Pokémon Battle e Emerald

Pokémon Battle e Emerald (Japanese: ポケモンバトルカードe+ エメラルド Pokémon Battle Card e+ Emerald) is the fifth and final collection of Battle e cards. The cards in this set focus on modifying content at Trainer Hill in Pokémon Emerald, providing many new additional Trainers to battle and new floor layouts. It was released in Japan only.

Official art

Release Date

  • Japan: October 7, 2004

Set Size

There are 83 cards in the set. 64 of them are Trainer cards; 19 are map puzzle cards.


All of the Trainer cards in this collection can be scanned via the e-Reader to replace the default Trainers found at Trainer Hill in the Japanese version of Pokémon Emerald. A maximum of eight Trainer cards can be scanned for a complete run-through of the challenge, two appearing on each floor.

This collection uses elements from previously released Battle Card e sets. The cards are similar in terms of design layout and use the same color breakdowns as featured in the original Pokémon Battle e: Series 1: bronze, copper, silver, and gold. The cards in the collection are available in random booster packs of 5 cards, a trend started with the previous Pokémon Battle e FireRed & LeafGreen collection.

Replay ability is also addressed; each depicted Trainer has a full party of six Pokémon, though will use a different set depending on the order the cards are scanned in. Players can discern which set of Pokémon the scanned Trainer will use by the Poké Ball symbols on the top of the card. If for example, the Pokémon featured on one particular card are identified by the first three Poké Ball symbols highlighted with a yellow glow, they will use those Pokémon if the card is scanned first, third, fifth, or seventh. In order for the player to reveal the other Pokémon the scanned Trainer has (in this case it would be the last three Poké Ball symbols that are dulled out), they will have to scan the card second, fourth, sixth, or eighth. Unlike previous collections, all Pokémon that are actually detailed on the cards can be seen; however, the only details divulged are the Pokémon's type(s) and Ability.

The reverse of each card features an image of the floor plan that will replace the default Trainer Hill floor if it is the first, third, fifth, or seventh card scanned. Each floor plan has its own difficulty rating from one to five stars. Some floors may simply have a themed tile pattern, whereas others incorporate walls, ledges, columns, ice tiles, warp tiles, music tiles, and spinner tiles.

Upon clearing Trainer Hill, the player is presented with a TM as a prize if completed within the specified target time. The TM differs depending on which cards are scanned in; different combinations may result in a different TM. Below is a list of the possible TMs that one can earn:

TM Move
  TM06 Toxic
  TM11 Sunny Day
  TM19 Giga Drain
  TM26 Earthquake
  TM36 Sludge Bomb
  TM41 Torment
  TM48 Skill Swap

Similarly to the previous set, there is an additional sub-set of cards with no dot-code strip. One set when arranged correctly composes an image of Hoenn; the other an image of Battle Frontier. If the reverse sides of both sets are arranged correctly, they will create the image that appears on the booster pack.

The default height of Trainer Hill in the Japanese version is only two floors. In order to provide more content for the localized versions of the games, a selection of Trainers found on these cards were used as the source material.


The background design featured on the cards is the same as the floor design in the entrance area of Trainer Hill.

Card list

Main set

Card ID Card Name
19-A001 Black Belt Kousei
19-A002 Ninja Boy Kagemasa
19-A003 PokéFan Keizou
19-A004 Cool Trainer Akiomi
19-A005 Battle Girl Riona
19-A006 Dragon Tamer Inami
19-A007 Poké Maniac Yurato
19-A008 Triathlete Sakuya
19-A009 Lass Komari
19-A010 Triathlete Ragi
19-A011 Ninja Boy Kennosuke
19-A012 Psychic Odunu
19-A013 School Kid Kae
19-A014 School Kid Sakiteru
19-A015 PKMN Breeder Nukumi
19-A016 Youngster Akitaka
19-A017 Triathlete Alfonso
19-A018 Hex Maniac Alaina
19-A019 Black Belt Theodore
19-A020 PKMN Breeder Jayden
19-A021 PKMN Breeder Salvadore
19-A022 PKMN Breeder Veronica
19-A023 Psychic Keenan
19-A024 Aroma Lady Kristina
19-A025 Sailor Isonosuke
19-A026 Picnicker Koeda
19-A027 Expert Isaji
19-A028 Triathlete Ouka
19-A029 Beauty Maiko
19-A030 Parasol Lady Aquino
19-A031 Hiker Okikazu
19-A032 Tuber Ricca
19-A033 Camper Kousuke
19-A034 Guitarist Neo
19-A035 Rich Boy Tsugan
19-A036 Hex Maniac Kagaho
19-A037 Beauty Tsukika
19-A038 Gentleman Ed
19-A039 PKMN Breeder Kaiji
19-A040 Bug Catcher Kiichi
19-A041 Gentleman Terrance
19-A042 Lady Elizabeth
19-A043 Parasol Lady Annabell
19-A044 Collector Coleman
19-A045 Rich Boy Enrique
19-A046 Lady Colleen
19-A047 PokéFan Francisco
19-A048 PokéFan Kimberly
19-A049 Kindler Bernard
19-A050 PKMN Ranger Meredith
19-A051 Ruin Maniac Abraham
19-A052 Tuber Luc
19-A053 Youngster Breyden
19-A054 Tuber Aniya
19-A055 Triathlete Stephanie
19-A056 Bird Keeper Dane
19-A057 Cool Trainer Alfred
19-A058 Psychic Edie
19-A059 Cool Trainer Roderick
19-A060 Cool Trainer Alicia
19-A061 Expert Terrence
19-A062 Expert Carlotta
19-A063 PKMN Ranger Nora
19-A064 PKMN Ranger Gav

Map puzzle sub-set

Card ID Card Name
19-M001 Hoenn region (top left)
19-M002 Hoenn region (top center)
19-M003 Hoenn region (top right)
19-M004 Hoenn region (middle left)
19-M005 Hoenn region (middle center)
19-M006 Hoenn region (middle right)
19-M007 Hoenn region (bottom left)
19-M008 Hoenn region (bottom center)
19-M009 Hoenn region (bottom right)
19-M010 Hoenn region (bottom right 2)
19-M011 Battle Frontier (top left)
19-M012 Battle Frontier (top center)
19-M013 Battle Frontier (top right)
19-M014 Battle Frontier (middle left)
19-M015 Battle Frontier (middle center)
19-M016 Battle Frontier (middle right)
19-M017 Battle Frontier (bottom left)
19-M018 Battle Frontier (bottom center)
19-M019 Battle Frontier (bottom right)


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