earth 001/088
E-02-# Zubat   Skyridge 118/144 Split Earth 002/088
E-03-# Golbat   Skyridge 60/144 Split Earth 003/088
E-04-# Ledyba   Skyridge 72/144 Split Earth 004/088
E-05-# Ledyba   Skyridge 73/144 Split Earth 005/088
E-06-# Yanma   Skyridge 116/144 Split Earth 010/088
E-07-# Pineco   Skyridge 85/144 Split Earth 011/088
E-08-# Pineco   Skyridge 86/144 Split Earth 012/088
E-09-# Forretress   Skyridge 56/144 Split Earth 013/088
E-10-# Shuckle   Skyridge 96/144 Split Earth 014/088
E-11-# Heracross   Skyridge 64/144 Split Earth 015/088
E-12-# Slugma   Skyridge 98/144 Split Earth 018/088
E-13-# Poliwag   Skyridge 87/144 Split Earth 021/088
E-14-# Poliwhirl   Skyridge 88/144 Split Earth 022/088
E-15-# Staryu   Skyridge 103/144 Split Earth 023/088
E-16-# Staryu   Skyridge 104/144 Split Earth 024/088
E-17-# Omanyte   Skyridge 41/144 Split Earth 028/088
E-18-# Mantine   Skyridge 77/144 Split Earth 032/088
E-19-# Pikachu   Skyridge 84/144 Split Earth 033/088
E-20-# Abra   Skyridge 46/144 Split Earth 040/088
E-21-# Kadabra   Skyridge 69/144 Split Earth 041/088
E-22-# Girafarig   Skyridge 58/144 Split Earth 048/088
E-23-# Sandshrew   Skyridge 92/144 Split Earth 049/088
E-24-# Sandslash   Skyridge 93/144 Split Earth 050/088
E-25-# Rhyhorn   Skyridge 91/144 Split Earth 053/088
E-26-# Kabuto   Skyridge 37/144 Split Earth 056/088
E-27-# Rattata   Skyridge 90/144 Split Earth 060/088
E-28-# Raticate   Skyridge 89/144 Split Earth 061/088
E-29-# Meowth   Skyridge 78/144 Split Earth 062/088
E-30-# Ditto   Skyridge 51/144 Split Earth 064/088
E-31-# Eevee   Skyridge 54/144 Split Earth 065/088
E-32-# Cleffa   Skyridge 48/144 Split Earth 066/088
E-33-# Dunsparce   Skyridge 53/144 Split Earth 067/088
E-34-# Snubbull   Skyridge 101/144 Split Earth 068/088
E-35-# Granbull   Skyridge 61/144 Split Earth 069/088
E-36-# Buried Fossil   Skyridge 47/144 Split Earth 070/088
E-37-# Murkrow   Skyridge 79/144 Split Earth 073/088
E-38-# Skarmory   Skyridge 97/144 Split Earth 076/088
E-39-# Starmie   Skyridge 44/144 Split Earth 025/088
E-40-# Omastar   Skyridge 23/144 Split Earth 029/088
E-41-# Misdreavus   Skyridge 39/144 Split Earth 046/088
E-42-# Wobbuffet   Skyridge 45/144 Split Earth 047/088
E-43-# Aerodactyl   Skyridge 1/144 Split Earth 059/088
E-44-# Persian   Skyridge 42/144 Split Earth 063/088
E-45-# Hyper Potion T Skyridge 127/144 Split Earth 077/088
E-46-# Desert Shaman T [Su] Skyridge 123/144 Split Earth 078/088
E-47-# Oracle T [Su] Skyridge 138/144 Split Earth 079/088
E-48-# Underground Expedition T [Su] Skyridge 140/144 Split Earth 080/088
E-49-# Crystal Shard T [PT] Skyridge 122/144 Split Earth 081/088
E-50-# Star Piece T [PT] Skyridge 139/144 Split Earth 082/088
E-51-# Mystery Plate α T [TM] Skyridge 133/144 Split Earth 083/088
E-52-# Mystery Plate β T [TM] Skyridge 134/144 Split Earth 084/088
E-53-# Mystery Plate γ T [TM] Skyridge 135/144 Split Earth 085/088
E-54-# Mystery Plate δ T [TM] Skyridge 136/144 Split Earth 086/088
