These are Hassel's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series games

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon Gym
  • In the second Gym's lobby, after the Gym battle
"My name is Hassel. I'm one of the Elite Four of the Pokémon League. I also teach art classes at the academy."
"So, do tell me, young <player>: What compels you to collect these Gym Badges and strive to be a Champion?"
Regardless of answer: "Asked and answered. Thank you."
"Naturally there is no single correct answer. All paths lead to the Great Crater of Paldea, as they say."
"You know, your friend Nemona is the youngest to achieve Champion Rank in all Paldean history..."
"It is entirely possible that such great potential lies within you as well."
"Should you continue striving to reach Champion Rank, you will one day have to battle me."
"You would be wise to train hard starting now. It will save you from experiencing the bitter regret of defeat."
"Oh, and do come along to my art class sometime. I would be thrilled to have you attend."
  • In the third Gym's lobby, after the Gym battle
"You appear to be progressing well on your Gym circuit."
"This young lady would be Rika."
"She is a little...farcical, shall we say. But like myself, she is a member of the Elite Four."
"Naturally. He/She is one of our academy's esteemed students."
"Indeed. Your average Trainer abandons the challenge at roughly this very point."
"Best of fortunes to you."
  • In the sixth Gym's lobby, after the Gym battle
"Greetings once more, <player>."
"I was watching your battle with the Gym Leader from the sidelines, and I must say..."
"I thought it was simply excellent! Full marks! Gold star! Extra credit, even!"
"Hardly had you sent out <Pokémon> before you launched into your strategy!"
"That unrelenting offensive! That flurry of attacks! What an efficient way to corner the opponent!"
"And what an artfully trained Pokémon! Such a vibrant palette of moves!"
"Ah! I do beg your pardon. I didn't mean to let my emotions run amok like that."
"Ahem! In summary, I simply wanted to say that you seem to have gotten even stronger."
"I must admit I'm eager for you to gather all the Gym Badges."
"As a member of the Elite Four, I await the day you come to face me with great anticipation!"
"Oh, but one thing—don't let your studies fall by the wayside. Be sure to come to the academy now and then!"
Pokémon League
  • Before battle
"Hello there, <player>. It delights me to see you here."
"As for you, Larry... I see you made Rika do the shouting again, hm?"
"I was, of course, absolutely certain you would make it to me eventually."
"Young sprouts truly do grow with astounding speed, yes..."
"But I never for a moment imagined we would be facing each other so soon!"
"Now, a teacher's duty is to guide students and aid their growth."
"But I think I shall forget about my role as a teacher for a moment...and wield all my might for the sole purpose of defeating you!"
"I am Hassel, the dragon guarding the final fortress of the Elite Test."
"Prepare to learn firsthand how the fiery breath of ferocious battle feels!"
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "Show me everything you've got. I shall face you with my full strength!"
Upon sending out his last Pokémon: "Only a little more until you pass! Don't let up!"
Upon Terastallizing his Baxcalibur: "Come, O great dragon, and take a Tera Jewel as your crown!"
Upon first using Baxcalibur's Glaive Rush: "No point in letting this drag on... Behold, the power to overwhelm everything!"
Upon being defeated: "The mighty dragon has been felled!"
  • After being defeated
"I'b...I'b just so proud ob you..."
"BWUUUH huh huh hoi hoi!"
"So whad ib I do?! I'b jusd—jusd so oberwhelmed!"
"Y-you did so BEAUDIFULLY!"
"Even a baby dragon can breathe fire!"
"You can do this. We all know you can."
"Now go, young <player>! Your hands may be small, but let them seize a great victory!"
  • If talked to after being defeated
"Your final opponent is terribly strong—but then, so are you! Banish your fear! With a calm mind, you will surely see the path to triumph!"
  • After the player defeats Geeta
NaranjaS/UvaV Academy
  • In the art room, after taking one art class
"Why, if it isn't <player>."
"I have a question for you. Do you find my class difficult?"
A little bit, yeah...: Hmm... Perhaps I need to improve how I convey the material."
