Denyusha Co., Ltd.
Denyusha logo.png
Denyusha logo
Founded April 8, 2002
Headquarters Kyoto, Japan
Type Subsidiary
Owner(s) MissingLink
Industry Video games


Denyusha Co., Ltd. (Japanese: 電遊社(でんゆしゃ) Denyu-sha) is a Japanese game development studio. Denyusha was founded in Kyoto, Japan on April 8, 2002. Denyusha develops multi-platform games as well as managing online games. The CEO is Shogo Hayashi. The only Pokémon games that Denyusha has developed are for the Pokémon mini.

Denyusha's parent company, MissingLink, developed the Mobile Trainer for use with the Mobile Game Boy Adapter as part of the Mobile System GB.



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