E-55-# Underground Lake T [St] Skyridge 141/144 Split Earth 087/088
E-56-# Mirage Stadium T [St] Skyridge 132/144 Split Earth 088/088
E-57 Ledian   Skyridge H14/H32 Split Earth 006/088
E-57-# Ledian   Skyridge 15/144 Split Earth 007/088
E-58 Crobat   Skyridge H5/H32 Split Earth 008/088
E-58-# Crobat   Skyridge 6/144 Split Earth 009/088
E-59 Flareon   Skyridge H7/H32 Split Earth 016/088
E-59-# Flareon   Skyridge 8/144 Split Earth 017/088
E-60 Magcargo   Skyridge H16/H32 Split Earth 019/088
E-60-# Magcargo   Skyridge 17/144 Split Earth 020/088
E-61 Vaporeon   Skyridge H31/H32 Split Earth 026/088
E-61-# Vaporeon   Skyridge 33/144 Split Earth 027/088
E-62 Politoed   Skyridge H23/H32 Split Earth 030/088
E-62-# Politoed   Skyridge 25/144 Split Earth 031/088
E-63 Raichu   Skyridge H25/H32 Split Earth 034/088
E-63-# Raichu   Skyridge 27/144 Split Earth 035/088
E-64 Jolteon   Skyridge H12/H32 Split Earth 036/088
E-64-# Jolteon   Skyridge 13/144 Split Earth 037/088
E-65 Raikou   Skyridge H26/H32 Split Earth 038/088
E-65-# Raikou   Skyridge 28/144 Split Earth 039/088
E-66 Alakazam   Skyridge H1/H32 Split Earth 042/088
E-66-# Alakazam   Skyridge 2/144 Split Earth 043/088
E-67 Starmie   Skyridge H28/H32 Split Earth 044/088
E-67-# Starmie   Skyridge 30/144 Split Earth 045/088
E-68 Poliwrath   Skyridge H24/H32 Split Earth 051/088
E-68-# Poliwrath   Skyridge 26/144 Split Earth 052/088
E-69 Rhydon   Skyridge H27/H32 Split Earth 054/088
E-69-# Rhydon   Skyridge 29/144 Split Earth 055/088
E-70 Kabutops   Skyridge H13/H32 Split Earth 057/088
E-70-# Kabutops   Skyridge 14/144 Split Earth 058/088
E-71 Umbreon   Skyridge H30/H32 Split Earth 071/088
E-71-# Umbreon   Skyridge 32/144 Split Earth 072/088
E-72 Forretress   Skyridge H8/H32 Split Earth 074/088
E-72-# Forretress   Skyridge 9/144 Split Earth 075/088
E-73 Golem   Skyridge 148/144 Split Earth 089/088
E-74 Kabutops   Skyridge 150/144 Split Earth 090/088
E-75 Ho-Oh   Skyridge 149/144 Split Earth 091/088
F-01-# Weedle   Skyridge 114/144 Mysterious Mountains 001/088
F-02-# Weedle   Skyridge 115/144 Mysterious Mountains 002/088
F-03-# Kakuna   Skyridge 70/144 Mysterious Mountains 003/088
F-04-# Nidoran♀   Skyridge 81/144 Mysterious Mountains 006/088
F-05-# Nidoran♀   Skyridge 82/144 Mysterious Mountains 007/088
F-06-# Nidorina   Skyridge 83/144 Mysterious Mountains 008/088
F-07-# Venonat   Skyridge 112/144 Mysterious Mountains 011/088
F-08-# Venomoth   Skyridge 111/144 Mysterious Mountains 012/088
F-09-# Sunkern   Skyridge 106/144 Mysterious Mountains 013/088
F-10-# Sunflora   Skyridge 105/144 Mysterious Mountains 014/088
F-11-# Growlithe   Skyridge 62/144 Mysterious Mountains 015/088
F-12-# Slugma   Skyridge 99/144 Mysterious Mountains 020/088
F-13-# Houndour   Skyridge 66/144 Mysterious Mountains 021/088
F-14-# Seel   Skyridge 94/144 Mysterious Mountains 022/088
F-15-# Seel   Skyridge 95/144 Mysterious Mountains 023/088