It's just right for me!: That is certainly good to hear."
"So, <player>..."
"You chose to take on the Gyms as part of your Treasure Hunt."
"That must mean you like Pokémon battles. Is that correct?"
"One naturally becomes skilled at doing what they enjoy. That must be why you are so strong."
"Then you're attempting to overcome a weakness? I applaud your efforts, indeed!"
"Ah, do forgive me for springing such an odd question upon you so suddenly."
"I often find myself pondering the nature of strength these days..."
"Anyway, thank you again for your input, <player>!"
  • In the schoolyard, after taking three art classes
"Hello there, <player>."
"I try to visit the schoolyard from time to time."
"It's good to see young ones with so much energy and vigor..."
You think so?: "Oh, yes indeed. Just watching is enough to make even an old man like me feel more alive."
I know what you mean...: "Do you? That's a bit of a surprise to hear you say. You're one of the young ones too, you know."
"You... What are you doing here?"
"I have told you many times not to bother me here at the academy."
"... ... ..."
"It was good speaking with you, <player>."
"Something important has come up, so I must excuse myself now."
"Let us discuss this matter elsewhere. Come..."
"... ... ..."
  • In the entrance hall, after taking four art classes
"Oh! Why, hello there, young <player>."
"I'm sorry. I was lost in thought and didn't notice your approach."
"I feel I must again apologize for what transpired in the schoolyard..."
It didn't bother me: "Hah... That is very magnanimous of you."
What're you talking about?: "I'm of course referring to how I rather suddenly had to take my leave while we were still engaged in conversation."
"That woman who showed up is a Dragon Tamer— and a relative of mine, I might add."
"You see, I come from a very long line of Trainers who specialize in Dragon-type Pokémon."
"There was a child in our family who was expected to stand at its head and lead it to greatness."
"But the young lad, rebellious little fellow that he was, ran away from home one day."
"He made quite the show of it, too, swearing he'd "make a living with music"!"
"A lot happened since then, and...now he's the art teacher and Elite Four member before you!"
"After I so rudely took my leave during our last conversation, my dear relative...encouraged me to give up teaching and return home at last."
"I've been told the current leader of my family— that is to say, my father—is in poor health."
"Oh, but I do apologize. Perhaps I am not cut out for teaching after all... What sort of teacher grumbles on and on at his own student?"
Regardless of answer: "Ah, my dear <player>... You have no idea how much your words mean to me."
"Thank you. Thank you so very much."
  • In the art room, after passing the art final
"Why hello there, <player>."
"You always seem to appear at the most crucial of moments."
Regardless of answer: "Well, you see..."
"So I see."
"It is indeed true that I have made up my mind."
"I have made up my mind to continue teaching here at the academy!"
"I am saying that I have other priorities!"
"Have a look around at the art decorating this room, would you?"
"The children here are letting their senses—their perceptiveness—grow freely!"
"I do not wish to say that protecting our family's ancient bloodline is of no importance..."
"I simply wish to see young talent blossom and grow into the future."
"It just seems so much more fun to me, if I'm being honest!"
"Oh, by all means, my door is open! I think you'll soon find you've met your match in stubbornness."
"You thought I could be cowed by some story spun up about my father's deteriorating health? I am not so easily fooled!"
"Ah, I'm sorry you had to see all of that."
"I was so very close to resigning my post as teacher and returning to my home… but the students here gave me courage to say no. That includes you, <player>. Your words truly brought me strength."
"I cannot think of a way I can possibly repay my debt to you young ones."
"Take this, if you will—insufficient as it may be in expressing the full breadth of my gratitude."
"Now then! Let it be clear to all!"
"I, Hassel, will continue on my chosen path as instructor to the youths of our world!"
  • Between classes, in the art room
"Ah, you must be a new student! It is a pleasure to meet you, indeed!"
"Challenging the Gyms is important, of course, but one must not neglect their studies!"
"What is the true meaning of ”strength,” I wonder?"
"... ... ... ... ... ... Oh! I'm so sorry. I was lost in thought."
"Hello there, <player>! Please, stay for as long as you wish!"
