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Riyado Town
リヤド村 Riyado Village
Riyado Town.png
Arriving at Riyado Town
Region Hoenn
Debut Absol-ute Disaster

Riyado Town (Japanese: リヤド村 Riyado Village) is an anime-exclusive small village located among the mountains of Izabe Island in Hoenn.

It appeared in Absol-ute Disaster. The town is home to Gordon and his younger brother Nicky. For a long time, the locals believed a wild Absol was putting the town under a curse and causing them many problems including destroyed bridges. However, as Gordon, along with Ash and his friends, discovered, the Absol was actually trying to warn them of an imminent flood originating from the area's water source, an underground spring.

Thanks to Ash and the others, the town was saved, and the Absol was forgiven.

Places of interest

Square Top

Square Top

Square Top is the highest peak on Izabe Island, named for its peculiar cube-shaped summit. The surrounding area is rugged mountain with an underground spring running through.

Square Top also marks the center of Absol territory.

Pokémon seen in Riyado Town