F-16-# Magikarp   Skyridge 75/144 Mysterious Mountains 026/088
F-17-# Lapras   Skyridge 71/144 Mysterious Mountains 029/088
F-18-# Swinub   Skyridge 107/144 Mysterious Mountains 032/088
F-19-# Delibird   Skyridge 49/144 Mysterious Mountains 035/088
F-20-# Magnemite   Skyridge 76/144 Mysterious Mountains 036/088
F-21-# Voltorb   Skyridge 113/144 Mysterious Mountains 039/088
F-22-# Gastly   Skyridge 57/144 Mysterious Mountains 041/088
F-23-# Haunter   Skyridge 63/144 Mysterious Mountains 042/088
F-24-# Natu   Skyridge 80/144 Mysterious Mountains 045/088
F-25-# Diglett   Skyridge 50/144 Mysterious Mountains 048/088
F-26-# Dugtrio   Skyridge 52/144 Mysterious Mountains 049/088
F-27-# Machop   Skyridge 74/144 Mysterious Mountains 050/088
F-28-# Machoke   Skyridge 38/144 Mysterious Mountains 051/088
F-29-# Gligar   Skyridge 59/144 Mysterious Mountains 054/088
F-30-# Swinub   Skyridge 108/144 Mysterious Mountains 057/088
F-31-# Jigglypuff   Skyridge 68/144 Mysterious Mountains 059/088
F-32-# Farfetch'd   Skyridge 55/144 Mysterious Mountains 061/088
F-33-# Snorlax   Skyridge 100/144 Mysterious Mountains 062/088
F-34-# Hoothoot   Skyridge 65/144 Mysterious Mountains 063/088
F-35-# Igglybuff   Skyridge 67/144 Mysterious Mountains 065/088
F-36-# Teddiursa   Skyridge 109/144 Mysterious Mountains 066/088
F-37-# Ursaring   Skyridge 110/144 Mysterious Mountains 067/088
F-38-# Stantler   Skyridge 102/144 Mysterious Mountains 068/088
F-39-# Electrode   Skyridge 36/144 Mysterious Mountains 040/088
F-40-# Piloswine   Skyridge 43/144 Mysterious Mountains 058/088
F-41-# Wigglytuff   Skyridge 34/144 Mysterious Mountains 060/088
F-42-# Noctowl   Skyridge 40/144 Mysterious Mountains 064/088
F-43-# Fast Ball T Skyridge 124/144 Mysterious Mountains 075/088
F-44-# Friend Ball T Skyridge 126/144 Mysterious Mountains 076/088
F-45-# Lure Ball T Skyridge 128/144 Mysterious Mountains 077/088
F-46-# Relic Hunter T [Su] Skyridge 120/144 Mysterious Mountains 078/088
F-47-# Fisherman T [Su] Skyridge 125/144 Mysterious Mountains 079/088
F-48-# Apricorn Maker T [Su] Skyridge 121/144 Mysterious Mountains 080/088
F-49-# Miracle Sphere α T [TM] Skyridge 129/144 Mysterious Mountains 081/088
F-50-# Miracle Sphere β T [TM] Skyridge 130/144 Mysterious Mountains 082/088
F-51-# Miracle Sphere γ T [TM] Skyridge 131/144 Mysterious Mountains 083/088
F-52-# Ancient Ruins T [St] Skyridge 119/144 Mysterious Mountains 084/088
F-53-# Mystery Zone T [St] Skyridge 137/144 Mysterious Mountains 085/088
F-54-# Cyclone Energy   E Skyridge 143/144 Mysterious Mountains 086/088
F-55-# Bounce Energy   E Skyridge 142/144 Mysterious Mountains 087/088
F-56-# Retro Energy   E Skyridge 144/144 Mysterious Mountains 088/088
F-57 Beedrill   Skyridge H4/H32 Mysterious Mountains 004/088
F-57-# Beedrill   Skyridge 5/144 Mysterious Mountains 005/088
F-58 Nidoqueen   Skyridge H21/H32 Mysterious Mountains 009/088
F-58-# Nidoqueen   Skyridge 22/144 Mysterious Mountains 010/088