  • Art classes
Art Class 1
"Greetings, I am Hassel. I will be teaching this art class. It is a pleasure to meet you all!"
"Now, let me be candid for one moment."
"I imagine that many of you will forget all that you learned in this class once you graduate!"
"After all, you don't need even a basic understanding of artwork, much less a refined appreciation of beauty, for most exams or jobs."
"So, is my class a waste of time for you, then?"
"I think not! At least, I certainly hope it isn't!"
"Think for a moment, all of you. What is beauty, anyway? What makes something beautiful?"
Regardless of answer: Interesting... Thank you, <player>."
"Oh, I don't mean to suggest there's a correct answer to my query. The important thing is that you all take time to think about it."
"Think about why we might find beauty in a flower blooming on the side of the road, for example."
"Question why the sky is a different shade of blue than the ocean or why the leaves change color. Ponder the windmills of Artazon and how they move. Contemplate the chilling bite of the waters of Cascarrafa."
"I'm sure you will find that every little detail of your lives will seem more vivid, more impactful, if you just take a moment to stop and think."
"And I am certain that if you stop and truly appreciate the little beauties of this world... it will help pull you through the days where your studies have you exhausted or when work has dampened your spirits."
"Ah, do pardon me for waxing philosophical. You don't need to understand all of that now."
"To put it simply, it is true that one doesn't need art to survive... But it certainly makes surviving much more enjoyable!"
"It is my hope that this class will add even a little bit of color to your lives."
"That's all for today—next time, we'll try a more hands-on approach to appreciating beauty!"
Art Class 2
"Hello, class! It is I, Hassel, yet again."
"In our previous class, we discussed what beauty is...which might have been a little boring for you."
"So today, I thought I would mix things up a little to pique your interest in art."
"Allow me to introduce our special guest!"
"This is Professor Gible, the assistant lecturer for today."
"Now then, Professor Gible. If you would be so kind as to Terastallize for us..."
"As some of you may already know, a Pokémon can Terastallize if you use a Tera Orb."
"Normally, Professor Gible would be of the Dragon type..."
"But by Terastallizing, it's succeeded in changing its type!"
"So, class...what type do these lovely, glistening flowers above Professor Gible's head represent?"
Grass Type: "Excellent, <player>! Full marks for you!"
Fire Type: "Ah, not quite, <player>. Actually, the type in question is weak to the Fire type!"
Water Type: "Ah, not quite, <player>. Actually, the type in question is strong against the Water type!"
"These beautiful flowers blooming above Professor Gible's head show that it has now become a Grass type."
"The shape of the Tera Jewel above a Pokémon's head depends on the Pokémon's Tera Type."
"To summarize! If an opponent's Pokémon Terastallizes during battle...observe a Pokémon's Tera Jewel closely to see which type it has become!"
"And choose effective moves accordingly!"
"It is my sincere hope that today's lecture will help you all achieve beautiful victories."
"The Terastal phenomenon is indeed a fascinating and deep subject to discuss."
"That is it for today, class! Thank you, Professor Gible, for your help."
Art Class 3
"Hello, class! It is I, Hassel, yet again."
"I've been told that my previous lecture about the Terastal phenomenon was very well received. Thank you all for your kind words!"
"In fact, Ms. Dendra specifically requested that I impart even more battle knowledge to my students..."
"So, I have decided that today we will take another look at how a Pokémon can Terastallize!"
"And of course, here is Professor Gible to help us."
"Now then, Professor Gible. If you would be so kind as to Terastallize for us..."
"Now, what do we have here? Last class we saw Grass-type Terastallizing, but this time we have something of a different shape."
"Observe, a Tera Jewel resembling a snowflake! Its dendritic shape is stunning to behold."
"It's a little chilly standing so close to it..."
"So, class... What Tera Type do you imagine this jewel might represent?"
Water Type: "Very close, <player>! This is water... but in a different state!"
Ice Type: "Excellent, <player>! Full marks for you!"
Ghost Type: "Ah, not exactly, <player>. Though I suppose that is chilling in its own way, too!"
