Funko Inc.
Funko logo.png
Funko logo
Founded October 23, 1998
Headquarters Everett, Washington, USA
Type Public
Industry Toys, vinyl figures

United States:

Funko Inc. is an American manufacturing company that specialises in creating licensed products from a variety of pop culture related properties. The are primarily known for their stylised vinyl figures which are called Funko Pops, but they also create bobbleheads, statues, keyrings and other merchandise.

Pokémon products

Funko has produced the following Pokémon-related products:

Christmas Decorations

Name Image In-box image Release date
Pikachu File:Funko Pikachu Ornament.png File:Funko Pikachu Ornament box.png 2020
Eevee File:Funko Eevee Ornament.png File:Funko Eevee Ornament box.png 2020

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