Rattata (Skyridge 90)

コラッタ Koratta
Illus. Masako Yamashita
Evolution stage Basic Pokémon
Card name Rattata
Type Colorless
HP 30
retreat cost
English expansion Skyridge
Rarity Common
English card no. 90/144
Japanese expansion Split Earth
Japanese rarity Common
Japanese card no. 060/088
For more information on this Pokémon's species, see Rattata.

Rattata (Japanese: コラッタ Koratta) is a Colorless-type Basic Pokémon card. It is part of the Skyridge expansion.

Card text

  Call for Friends
Search your deck for a Baby Pokémon or Basic Pokémon card and put it onto your Bench. Shuffle your deck afterward. (You can't use this attack it your Bench is full.)
  Body Slam
Flip a coin. If heads, the Defending Pokémon is now Paralyzed.

e-Reader data

This card's ID is E-27-#. The short strip contains Pokédex information, a brief card summary, and information on the content of the long strip.

Pokédex data

Rattata - Rat Pokémon
No. Height Weight
019 1'00" (0.3 m) 8.0 lbs. (3.5 kg)
Pokédex entry
This Pokémon's impressive vitality allows it to live anywhere. It also multiplies very quickly.
どんな ものでも たべるので エサとなるものが ある ばしょに すみついて どんどん こどもをうむ。


The long strip contains data for the Ride the Tuft mini-game. Three other cards from the Skyridge expansion are also required to play it.



Body Slam is a move in the Pokémon games that Rattata can learn via TM08 in Generation I or via Move Tutor in Generation III. This card's English e-Reader Pokédex entry comes from Pokémon Crystal, whereas the Japanese entry comes from Pokémon Gold.

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