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Hi there. I'm Ariano. Or should I say we are Ariano, as there are identical twin brothers behind this truly marvelous username. We are university students from Finland who consume loads of manga and other comics, light novels and video games on their spare time. We mostly read manga in English and (in the case of the older twin) German.

We've been fans of Pokémon since... well, for a long time. The story of how we got know Pokémon is somewhat embarrassing and we still feel bad for most of it (please don't hate us): During our first days in a new kindergarten, we teased a boy. After a chat with nurses and parents we settled the thing with him. We (oddly) became friends and we still are. He introduced us to Pokémon, first by bringing some TCG cards. We were astounded by the new world and after some time we saw our first anime episode, The Ghost of Maiden's Peak. Even though this was one of our first contacs with the world of Pokémon, sadly(?) we never grew to like the anime as much as games, although we started playing games later... This is not to say that we hate the anime, it's just not that... good, at least when comparing the conveying of the world seen in the games with other canons such as Pokémon Adventures. Although we love the movies. Our first games were Gold and Crystal, some time after we both got Sapphire, followed by FireRed and LeafGreen. Then there came the time when our Pokémon experience got to a totally new level when we got Diamond and Pearl, later Platinum and HeartGold and SoulSilver, all of which make the fourth generation the best one for both of us. Generation V is the first Gen we followed from the start and for us it truly began when Black and White versions were released in Europe. We got Blue version some time ago (better late than never!). Generation VI arrived on our 3DSs on October 12th, 2013.

We started reading Pokémon manga about two and a half years ago, first Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! and then Pokémon Adventures. Before buying the first four volumes of VIZ Media's reprints in January 2010, we didn't have anything we truly loved about the franchise (besides the games). We've mainly got access to VIZ Media's translations as no Chuang Yi editions are sold in Finland (VIZ versions are only sold in some specialist comic stores). We trust both, though possibly VIZ is more reliable (hang us if you must).

In Bulbapedia we have been doing some this and that, mainly adding information about manga (especially Pokémon Adventures) and useless trivia... Or useful, depending on how you look at it.

We use British spelling instead of American (eg. colour instead of color) or at least we try to do so. And we say "have got" instead of just using "have" (the sentence just feels a bit incomplete without it and our English teachers were really fascist about using it). Or at least try to.

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  • We share our birthdate with Game Freak, though we were born in 1995.
  • We only recently found out that we are identical. (Don't ask how. We haven't got a clue ourselves)
  • One of the best things about being twins is the fact that we can always trade with each other if we need something trading-related.
  • Manchmal sprechen wir Deutsch mit einander. Och vi också talar svenska då och då med varandra. Emme ole hulluja... Just a weird habit of ours.

Name origin

Ariano is possibly derived from Hidan no Aria. Also sounds similar to Ariana. Ari is also a common male given name in Finland, although neither of us has got it. -o is a masculine suffix in Romance languages.