Pokémon mini

Pokémon mini
ポケモンミニ Pokémon Mini
Pokémon mini Chikorita Green.png
A Chikorita Green Pokémon mini
Release dates
Japan: December 14, 2001[1]
North America: November 16, 2001
Europe: March 15, 2002[2]
Australia: 2001/2002[note 1]
South Korea: N/A
China: N/A
Hong Kong: N/A
Taiwan: N/A
Technical specs
  • Dimensions: 74mm×58mm×23mm
  • Display: 96×64 pixel monochrome LCD
  • Weight: 70g (with Game and battery inserted)
  • 8-bit custom Nintendo 4MHz processor
  • 4 KB RAM shared with video memory
  • Uses 1 AAA battery
Related information
Console generation: Sixth generation
Pokémon generations: II, III
Console type: Handheld
Wooper Blue
Chikorita Green
Smoochum Purple
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The Pokémon mini (Japanese: ポケモンミニ Pokémon Mini) is a handheld game console designed and manufactured by Nintendo only for specifically tailored Pokémon minigames. It is the smallest cartridge-based system that Nintendo has ever produced. It includes an LCD screen and a +Control Pad. Features also include an infrared port, a timer, a shock detector, and a vibrator for force feedback. Some of the Pokémon minigames were included in the Nintendo GameCube game Pokémon Channel, which contains an emulator of the Pokémon mini itself.

The Pokémon mini was first unveiled at the 2001 European Computer Trade Show,[5] held in London from September 2–4, 2001.


Title Genre First release Region(s) released
Pokémon Party mini Minigames December 4, 2001 Japan, North America, Australia, Europe
Pokémon Zany Cards Strategy December 4, 2001 Japan, North America, Australia, Europe
Pokémon Pinball mini Pinball December 4, 2001 Japan, North America, Australia, Europe
Pokémon Puzzle Collection Puzzle December 4, 2001 Japan, North America, Australia, Europe
Pokémon Tetris Puzzle March 21, 2002 Japan, Europe
Pokémon Puzzle Collection Vol. 2 Puzzle April 26, 2002 Japan
Pokémon Race mini Racing July 19, 2002 Japan
Pichu Bros. mini Minigames August 9, 2002 Japan
Togepi's Great Adventure Adventure October 18, 2002 Japan
Pokémon Breeder mini Simulation December 14, 2002 Japan

Pokémon Channel

In Pokémon Channel, there is a virtual Pokémon mini. It allows certain Pokémon minigames to be played, albeit stripped down and renamed, or broken up into multiple games. The Japanese version has 10 games, while the International version has 6.

Pokémon Channel Pokémon mini
Snorlax's Lunch Time Pokémon Channel-exclusive
Slowking's Judge Pokémon Party mini
Chansey's Dribble Pokémon Party mini
Pokémon Pinball Petit Pokémon Pinball mini
Puzzle Collection Petit Pokémon Puzzle Collection
Pokemon Race Mini miniJPN Pokémon Race mini
Hoppip JumpJPN Pichu Bros. mini
Skateboard PichuJPN Pichu Bros. mini
Togepi's Great Adventure PetitJPN Togepi's Great Adventure
Magby Hot Air BalloonJPN Pichu Bros. mini
Pikachu's Rocket StartIntl Pokémon Party mini



  • This is the first Nintendo handheld to have motion controls built in (predating the Nintendo 3DS) and the only Nintendo handheld to have rumble in the console itself (the Nintendo Switch only has rumble in the controllers).

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  1. Exact release date unknown, but it is sometime between October 3, 2001 and October 11, 2002[3][4]


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