"The reason there's a snowflake shining above Professor Gible's head is simple—it is now an Ice type!"
"And because Professor Gible is currently the Ice type..."
"Ice-type moves would not be very effective against it. Keep in mind, usually they would deal quadruple damage to Gible!"
"Now, here's some trivia about snowflakes: while snowflakes come in many different shapes and sizes, most are classified as hexagons!"
"Just think of it... Snowflakes fall from the sky, taking similar shapes without anyone saying they must."
"Do you not feel the great mystery of nature? The beautiful enigma we live in?!"
"*cough* Ah, this is a bit of a tangent, but Mr. Jacq's glasses are also hexagonal, aren't they."
"I almost forgot to mention that you can change a Pokémon's Tera Type at the Treasure Eatery located in Medali."
"Though I must say the cook there is a little... prickly—you'll need to get on her good side if you want her help."
"Now, come prepared for next class, because it is time for your midterm examination! Thank you for today, Professor Gible."
Art Class Midterm
"I do hope you're all ready, because it is time for your midterm exam! Focus and do your best!"
"Aaaaaand... Begin!"
"Time's up! That's it for today's test. Pencils down, please."
"I would rather not have students worry about passing or failing in my art class, but tests are tests, after all..."
"Anyway, good work, everyone! You can check your results at the front desk."
Art Class 4
"Hello, class! It is I, Hassel, yet again."
"I'm pleased to say that everybody did very well on the midterm exams."
"As a reward for all of your hard work, we have a special guest visiting us today!"
"Now then, Brassie, please come in!"
"Brassius here mainly creates three-dimensional pieces, such as statues and the like."
"One of his major works is the installation titled Surrendering Sunflora, found in Artazon."
"Many of you who've challenged the Artazon Gym are no doubt familiar with these sculptures."
"Ah, dear Brassie!"
"I've nothing against reminiscing about old times, but today, I hope you will guide this class in a way only you can!"
"Hence the name Surrendering Sunflora?"
"Remarkable! Even I did not know the full story until now!"
"Oh Brassie, I can't believe it... Such a wonderful... class... Thank..."
"BWUUUH huh huh huh huh! HUUUH huh hoi hoi hoi..."
Art Class 5
"Hello, class! It is I, Hassel, yet again."
"First, allow me to apologize for losing my composure during our last class..."
"I was so touched by Brassius's story that I simply couldn't contain my emotions. I'm sorry for making such a scene."
"I certainly got a very stern talking-to from Ms. Tyme after that class, yes..."
"Anyway, let us shift gears and dive into the material for today's class!"
"Now, have any of you heard of the Ten Sights of Paldea?"
"As the name would imply, they are ten sights in Paldea that are considered particularly beautiful."
"Among them, I would say that the Grand Olive Orchard is likely the most accessible."
"You can see field after field of olive trees from the hill on the way to Cortondo."
"Two waterfalls are also counted among these ten sights—Fury Falls and Casseroya Falls."
"Then there's the peak of Glaseado Mountain, known as Paldea's Highest Peak."
"There's another cliff on Glaseado Mountain that's named after its rather unique shape."
"So, let me ask you, my students!"
"What is the name of the three-pronged cliff on Glaseado Mountain? No need to grasp at straws!"
Glaseado's Grasp: "Exactly! It looks like a hand taking hold of something, doesn't it, <player>?"
Glaseado's Reach: "A very good guess! I'd think something reaching would stretch out farther, though."
Glaseado's Run: "A unique take! But that sort of name would usually apply to a slope, don't you think?"
"The three-pronged cliff on Glaseado Mountain is in fact known as Glaseado's Grasp."
"Though its shape is far too stubby to be that of a human hand. I imagine someone thought it looked like a Pokémon hand grabbing something."
"There's also the mountains in Area Three of the East Province, where you can get a good look at Levincia. It's particularly gorgeous at night!"
"In fact, the view is so brilliant, it is known as the Million Volt Skyline."
"I hear it's quite a hotspot for dates—and deservedly so for having such a romantic view!"
