Smeargle Paint

Smeargle Paint is an activity in the Pokémon Channel video game. It can be accessed by selecting the "Smeargle 2" on the bookshelf. In the game, the Smeargle 2 is used to take a screenshot of the TV. The player then uses the Smeargle Paint program to color in the picture (the screenshot is converted into lineart). Initially, the player is only allowed to take screenshots of the Pichu Bros. anime, but later on the Smeargle 2 is upgraded to work on all channels.

Smeargle Paint 2

After the player has completed their picture, it can be placed in the frame on the wall of the player's house. Only one picture can be hung up at a time, so if the player replaces an old picture with a new one, Professor Oak will sell the old one at auction. The picture on the player's wall is also reviewed by Smeargle on the "Smeargle's Art Study" program.

Available Colors

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The palettes provided with Smeargle Paint include the following colors:


There are patterns too. There is a default set and a randomized set.



Included in a new copy of earlier releases of Pokémon Channel are three e-Reader cards, but only for North America and Australia. When scanned into the game, two of them provide new line art to color in, and the third provides a new palette of patterns that the player can use to paint with. The North American card releases vary slightly with the Australian card releases. Later releases of Pokémon Channel excluded the cards, but the e-Reader compatibility still exists.

Card Type Image North America Australia
The Pikachu Star Line Art   Yes Yes
The Kyogre Constellation Line Art   Yes No
Jirachi Line Art   No Yes
Poke A La Card Paint Pattern Yes Yes

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