Re-Ment Co., Ltd.
Re-Ment logo
Founded May 1998
Headquarters 3-5 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Type Private
Industry Toys, Miniature Food, Confectionery


RE-MENT Co., Ltd. (Japanese: 株式会社リ-メント Kabushikigaisha Riiment) is a Japanese toy company based in Chiyoda, Tokyo[1] and established in May 1998[1]. The name "Re-Ment" comes from the phrase "Reform the Entertainment" that is sometimes included under the company's logo.

Re-Ment primarily produces highly-detailed collectible miniatures of food, furniture, and licensed characters, but also makes products such as magnets and erasers. Their products typically come in even sets of four, six, or eight. Each figure type from a set is packaged and sold separately, and are often sold as "candy toys", where each pack also includes a piece of gum. Complete sets come together in display boxes for retailers that can also be purchased instead of buying each pack separately. One of each pack from a set is included in a box as opposed to containing a random assortment.

Re-Ment began its Pokémon series of products in 2016.

List of Pokémon series products

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