F-59 Arcanine   Skyridge H2/H32 Mysterious Mountains 016/088
F-59-# Arcanine   Skyridge 3/144 Mysterious Mountains 017/088
F-60 Moltres   Skyridge H20/H32 Mysterious Mountains 018/088
F-60-# Moltres   Skyridge 21/144 Mysterious Mountains 019/088
F-61 Dewgong   Skyridge H6/H32 Mysterious Mountains 024/088
F-61-# Dewgong   Skyridge 7/144 Mysterious Mountains 025/088
F-62 Gyarados   Skyridge H10/H32 Mysterious Mountains 027/088
F-62-# Gyarados   Skyridge 11/144 Mysterious Mountains 028/088
F-63 Articuno   Skyridge H3/H32 Mysterious Mountains 030/088
F-63-# Articuno   Skyridge 4/144 Mysterious Mountains 031/088
F-64 Piloswine   Skyridge H22/H32 Mysterious Mountains 033/088
F-64-# Piloswine   Skyridge 24/144 Mysterious Mountains 034/088
F-65 Magneton   Skyridge H18/H32 Mysterious Mountains 037/088
F-65-# Magneton   Skyridge 19/144 Mysterious Mountains 038/088
F-66 Gengar   Skyridge H9/H32 Mysterious Mountains 043/088
F-66-# Gengar   Skyridge 10/144 Mysterious Mountains 044/088
F-67 Xatu   Skyridge H32/H32 Mysterious Mountains 046/088
F-67-# Xatu   Skyridge 35/144 Mysterious Mountains 047/088
F-68 Machamp   Skyridge H15/H32 Mysterious Mountains 052/088
F-68-# Machamp   Skyridge 16/144 Mysterious Mountains 053/088
F-69 Magcargo   Skyridge H17/H32 Mysterious Mountains 055/088
F-69-# Magcargo   Skyridge 18/144 Mysterious Mountains 056/088
F-70 Houndoom   Skyridge H11/H32 Mysterious Mountains 069/088
F-70-# Houndoom   Skyridge 12/144 Mysterious Mountains 070/088
F-71 Magneton   Skyridge H19/H32 Mysterious Mountains 071/088
F-71-# Magneton   Skyridge 20/144 Mysterious Mountains 072/088
F-72 Steelix   Skyridge H29/H32 Mysterious Mountains 073/088
F-72-# Steelix   Skyridge 31/144 Mysterious Mountains 074/088
F-73 Charizard   Skyridge 146/144 Mysterious Mountains 089/088
F-74 Crobat   Skyridge 147/144 Mysterious Mountains 090/088
F-75 Celebi   Skyridge 145/144 Mysterious Mountains 091/088
G-02-# Treecko   EX Ruby & Sapphire 75/109
G-03-# Treecko   EX Ruby & Sapphire 76/109
G-04-# Grovyle   EX Ruby & Sapphire 31/109
G-05-# Grovyle   EX Ruby & Sapphire 32/109
G-06-# Sceptile   EX Ruby & Sapphire 20/109
G-08-# Torchic   EX Ruby & Sapphire 73/109
G-09-# Torchic   EX Ruby & Sapphire 74/109
G-10-# Combusken   EX Ruby & Sapphire 27/109
G-11-# Combusken   EX Ruby & Sapphire 28/109
G-12-# Blaziken   EX Ruby & Sapphire 15/109
G-14-# Mudkip   EX Ruby & Sapphire 59/109
G-15-# Mudkip   EX Ruby & Sapphire 60/109
G-16-# Marshtomp   EX Ruby & Sapphire 40/109
G-17-# Marshtomp   EX Ruby & Sapphire 41/109
G-18-# Swampert   EX Ruby & Sapphire 23/109
G-19-# Electrike   EX Ruby & Sapphire 52/109
G-20-# Electrike   EX Ruby & Sapphire 53/109
G-21-# Manectric   EX Ruby & Sapphire 39/109
G-22-# Ralts   EX Ruby & Sapphire 66/109
G-23-# Ralts   EX Ruby & Sapphire 67/109
G-24-# Kirlia   EX Ruby & Sapphire 34/109
G-25-# Makuhita   EX Ruby & Sapphire 56/109
G-26-# Makuhita   EX Ruby & Sapphire 57/109
