Example of titles being shown when entering a battle in the Battle Tower in Wyndon. The examples shown are Shiny Antique form Polteageist displaying the Misty Mark, and Shiny Appletun displaying the Curry Mark, respectively.

A title or special title is a phrase that can display after a Pokémon's name when it is sent out in battle. Titles were introduced in Pokémon Sword and Shield, and are also present in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.[1]

If a Pokémon has any mark or Ribbon, the title corresponding to it can be freely toggled on and off from the Pokémon's summary. Only one title can be active at a time, selecting a different Ribbon or mark from the summary will replace the currently equipped title. In Link Battles, the opposing player's Pokémon will display any equipped title as well.

If a title is equipped, that data is retained through trade and transfer to other games, but will not be displayed when sent into battle in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl nor Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

List of Titles

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From League Ribbons

Name Title
Champion Ribbon the Champion
Sinnoh Champion Ribbon the Sinnoh Champion
Kalos Champion Ribbon the Kalos Champion
Hoenn Champion Ribbon the Hoenn Champion
Alola Champion Ribbon the Alola Champion
Galar Champion Ribbon the Galar Champion
Paldea Champion Ribbon the Paldea Champion

From Contest Ribbons

Name Title
Coolness Master Ribbon the Former Star
Beauty Master Ribbon the Vintage Beauty
Cuteness Master Ribbon the Former Idol
Cleverness Master Ribbon the Historic Genius
Toughness Master Ribbon the Formerly Buff
Contest Star Ribbon the Shining Star
Contest Memory Ribbon the Treasured Memory
Contest Memory Ribbon the Treasured Memory

From Tower Ribbons

Name Title
Skillful Battler Ribbon the Veteran
Expert Battler Ribbon the Master
Battle Tree Great Ribbon the Tree Victor
Battle Tree Master Ribbon the Tree Master
Tower Master Ribbon the Tower Master
Battle Memory Ribbon the Exciting Memory
Battle Memory Ribbon the Exciting Memory

From Memorial Ribbons

Name Title
Artist Ribbon the Model for Paintings
Effort Ribbon the Once Well-Trained
Alert Ribbon the Once Vigilant
Shock Ribbon the Once Cowardly
Downcast Ribbon the Once Shaken
Careless Ribbon the Once Imperfect
Relax Ribbon the Once Well-Rested
Snooze Ribbon the Once Sleepy
Smile Ribbon the Once Cheery
Gorgeous Ribbon the Gorgeous
Royal Ribbon the Royal
Gorgeous Royal Ribbon the Gorgeous Royal
Footprint Ribbon the Strutter
Record Ribbon
the Record Holder
Legend Ribbon the Living Legend
Best Friends Ribbon the Great Friend
Training Ribbon the Tried and True
Battle Royal Master Ribbon the Royal Master
Master Rank Ribbon the Rank Master
Hisui Ribbon of the Distant Past
Once-in-a-Lifetime Ribbon the One-in-a-Million

From Gift Ribbons

Name Title
Country Ribbon the Victor
National Ribbon the Triumphant
Earth Ribbon the 100× Victorious
World Ribbon the World Conqueror
Classic Ribbon the Pokémon Fan
Premier Ribbon the Pokémon Fan
Event Ribbon the Festive
Birthday Ribbon the Best Buddy
Special Ribbon the Premium
Souvenir Ribbon the Cherished
Wishing Ribbon the Wish Granter
Battle Champion Ribbon the Battle Champion
Regional Champion Ribbon
the Regional Champion
National Champion Ribbon
the National Champion
World Champion Ribbon the World Champion

From Marks

Generation VIII

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Generation IX

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