Sweet Scent (e-Reader)

Sweet Scent (Japanese: あまいかおりにさそわれて Lured by a Sweet Scent) is the name of a Pokémon-based application for the e-Reader. It is a short cartoon featuring Vileplume. Only one card is required for the Sweet Scent application: the non-holo version of Vileplume.

Sweet Scent

There are two different versions of Sweet Scent. After the card is scanned, Version 1 will play, and when the application is replayed, Version 2 will be played. If the application is replayed subsequent times, this order will be repeated.

Version 1

Vileplume is seen walking in the forest alone. It then uses the move Sweet Scent. Afterwards, a swarm of Beedrill will fly by, buzzing loudly. Then, Vileplume will be left alone again, feeling sad.

Version 2

Vileplume is seen walking in the forest alone. It then uses the move Sweet Scent. Afterwards, two Diglett and a Dugtrio appear from under the ground and stay with Vileplume. Happy music is played.

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