G-27-# Hariyama   EX Ruby & Sapphire 33/109
G-28-# Skitty   EX Ruby & Sapphire 70/109
G-29-# Skitty   EX Ruby & Sapphire 71/109
G-30-# Delcatty   EX Ruby & Sapphire 29/109
G-31-# Poochyena   EX Ruby & Sapphire 63/109
G-32-# Poochyena   EX Ruby & Sapphire 64/109
G-33-# Mightyena   EX Ruby & Sapphire 42/109
G-34-# Aron   EX Ruby & Sapphire 49/109
G-35-# Aron   EX Ruby & Sapphire 50/109
G-36-# Lairon   EX Ruby & Sapphire 36/109
H-01-# Koffing   EX Ruby & Sapphire 54/109
H-02-# Wurmple   EX Ruby & Sapphire 78/109
H-03-# Shroomish   EX Ruby & Sapphire 69/109
H-04-# Numel   EX Ruby & Sapphire 61/109
H-05-# Goldeen   EX Ruby & Sapphire 55/109
H-06-# Wingull   EX Ruby & Sapphire 77/109
H-07-# Ralts   EX Ruby & Sapphire 68/109
H-08-# Phanpy   EX Ruby & Sapphire 62/109
H-09-# Makuhita   EX Ruby & Sapphire 58/109
H-10-# Zigzagoon   EX Ruby & Sapphire 79/109
H-11-# Taillow   EX Ruby & Sapphire 72/109
H-12-# Poochyena   EX Ruby & Sapphire 65/109
H-13-# Silcoon   EX Ruby & Sapphire 43/109
H-14-# Cascoon   EX Ruby & Sapphire 26/109
H-15-# Carvanha   EX Ruby & Sapphire 51/109
H-16-# Wailmer   EX Ruby & Sapphire 48/109
H-17-# Electrike   EX Ruby & Sapphire 30/109
H-18-# Slakoth   EX Ruby & Sapphire 45/109
H-19-# Skitty   EX Ruby & Sapphire 44/109
H-20-# Aron   EX Ruby & Sapphire 25/109
H-23-# Weezing   EX Ruby & Sapphire 24/109
H-24-# Breloom   EX Ruby & Sapphire 16/109
H-25-# Seaking   EX Ruby & Sapphire 21/109
H-26-# Pelipper   EX Ruby & Sapphire 19/109
H-27-# Sharpedo   EX Ruby & Sapphire 22/109
H-28-# Kirlia   EX Ruby & Sapphire 35/109
H-29-# Donphan   EX Ruby & Sapphire 17/109
H-30-# Nosepass   EX Ruby & Sapphire 18/109
H-31-# Linoone   EX Ruby & Sapphire 38/109
H-32-# Swellow   EX Ruby & Sapphire 46/109
H-33-# Vigoroth   EX Ruby & Sapphire 47/109
H-34-# Lairon   EX Ruby & Sapphire 37/109
I-01-# Ekans   EX Sandstorm 64/100
I-02-# Seedot   EX Sandstorm 76/100
I-03-# Seedot   EX Sandstorm 77/100
I-04-# Shroomish   EX Sandstorm 78/100
I-05-# Cacnea   EX Sandstorm 57/100
I-06-# Cacnea   EX Sandstorm 58/100
I-07-# Growlithe   EX Sandstorm 65/100
I-08-# Cyndaquil   EX Sandstorm 59/100
I-09-# Psyduck   EX Sandstorm 73/100
I-10-# Omanyte   EX Sandstorm 70/100
I-11-# Marill   EX Sandstorm 68/100
I-12-# Lotad   EX Sandstorm 66/100
I-13-# Lotad   EX Sandstorm 67/100
I-14-# Wingull   EX Sandstorm 84/100
I-15-# Wailmer   EX Sandstorm 83/100
I-16-# Pikachu   EX Sandstorm 72/100
I-17-# Natu   EX Sandstorm 69/100
I-18-# Ralts   EX Sandstorm 74/100
I-19-# Duskull   EX Sandstorm 61/100
I-20-# Duskull   EX Sandstorm 62/100
I-21-# Sandshrew   EX Sandstorm 75/100
I-22-# Onix   EX Sandstorm 71/100
I-23-# Trapinch   EX Sandstorm 82/100
I-24-# Spearow   EX Sandstorm 81/100
I-25-# Eevee   EX Sandstorm 63/100
I-26-# Dunsparce   EX Sandstorm 60/100
I-27-# Zigzagoon   EX Sandstorm 85/100
I-28-# Slakoth   EX Sandstorm 80/100
I-29-# Skitty   EX Sandstorm 79/100
I-30-# Aron   EX Sandstorm 56/100
I-34-# Arbok   EX Sandstorm 29/100
