Gotcha! (e-Reader)

Gotcha! (Japanese: ルージュラのまなざし Rougela's Gaze) is the name of a Pokémon-based application for the e-Reader. It is a short cartoon featuring Jynx. Only one card is required for the Gotcha! application: Jynx.


There are two different versions of Gotcha!. After the card is scanned, Version 1 will play, and when the application is replayed, Version 2 will be played. If the application is replayed subsequent times, this order will be repeated.

Version 1

A Pikachu is chasing a Smoochum, but bumps into Jynx accidentally. Jynx then gives Pikachu a big wet kiss and lip marks appear on the screen.

Version 2

A Smoochum is being chased by an Elekid. Elekid sees Jynx nearby and tries to run away, but Jynx uses Mean Look to prevent it from escaping. Jynx walks over to the trapped Elekid and gives it a big wet kiss, causing lip marks to appear on the screen.

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