Pokémon Battle e: Series 1

Pokémon Battle e: Series 1 (Japanese: 第1弾 ポケモンバトルカードe+ First Shot: Pokémon Battle Card e+) is the first collection of Battle e cards. They utilize Nintendo's e-Reader peripheral. When scanned, the cards provide additional Trainers to battle and Berries to use in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. It is the only Battle e collection to see release outside of Japan.

Release dates

  • Japan: June 27, 2003
  • America: October 21, 2003
  • Australia: October 31, 2003

Set size

There are 54 cards in the set. 48 of them are Trainer cards; 6 are special Berry cards.


All of the Trainer cards in this collection can be scanned via the e-Reader and each will appear in the basement of an old man's house in Mossdeep City. Only one card can be scanned at a time.

The collection consists of six individual card packs in Japan, each containing a fixed selection of eight Trainer cards and a special Berry card. The American and Australian releases condense these into three larger card packs, each containing the equivalent of two of the fixed Japanese packs. Whilst each of the Japanese packs have individual names, the English-language pack names correspond to the first of the two included packs: Freezing Ray (also includes Seizing Poison), Hidden Ruins (also includes Cordial Bond), and Iron Defense (also includes Solid Armor).

Each pack also includes a 'Battle Record Card' which allows players to check off Trainers they have beaten and identify the mystery Pokémon for each Trainer. Exclusive to the first few waves of the Japanese release were special tickets with part of a unique ID to redeem a promotional card as part of the 'Let's Decorate Secret Bases!' campaign. The first 100,000 people to collect all six parts (found by purchasing the six different card packs) and send off the tickets would receive the card.

The cards themselves depict one of the many Trainer classes that appear in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire and three Pokémon they will use in battle after the card has been scanned. Some Pokémon, as well their Abilities, held items, or some of their moves may also be hidden.

The cards are also color-coded to give an indication of difficulty. Generally, bronze-level cards pose an easier challenge, followed by copper, silver and finally as the most difficult, gold. Symbols on the cards also highlight special features the Trainer may have:

  The tower symbol indicates that this Trainer may also appear in Battle Tower after the card has been scanned.
  The star symbol indicates that this Trainer has a rare Pokémon in their party, or one that is not in the Hoenn Pokédex.
  The crown symbol indicates that this Trainer has Pokémon that are all at Lv. 100.

The Berry cards allow the player to obtain that Berry from Norman at the Petalburg Gym. The player can only have one e-Reader Berry at a time, so if they already have any in their possession (including in their Bag, in the PC, held by a Pokémon, or planted in soft soil), that Berry will be transformed when a new Berry card is scanned (instead of the player receiving it from Norman).

The player cannot enter the Cable Club Trade Center if a Pokémon in their party is holding an e-Reader Berry. Pokémon holding an e-Reader Berry cannot be traded to Pokémon Colosseum or Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, nor can they be stored in Pokémon Box Ruby & Sapphire. If Pokémon holding an e-Reader Berry is migrated to Generation IV game via Pal Park, that held Berry becomes an Enigma Berry.


  • The Japanese release, and all subsequent Japanese Battle e releases feature "e+" to highlight that the cards are only compatible with the e-Reader +, an enhanced version of the original e-Reader with an added link cable port. All English-language versions feature "e", as the e-Reader released outside of Japan is based on the Japanese e-Reader +.
  • This collection and the following set are perhaps more commonly known as Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Battle e, as an indication to the games they are compatible with. Neither the Japanese nor English-language releases reference the game titles on the packaging however.

Card packs

Freezing Ray

Card ID Card Name
08-A001 Cool Trainer Devin
08-A002 Ninja Boy Goro
08-A003 Tuber Sonya
08-A004 Gentleman Antonio
08-A005 Pokéfan Alana
08-A006 Picnicker Renee
08-A007 Lady Sophie
08-A008 Beauty Fay

Seizing Poison

Card ID Card Name
08-A009 Psychic Natasha
08-A010 Camper Patrick
08-A011 Sailor Oscar
08-A012 Pokémaniac Tyler
08-A013 Youngster Rudy
08-A014 Beauty Ellie
08-A015 PKMN Breeder Candice
08-A016 Cool Trainer Belford

Hidden Ruins

Card ID Card Name
08-A017 PKMN Ranger Clayton
08-A018 Triathlete Dustin
08-A019 Hiker Hugo
08-A020 Youngster Jeffrey
08-A021 Ruin Maniac Logan
08-A022 Pokéfan Maggie
08-A023 PKMN Breeder Wilson
08-A024 Ruin Maniac Zuril

Iron Defense

Card ID Card Name
08-A025 School Kid Mandy
08-A026 Parasol Lady Sofia
08-A027 Lady Hillary
08-A028 Guitarist Dominic
08-A029 Fisherman Bryce
08-A030 Bug Maniac Irvin
08-A031 Battle Girl Natalie
08-A032 Expert Sandia

Cordial Bond

Card ID Card Name
08-A033 Expert Marcus
08-A034 Cool Trainer Raquel
08-A035 Blackbelt Tsutomu
08-A036 Pokéfan Justine
08-A037 PKMN Ranger Heather
08-A038 Psychic Judith
08-A039 Collector Stuart
08-A040 PKMN Ranger Irazu

Solid Armor

Card ID Card Name
08-A041 Picnicker Sandy
08-A042 Swimmer Annie
08-A043 Hex Maniac Celina
08-A044 Aroma Lady April
08-A045 Guitarist Hayden
08-A046 Psychic Griffin
08-A047 Pokéfan Kendall
08-A048 Cool Trainer Fuego

Berry cards

Card ID Card Name
08-K001 Pumkin Berry
08-K002 Drash Berry
08-K003 Eggant Berry
08-K004 Strib Berry
08-K005 Chilan Berry
08-K006 Nutpea Berry


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