I-35-# Nuzleaf   EX Sandstorm 48/100
I-36-# Nuzleaf   EX Sandstorm 49/100
I-37-# Breloom   EX Sandstorm 33/100
I-38-# Volbeat   EX Sandstorm 53/100
I-39-# Illumise   EX Sandstorm 38/100
I-40-# Lileep   EX Sandstorm 42/100
I-41-# Lileep   EX Sandstorm 43/100
I-42-# Quilava   EX Sandstorm 51/100
I-43-# Kabuto   EX Sandstorm 39/100
I-44-# Azumarill   EX Sandstorm 30/100
I-45-# Lombre   EX Sandstorm 45/100
I-46-# Lombre   EX Sandstorm 46/100
I-47-# Pelipper   EX Sandstorm 50/100
I-48-# Electabuzz   EX Sandstorm 35/100
I-49-# Elekid   EX Sandstorm 36/100
I-50-# Xatu   EX Sandstorm 55/100
I-51-# Kirlia   EX Sandstorm 40/100
I-52-# Wynaut   EX Sandstorm 54/100
I-53-# Baltoy   EX Sandstorm 32/100
I-54-# Anorith   EX Sandstorm 27/100
I-55-# Anorith   EX Sandstorm 28/100
I-56-# Fearow   EX Sandstorm 37/100
I-57-# Linoone   EX Sandstorm 44/100
I-58-# Vigoroth   EX Sandstorm 52/100
I-59-# Azurill   EX Sandstorm 31/100
I-60-# Delcatty   EX Sandstorm 34/100
I-61-# Murkrow   EX Sandstorm 47/100
I-62-# Lairon   EX Sandstorm 41/100
I-67-# Shiftry   EX Sandstorm 22/100
I-68-# Arcanine   EX Sandstorm 15/100
I-69-# Golduck   EX Sandstorm 17/100
I-70-# Vaporeon   EX Sandstorm 25/100
I-71-# Omastar   EX Sandstorm 19/100
I-72-# Pichu   EX Sandstorm 20/100
I-73-# Wobbuffet   EX Sandstorm 26/100
I-74-# Espeon   EX Sandstorm 16/100
I-75-# Sandslash   EX Sandstorm 21/100
I-76-# Kecleon   EX Sandstorm 18/100
I-77-# Umbreon   EX Sandstorm 24/100
I-78-# Steelix   EX Sandstorm 23/100
K-01-# Grimer   EX Dragon 57/97
K-02-# Pineco   EX Dragon 71/97
K-03-# Treecko   EX Dragon 80/97
K-04-# Wurmple   EX Dragon 81/97
K-05-# Nincada   EX Dragon 66/97
K-06-# Nincada   EX Dragon 68/97
K-07-# Nincada   EX Dragon 67/97
K-08-# Slugma   EX Dragon 72/97
K-09-# Torchic   EX Dragon 77/97
K-10-# Numel   EX Dragon 69/97
K-11-# Numel   EX Dragon 70/97
K-12-# Horsea   EX Dragon 58/97
K-13-# Magikarp   EX Dragon 60/97
K-14-# Mudkip   EX Dragon 65/97
K-15-# Barboach   EX Dragon 51/97
K-16-# Corphish   EX Dragon 52/97
K-17-# Corphish   EX Dragon 53/97
K-18-# Corphish   EX Dragon 54/97
K-19-# Magnemite   EX Dragon 61/97
K-20-# Magnemite   EX Dragon 62/97
K-21-# Magnemite   EX Dragon 63/97
K-22-# Mareep   EX Dragon 64/97
K-23-# Spoink   EX Dragon 73/97
K-24-# Spoink   EX Dragon 74/97
K-25-# Geodude   EX Dragon 56/97
K-26-# Geodude   EX Dragon 55/97
K-27-# Trapinch   EX Dragon 78/97
K-28-# Trapinch   EX Dragon 79/97
K-29-# Taillow   EX Dragon 76/97
K-30-# Swablu   EX Dragon 75/97
K-31-# Bagon   EX Dragon 49/97
K-32-# Bagon   EX Dragon 50/97
K-33-# Houndour   EX Dragon 59/97
K-34-# Grovyle   EX Dragon 31/97
K-35-# Ninjask   EX Dragon 38/97
K-36-# Combusken   EX Dragon 25/97
K-37-# Camerupt   EX Dragon 24/97
K-38-# Horsea   EX Dragon 33/97
K-39-# Seadra   EX Dragon 40/97
K-40-# Seadra   EX Dragon 39/97
K-41-# Gyarados   EX Dragon 32/97
K-42-# Marshtomp   EX Dragon 36/97
K-43-# Whiscash   EX Dragon 48/97
K-44-# Snorunt   EX Dragon 44/97
