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Time Travel (e-Reader)

If you were looking for the the general concept, see Time travel.
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Time Travel

Time Travel (Japanese: ちいさなときわたり The Little Time Traveler) is the name of a Pokémon-based e-Reader application from the Wizards Black Star Promos. It is a short cartoon featuring Celebi. Only one card is required for the Time Travel application: Celebi.

The application is a short cartoon with two variations, both with different endings. Celebi happens upon a tree with three berries growing upon it. It happily eats the berries, but seems to still be hungry. It then uses time travel to go back/forwards in time, to when the tree has more berries falling off and ready to eat. From here there are two different endings;

Ending 1: Celebi expresses happiness and proceeds to eat the tree's new berries, and the animation ends.

Ending 2: Celebi goes to start eating the berries, but is disturbed by the tree rustling. After flying about for a couple seconds investigating, a Pikachu and Pichu pop out of the tree's leaves, startling Celebi and making it fall to the ground. The Electric Pokémon laugh, and the animation ends.

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