Impervious (Skill)

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Impervious (Japanese: 全ダウン無効 ) is a family of skills in Pokémon Masters EX.

Impervious 全ダウン無効
Flavor text
Passive Skill
The user's stats cannot be lowered.



Sync pairs with this skill are immune to stat reductions, including self-inflicted ones.


Sync pairs (innate)

& Greninja

(Only when sync move type is Dark)

Sync pairs (Sync grid - yellow tiles)

& Volcarona

(Starting from February 27, 2023)

Lucky Cookies

Lucky Cookie Appearance Rate
  N Lucky Cookie 1 100%


In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese 全ダウン無効
Mandarin Chinese 全種類下降無效
  French Immunité ↓Stats
  German Werte↓-Schutz
  Italian Status quo
  Korean 전체다운무효
  Spanish Inmunidad Características ↓

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