K-45-# Magneton   EX Dragon 35/97
K-46-# Flaaffy   EX Dragon 27/97
K-47-# Shuppet   EX Dragon 43/97
K-48-# Graveler   EX Dragon 29/97
K-49-# Graveler   EX Dragon 30/97
K-50-# Meditite   EX Dragon 37/97
K-51-# Dratini   EX Dragon 26/97
K-52-# Swellow   EX Dragon 45/97
K-53-# Vibrava   EX Dragon 46/97
K-54-# Vibrava   EX Dragon 47/97
K-55-# Bagon   EX Dragon 23/97
K-56-# Shelgon   EX Dragon 41/97
K-57-# Shelgon   EX Dragon 42/97
K-58-# Houndoom   EX Dragon 34/97
K-59-# Forretress   EX Dragon 28/97
K-67-# Ninjask   EX Dragon 18/97
K-68-# Crawdaunt   EX Dragon 13/97
K-69-# Magneton   EX Dragon 17/97
K-70-# Girafarig   EX Dragon 16/97
K-71-# Dragonair   EX Dragon 14/97
K-72-# Vibrava   EX Dragon 22/97
K-73-# Flygon   EX Dragon 15/97
K-74-# Shelgon   EX Dragon 20/97
K-75-# Salamence   EX Dragon 19/97
K-76-# Skarmory   EX Dragon 21/97
M-02-# Hoppip   Sample Set 002/093
M-04-# Koffing   Sample Set 004/093
M-16-# Pikachu   Sample Set 016/093
M-19-# Gastly   Sample Set 019/093
M-21-# Machop   Sample Set 021/093
M-42-# Machoke   Sample Set 042/093
M-48-# Chansey   Sample Set 048/093
M-74-# Rapidash   Sample Set 074/093
M-83-# Pichu   Sample Set 083/093
M-88-# Machamp   Sample Set 088/093
M-01-# Bulbasaur   McDonald's Pokémon-e Minimum Pack 001/018
M-02-# Oddish   McDonald's Pokémon-e Minimum Pack 002/018
M-03-# Vulpix   McDonald's Pokémon-e Minimum Pack 005/018
M-04-# Cyndaquil   McDonald's Pokémon-e Minimum Pack 006/018
M-05-# Totodile   McDonald's Pokémon-e Minimum Pack 008/018
M-06-# Marill   McDonald's Pokémon-e Minimum Pack 009/018
M-07-# Chinchou   McDonald's Pokémon-e Minimum Pack 011/018
M-08-# Mareep   McDonald's Pokémon-e Minimum Pack 012/018
M-09-# Abra   McDonald's Pokémon-e Minimum Pack 013/018
M-10-# Natu   McDonald's Pokémon-e Minimum Pack 015/018
M-11-# Sandshrew   McDonald's Pokémon-e Minimum Pack 016/018
M-12-# Phanpy   McDonald's Pokémon-e Minimum Pack 017/018
M-01-# Bulbasaur   EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 39/95
M-03-# Squirtle   EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 46/95
M-04-# Psyduck   EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 44/95
M-11-# Pikachu   EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 43/95
M-15-# Slowpoke   EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 45/95
M-16-# Cubone   EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 40/95
M-23-# Jigglypuff   EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 41/95
M-24-# Meowth   EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 42/95
M-70-# Raichu   EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 13/95
N-01-# Oakley's Ariados   Theater Limited VS Pack 001/018
N-02-# Brock's Crobat   Theater Limited VS Pack 002/018
N-03-# Misty's Politoed   Theater Limited VS Pack 003/018
N-04-# Misty's Corsola   Theater Limited VS Pack 004/018
N-05-# Ross's Wailmer   Theater Limited VS Pack 005/018
N-06-# Alto Mare's Xatu   Theater Limited VS Pack 006/018
