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Since the Pokémon franchise launched in Japan on February 27, 1996, a huge range of Pokémon merchandise has been created and sold around the world. Everything from books, video games, trading cards, plush toys, playing cards, and even jars of jelly have been sold under the Pokémon brand. The franchise is managed by The Pokémon Company in Japan and Asia, Pokémon Korea, Inc. in South Korea and The Pokémon Company International elsewhere.

A selection of Pokémon merchandise from the Sleeping Pikachu Collection

Along with products made directly by The Pokémon Company (often under the Pokémon Center brand), the brand is licenced to other companies to create merchandise. In 2009, 85 companies around the world made officially licensed products for the franchise and there were around 3,500 different items available[1]. By 2018, Pokémon had become the largest media franchise in the world[2] making $2.98 Billion in sales that year of third-party licenced goods alone[3].

Video games

The Solgaleo figurine given as a bonus to those who pre-ordered Pokémon Sun
Main article: Pokémon games

The Pokémon video games were the first pieces of Pokémon merchandise, and today are still the driving force behind the rest of the franchise. Starting with the release of Pokémon Red and Green in Japan, and then the release of Pokémon Red and Blue internationally, the core series of Pokémon RPGs continues to this day, and has spawned a number of complimentary side games.

Along with this, there has been whole series of spin-off Pokémon games based on the franchise, with a range of Nintendo consoles released in special Pokémon editions and even a dedicated Pokémon handheld. The games have also been complimented by dedicated peripherals, and often came with pre-order bonus merchandise.


Trading Card Game

Full list: Pokémon Trading Card Game merchandise

The Pokémon Trading Card Game is the most popular trading card game in the world[4] with over 28.8 billion cards sold as of September 2019[5]. Starting with the original 102 card Base Set, released in Japan on October 20, 1996 and in the United States on January 9, 1999, the series has expanded massively since then. A wide variety of merchandise has been produced for the TCG, from expansions to the game itself and various collections of cards, to things like play mats, deck boxes and more.




Main article: Pokémon manga

A wide variety of different Pokémon manga have been produced over the years. Some have been based on the Pokémon games or anime, while others have been totally original creations based in the Pokémon universe. Some have been translated into English and other languages, while others have only ever been released in Japan.



Main article: Pokémon books

A broad selection of Pokémon books have been published, ranging from guide books and strategy guides, to anime novelizations and activity books.



Full list: Pokémon Magazines

Several magazines have been published around the world with Pokémon as either the main subject, or one that is frequently written about.


Tabletop games

Trading Figure Game

Main article: Pokémon Trading Figure Game

The Trading Figure Game was a two-player game played with collectible Pokémon figurines first released in 2006. After an initial launch in Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia the game fared poorly in the American market and was discontinued in 2009.


Board games

Full list: Pokémon board games

A wide variety of different Pokémon board games has been produced, from those based on existing properties such as Monopoly and Yahtzee, to new creations such as Pokémon Champion Island and Pokémon Battle Chess.



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Plush toys

Full list: Pokémon plush toys

Many different Pokémon have been given a plushie form, by a wide variety of different manufacturers, including: Hasbro, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Bandai and The Pokémon Company itself.



Full list: Pokémon figures

There is a wide variety of different Pokémon figurine ranges, including amiibo, Funko Pops, Monster Collection and Nendoroid.


Electronic toys

See also: Self-contained games

A variety of electronic toys and self-contained games based on the Pokémon franchise exist, from things like Pokémon Electronic Hand-Held Yahtzee to the Pokémon Z-Ring.


Construction toys

A selection of Pokémon construction toys have been released over the years, including from Nanoblocks and Mega Construx.


Food & drink

Main article: Pokémon food products

Many different food and beverage products have been marketed with the Pokémon brand, including candy, soda, macaroni & cheese and cereal.



Main article: List of Pokémon music CDs

The Pokémon anime is well known for its music, particularly the Pokémon Theme which has become virtually synonymous with the whole Pokémon franchise. Much of this music has been made available via audio cassette, vinyl and CD, and, for those who are more musically talented, as sheet music.



Main article: Pokémon clothing

Pokémon themed apparel comes in a variety of different shapes and styles from a variety of different brands, including Pokémon Shirts and Pokémon Center.


Other merchandise

Full list: Merchandise

There is a huge selection of other Pokémon merchandise not covered in the categories above, including things as varied as toothpaste, jewelry, pencils and X-ray machines.



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