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Lamont Splendidocious (Japanese: ラモエクスピアリドゥーシャス Ramo Expialidocious), referred to as Principal Lamont (Japanese: ラモこうちょう Principal Ramo) or Lamont (Japanese: ラモ Ramo), is the principal of the Ranger School in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. He is introduced when Rhythmi gives the player a tour around the school campus.

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In his youth, he, Professor Hastings, and Chairperson Erma were childhood friends with dreams. His dream was to start a school. This dream came true when Hastings developed the Capture Styler and Erma started the Ranger Union. Lamont's school was then used to teach students about Pokémon and how to preserve nature, the goal of the Pokémon Rangers. He wrote his dreams in a special journal hidden in their hideaway underneath where the Pledge Rock stands in the present.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ラモこうちょう Principal Ramo
ラモエクスピアリドゥーシャス Ramo Expialidocious

From supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
English Principal Lamont
Lamont Splendidocious
Similar to Japanese name
From splendid and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
French Principal Dumont
Dumont Le Magnifique
Similar to English name
From magnifique (magnficent)
German Direktor Lambert
Lambert Simplumosinus
Similar to English name
From simpel (simple) and Sinus (sine)
Italian Preside Delmonte
Vercingetorige Delmonte
Similar to English name
From Vercingetorige (Vercingetorix)
Spanish Director Lamont
Lamont Esternocleidomastoideo
Same as English name
From músculo esternocleidomastoideo (sternocleidomastoid muscle)

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