"I imagine it's...what do the kids say these days... a very, ahem, "fleek selfie spot"?"
"Of course, you may feel that not all ten sights live up to their grandiose names. How often do we visit some tourist spot only to be disappointed?"
"Not to say that you shouldn't visit them, only that you should keep your hopes in check."
"The important thing is to go yourself and see them with your own two eyes."
"And sometimes, a disappointing experience can be worthwhile in its own way. Take a chance!"
"Well, that's it for today, class. Thank you for your attention!"
Art Class 6
"Hello, class! It is I, Hassel, yet again."
"My, my, how time flies, as they say!"
"Indeed, our time together has certainly flown by. It's hard to believe that this is our last class."
"Now, our topics for today may feel somewhat unrelated to art."
"But there is absolutely no set definition as to what art should be!"
"Therefore, let us carry on with the discussion and see where it takes us!"
"There are two things I wish to focus on today— Ribbons...and marks!"
"Both Ribbons and marks are special honors that capture a Pokémon's qualities."
"There will be times when your Pokémon gives maximum effort or has a noteworthy experience."
"In recognition of its feats and accomplishments, it can be given a Ribbon."
"To give an example, if you manage to become incredibly close to a Pokémon, it may be granted the Best Friends Ribbon."
"Incidentally, there is a person in Cascarrafa who can give your Pokémon a Best Friends Ribbon."
"Marks, on the other hand, are mostly found on wild Pokémon when you meet them for the first time."
"They can symbolize the character of a Pokémon, such as with the Rowdy Mark or the Vigor Mark."
"It's completely up to luck whether you'll run into a Pokémon with these marks!"
"So if you're able to catch a Pokémon with a mark, rejoice at your outstanding fortune!"
"Does anyone know what special thing you can do with Pokémon that have Ribbons or marks?"
You can exchange Ribbons!: "Ah, unfortunately, you can't transfer Ribbons or marks from one Pokémon to another, nor can you trade them with other people's Pokémon."
You can show them off!: "Well, yes, indeed you can show them off, but surely that's not the extent of your interest, is it?"
You can change their title!: "Wonderful, <player>! Your knowledge is impressive."
"The correct answer is that Pokémon with Ribbons or marks can be given titles."
"What's more, they can be sent into battle displaying a title of your choosing!"
"For example, you could send out a Gible with a Best Friends Ribbon by declaring... “Go! Gible the Great Friend!”"
"And while I know I just said that marks are generally found already on Pokémon when you meet them for the first time..."
"it seems that more recently, Pokémon can be awarded certain marks based on their efforts."
"These are marks such as the Gourmand Mark, the Itemfinder Mark, the Partner Mark, and so on."
"Perhaps it might be fun to try to work out how to get each mark using its name as a clue?"
"Well, that just about wraps up our last class!"
"Next is the final exam. Please review our material closely so that you pass on your first try!"
Art Class Final
"I do hope you're all ready, because it is time for your final exam! Focus and do your best!"
"Time's up! That's it for today's test. Pencils down, please."
"Thank you all so much for learning about art with me!"
"The time we shared has left a mark that I will treasure, I promise you."
"And it is my sincere wish that all of you go on to even greater, more prosperous futures."
"And that's that! Good work, everyone! You can receive your results from the front desk."
Academy Ace Tournament
  • Before battle
"Well, now! <player>! It seems I, Hassel, bar your path to victory once more! I look forward to a worthy battle."
  • In battle
Upon sending out his last Pokémon: "The final match is at its climax! Allow me to add a flourish of color to its glorious conclusion!"
Upon Terastallizing his Baxcalibur: "Only a dragon deserves a throne at the top! Your brilliant color will outshine all others!"
Upon first using Baxcalibur's Glaive Rush: "A Dragon type with even more dragon now! Repetition of patterns can create great art!"
Upon being defeated: "That is the kind of battle that makes me happy I became a teacher!"
  • After being defeated
"Co...CONGWADULATIONS! I'b...I'b zo habby for you... BWUUUH huh huh hoi hoi!"