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The Walt Disney Company is a multi-billion dollar (NYSE:DIS) American media and entertainment corporation formed by brothers Walt and Roy O. Disney on October 16, 1923, as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio.

Disney formerly owned the Miramax Films studio, formerly owners of the American rights to the Pokémon movies Celebi: The Voice of the Forest, Pokémon Heroes: Latios & Latias, Jirachi: Wish Maker, and Destiny Deoxys. The now-defunct Toon Disney cable channel, as well as the Disney XD family of cable channels that succeeded Toon Disney in the United States and Jetix in most of the rest of the world, occasionally showed those four Pokémon movies. Many versions of Disney XD air the Pokémon anime, such as Disney XD United States, Disney XD the United Kingdom and Ireland, Disney XD Southeast Asia (Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia), Disney XD Turkey, Disney XD Denmark, Disney XD Sweden, Disney XD Norway, Disney XD Poland, Disney XD Greece, Disney XD Italy, Disney XD France, Disney XD Germany, Disney XD Flanders/the Netherlands, and Disney XD India.

In terms of non-Pokémon anime, Disney also holds the outside-of-Japan worldwide rights to the majority of the films of noted anime studio Studio Ghibli, and co-produced a Japanese-only anime series based on its Lilo & Stitch franchise. It formerly held the airing rights for Digimon season 1-5 in the United States.

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