N-07-# Annie's Espeon   Theater Limited VS Pack 007/018
N-08-# Alto Mare's Kabutops   Theater Limited VS Pack 008/018
N-09-# Alto Mare's Aerodactyl   Theater Limited VS Pack 009/018
N-10-# Alto Mare's Pidgeotto   Theater Limited VS Pack 010/018
N-11 Alto Mare's Latias   Theater Limited VS Pack 011/018
N-12 Alto Mare's Latios   Theater Limited VS Pack 012/018
N-13-# Soul Dew T Theater Limited VS Pack 016/018
N-14-# Alto Mare Cube T [TM] Theater Limited VS Pack 018/018
R-06-# Pikachu   Sample Set
Z-01-a Kecleon   P Promotional cards 001/P
Z-01-b Kecleon   P Promotional cards 001/P
Z-01-c Kecleon   P Promotional cards 001/P
Z-01-d Kecleon   P Promotional cards 001/P
Z-02-# Pikachu   P Promotional cards 004/P
Z-03-# Larvitar   P Promotional cards 005/P
Z-04-a Celebi   Wizards Black Star Promos 50 P Promotional cards 006/P
Z-04-b Celebi   P Promotional cards 007/P
Z-05 Bill T [Su] P Promotional cards 009/P
Z-06-# Ho-Oh   Wizards Black Star Promos 52 P Promotional cards 010/P
Z-07-# Rapidash   Wizards Black Star Promos 51 P Promotional cards 011/P
Z-08-# Pokémon Center Tokyo T P Promotional cards 019/P
Z-09-# Pokémon Center Osaka T P Promotional cards 020/P
Z-10-# Shining Imakuni? T P Promotional cards 018/P
Z-11-# Flareon   T Promotional cards 001/T
Z-12-# Vaporeon   T Promotional cards 002/T
Z-13-# Jolteon   T Promotional cards 003/T
Z-14-# Suicune   Wizards Black Star Promos 53 P Promotional cards 026/P
Z-15-# Slowpoke   T Promotional cards 004/T
Z-16-# Slowbro   T Promotional cards 005/T
Z-17-# Slowking   T Promotional cards 006/T
Z-18-# Touch Generation Change! T P Promotional cards 027/P
Z-19-# Pichu Bros.   P Promotional cards 028/P
Z-20-# Bayleef   T Promotional cards 007/T
Z-21-# Quilava   T Promotional cards 008/T
Z-22-# Croconaw   T Promotional cards 009/T
Z-23-# Ivysaur   T Promotional cards 010/T
Z-24-# Charmeleon   T Promotional cards 011/T
Z-25-# Wartortle   T Promotional cards 012/T
Z-26-a Pikachu   P Promotional cards 038/P
Z-26-b Pikachu   P Promotional cards 044/P
Z-27-# Celebi   P Promotional cards 042/P
Z-28-# Entei   P Promotional cards 043/P
Z-29-# Pichu   P Promotional cards 045/P
Z-30-# Mewtwo   P Promotional cards 046/P
Z-31-# Lugia   P Promotional cards 047/P
Z-32-# Moltres   T Promotional cards 013/T
Z-33-# Articuno   T Promotional cards 014/T
Z-34-# Zapdos   T Promotional cards 015/T
Z-35-# Dratini   T Promotional cards 016/T
Z-36-# Dragonair   T Promotional cards 017/T
Z-37-# Dragonite   T Promotional cards 018/T
Z-38-# Groudon ex   Nintendo Black Star Promos 002
Z-39-# Kyogre ex   Nintendo Black Star Promos 001
Z-40-# Latias   Nintendo Black Star Promos 014
Z-41-# Latios   Nintendo Black Star Promos 015
Z-42-# Treecko   Nintendo Black Star Promos 016
Z-43-# Torchic   Nintendo Black Star Promos 017
Z-44-# Mudkip   Nintendo Black Star Promos 018
Z-45-# Whismur   Nintendo Black Star Promos 019

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