TAJ Productions

TAJ Productions

TAJ Productions was a production company and recording studio involved in the dubbing of the English version of the Pokémon anime. Its president was Larry Juris.


TAJ was the original dubbing company to work with 4Kids Entertainment in producing the English dub. From Pokémon - I Choose You! to The Breeding Center Secret*, the dub was recorded at Buttons Sound. Starting with Riddle Me This*, TAJ was using its own recording studio where the dub was produced until 2003, when 4Kids took production to its own in-house studio. Their last original episode was You're a Star, Larvitar!, however they did dub AG001 and AG002 due to them being previews.

Starting with the 2006 special, The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon. TAJ resumed dubbing operations after 4Kids lost their license for dubbing and distribution.. Their first episode was Fear Factor Phony.

On January 2, 2008, it was revealed by Larry Juris that TAJ Productions would no longer be working on the show, and that DuArt was taking over starting with the tenth movie. TAJ's last episode was Smells Like Team Spirit!.

In early 2009, TAJ Productions closed down.

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