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Daniel (TCGO)

"This is what I live for!"
Art from the PTCGO website
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Hometown Unknown
Region USA
Trainer class Trading Card Game Player

Daniel is a regular at the Game Store in Pokémon Trading Card Game Online. He can be faced in the City Championship in the Trainer Challenge for a total of two matches.


Official biography

"Daniel has been playing the Pokémon TCG competitively since he was 12. He's attended the World Championships several times, and he placed 61st one year. Though he's pursuing a PhD in Political Science, he still takes time out to practice the violin...and play Pokémon.

City Championship

After defeating Cammie in the seventh round of the City Championship, players move on to face Daniel in round eight. He uses a Lightning Lightning/Fighting Fighting deck. After defeating Daniel, players move on to face Mick. Later in the tournament, players face Daniel again in the finals after defeating Tyson.


  • Before the first game:
  • Before the second game:

Daniel's Lightning-Fighting deck

Easy deck (List missing 15 cards)

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Blitzle Lightning Common
Zebstrika Lightning Rare
Tynamo Lightning Common
Eelektrik Lightning Uncommon
Zekrom Lightning Rare
Drilbur Fighting Uncommon
Excadrill Fighting Rare
Stunfisk Fighting Uncommon
Terrakion Fighting Rare Holo
Evosoda I Uncommon
Great Ball I Uncommon
Professor's Letter I Uncommon
Roller Skates I Uncommon
Pokémon Catcher I Uncommon
Cilan Su Uncommon
Crushing Hammer I
Potion I
Tierno Su
Lightning Energy Lightning E
Fighting Energy Fighting E

Medium deck (List missing 58 cards)

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Lightning Energy Lightning E
Fighting Energy Fighting E

Hard deck (List missing 58 cards)

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Lightning Energy Lightning E
Fighting Energy Fighting E

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