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Team Absolute is a team of world savers that dedicate themselves to saving the world from threats such as natural disasters. They make their base in Riyado Town, a Hoenn location once known for scorning Absols.


Team Absolute was created to save the world, usually trying to stop cataclysmic disasters that would destroy cities. Currently, there are Absolute members spying on the actions of Team Aqua and Team Magma. Both groups are currently residing in seperate lands (see bottom), and may be trying to reclaim the Red and Blue Orbs. Other Missions:


To become a member of Team Absolute, you must go through rigorous training in many fields, most of them mental. The most important criteria though, is you MUST OWN AN ABSOL!!!, but that's not all. You must also teach your Absol to do something completely unique, such as learn Focus Blast.


I am one of the members of Team Absolute. My mission is to spy on Team Aqua to make sure they do not have any plans on reawakening Kyogre. Currently, I have been spying for 6 months and am getting a bit tired of the near constant rain, but enjoy the tropical islands. My nickname is Miracle, because my Pokémon tend to inflict status conditions more than others. I was awarded the Aqua Belt last month for beating a Schemer's evolved Pokémon with a basic Pokémon (my Absol). I am currently residing at the Hideout, a cave inside of a cliff next to a tropical shore. It has partially submerged caves, grassy plains (on the cliff top), and the Team Aqua logo carved everywhere.

My Team


Solon is the leader of Team Absolute, and a force to be reckones with. He is a genius and shares an empathy link with his Absol.

Solon's Team