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Route 8

Route 8

Route 8 is an oceanside path with great views, and a popular date spot for many couples and Pokémon. It loops around the north end of Akala Island, linking Route 7 back to the north end of Route 5.

The Mysterious Scientist

Leave the Aether Foundation building and proceed to the west, and a moment later you are stopped by a Scientist who introduces himself as Colress. He is researching the bonds that bring out a Pokémon's potential, and so is very interested in Trainers who have a Z-Ring. To mark the encounter, he gives you TM43 (Flame Charge) and encourages you to make use of it at the next trial in Lush Jungle.

Fossil Restoration Center

The path to the northeast of the Pokémon Center leads to a small wooded area with a trailer. A Pokémon Breeder here describes his dream of bringing ancient Pokémon back to life. Bring him any Fossil and he will be able to revive it into a Pokémon.

Roadside Motel

The Roadside Motel is located to the west of the Pokémon Center, on a cliff overlooking the ocean. A vending machine near the front desk holds Fresh Water and Soda Pop for sale. The receptionist reveals that a member of Team Skull has been staying in the building. It turns out to be Gladion, who does not take kindly to visitors.

Lush Jungle

Lush Jungle

Located to the north of Route 5, Lush Jungle is a dense rainforest famous for producing ingredients for delicious meals. It serves as the backdrop for the next trial. Wild Pokémon cannot be found until the trial is complete.

Central area

Captain Mallow's Trial

Mallow welcomes you upon entering the jungle, and enlists your help in finding four ingredients to cook up her favorite dish, the Mallow Special. To do so, she needs a Mago Berry, Tiny Mushroom, Revival Herb, and a Miracle Seed. She gives you a Forage Bag to hold any ingredients collected, and hints that Stoutland Search will be useful in locating these items. As with other trials, wild Pokémon cannot be found until the trial is complete.

Call Stoutland and go west to find some mushrooms. Collect the Tiny Mushroom, and the Big Mushroom attacks! It turns out to be a (ParasectS / ShiinoticM). Once it is defeated, Mallow congratulates you and reminds you that there are still three more ingredients to find. Take Stoutland north to the next area.

Northwest area

Have Stoutland search near the small tree in the tall grass patch to find a hidden X Sp. Atk. There is a Photo Spot to the west, as well. Continue westward along the path to reach a rustling tree, where you are suddenly attacked by a Fomantis! After the battle, you can find the Mago Berry buried in the ground. Mallow stops by to congratulate you again, and reminds you about the two remaining ingredients. Go back to the previous area.

Central area

Go east through the nearest tall grass patch. Use Stoutland to find a hidden X Defense in the eastern grass patch, then dismount to reach a Super Potion behind a narrow path to the northwest. Continue north to the next area.

North area

Take the eastern path to find a hidden Hyper Potion, then head west. Use Stoutland to search the tall grasses to the west and locate the Revival Herb to the southwest. Once it is safely tucked away, another Fomantis leaps from the grass to attack! Afterward, Mallow reappears a third time. Only one ingredient remains! Farther to the west is a narrow path that leads to TM86 (Grass Knot). In the grassy area to the north, Stoutland can reveal a hidden Heal Powder.

Central area

Head south on the east side of the main area. Go up the hill in the southeast to the next part of the jungle.

East area

Collect the X Attack from the curled fronds to the east of the first cracked rock. A large boulder blocks the path eastward for now. Go southwest instead and use Tauros to clear the path of rocks. The final ingredient, a Miracle Seed, can be found in the depression where one of the rocks used to sit. Mallow appears once more to congratulate you on finding all of the ingredients. It is time to start cooking, so head back to the jungle entrance. Use the path westward from the Miracle Seed to jump down the ledges and find a Big Root along the way.

Central area

When you speak with Mallow, Lana and Kiawe appear. They have each brought items to help with the preparation. With all ingredients accounted for, you and Mallow begin cooking. Press A repeatedly to grind the food to a pulp. Suddenly, you feel a piercing gaze from the underbrush, and the Totem Pokémon attacks!

VS Totem Lurantis

The Totem Pokémon begins surrounded by an aura that raises its Speed by one stage. Like other Grass-type Pokémon, Lurantis is most at home in the sunlight. Under intense sunlight, its Leaf Guard Ability prevents status ailments, Synthesis restores more health than normal, and Solar Blade does not require a turn to charge. Fire Pokémon are especially useful against Lurantis, as they resist its Grass and Bug moves, and deal serious damage with Fire attacks. If Trumbeak is present, it can cover most of Lurantis' weaknesses with Rock Blast, and cut the target's Defense with Screech. If Castform is present, it can set up intense sunlight with Sunny Day. Despite this being helpful to Lurantis, it also gives a power boost to Fire attacks. A Pokémon holding Firium Z should be able to make short work of the Totem Pokémon with Inferno Overdrive. Use Fire-, Flying-, Ice-, Poison-, or Bug-type attacks for best results.

Totem Lurantis Ally Trumbeak Ally Castform
Aura: Speed +1
Grass Unknown
Leaf Guard
Held item:
  Power Herb
Lurantis Lv.24
Razor Leaf
Grass Physical
Bug Physical
Solar Blade
Grass Physical
Grass Status
Normal Flying
Keen Eye
Held item:
Trumbeak/ Lv.22
Rock Blast
Rock Physical
Flying Physical
Normal Status
Normal Status
Normal Unknown
Held item:
Castform/ Lv.22
Sunny Day
Fire Status
Water Gun
Water Special
Normal Physical
Weather Ball
Normal Special

After the Totem Pokémon and its allies are defeated, the three captains of Akala congratulate you on completing all of the island's trials. Mallow rewards you with the Grassium Z and teaches you the pose for Bloom Doom. That's not all, as she also gives you ten Nest Balls. Mallow invites Lana and Kiawe to try the food that Lurantis did not finish, but it turns out to be too spicy and the other captains run off. As she races after them, Mallow reminds you to challenge Kahuna Olivia's grand trial next.

Professor Kukui appears and gives you TM67 (Smart Strike) as a reward for clearing Mallow's trial. There is a facility that he wants you to check out, called the Dimensional Research Lab. He leads you back out to Route 5, where he congratulates you on clearing all of Akala Island's trials. Kahuna Olivia is an expert on Rock-type Pokémon, and he suggests catching some Grass Pokémon in Lush Jungle before continuing on. When you are ready to challenge Olivia, visit with Kukui in the Dimensional Research Lab in Heahea City, just off of Route 6.

Route 5 (North)

The north end of Route 5 sits at a higher elevation than the south end, with a series of ledges that hinder northbound travel.

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