Professor Holly

Professor Holly
Art from PTCGO
Gender Female
Eye color Green*
Hair color Black
Hometown Unknown
Region USA
Relatives Ella (daughter), unnamed husband
Trainer class Professor

Professor Holly is a character from the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online. Holly and her husband own the Game Store where her daughter Ella works with Zach. Over the game's different iterations, she had usually been involved with the tutorial mode, teaching newcomers the basics of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. She appeared in the game's original tutorials, guiding players through 12 situations to reinforce their knowledge of the game's rules. These were eventually retired from the game itself but were still available as a stand-alone browser-based program on Poké up to March 2016. A third version of the tutorials inside TCGO from September 26, 2016 reintroduced Holly with an updated design and leading players through partial matches, explaining their opponent's actions and suggesting counter-moves.



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Beginner tips

  • Visiting Deck Manager for the first time — "Welcome to the Deck Manager. Let me teach you how to build a new deck!"
"Let's build an Expanded deck."
(Highlighting the Deck Editor's card area) — "This is your Collection."
When saving the deck — "Make sure to give your deck a cool new name!"
"Just select the save button, and you're done!"
  • Losing a Tutorial match for the first time: "Tough loss. You almost had it! Hit the Play! button to try again."
  • Losing a Trainer Challenge match for the first time: "That's a tough loss, but don't worry! In the Trainer Challenge, you can switch decks to take advantage of a Trainer's weakness. You might want to pick a different deck and try again."
  • Completing Gold League for the first time: "Congratulations on winning the Gold League! If you want, you can try facing off against Trainers from around the world in Versus Mode!"
  • After completing Trainer Challenge: "This is a mighty deck that you can use in Versus. It's got brains and brawl!"
  • Selecting a format in Versus Mode other than Theme for the first time: "In this mode, you play with constructed decks you've built in the Deck Manager. If you're not ready for that, you can always play with theme decks by switching the mode."

Opening packs

  • First time: "Looks like you opened some good cards."
  • Following times: "Congratulations! The items below have been added to your Collection!"


Original design from
the PTCGO website


  • Many details about her were only clarified after her redesign such as her relation to Ella, position at the Game Store, and even her name. Since many official newsletters for the TCGO from before this time were signed by a "Professor Maven", some believed that to be her name.
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