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Guardian of Alola
ガーディアン・デ・アローラ Guardian de Alola
Guardian of Alola VII.png
Guardian of Alola VII 2.png
Type  Fairy
Category  Special
PP  — (max. —)
Power  —
Accuracy  —%
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  • Does not make contact
  • Not affected by Protect
  • Not affected by Magic Coat
  • Not affected by Snatch
  • Not affected by Mirror Move
  • Affected by King's Rock
Foe Foe Foe
Self Ally Ally
May affect anyone adjacent to the user
Introduced  Generation VII
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Appeal  0  
Jam  0  
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Appeal  0  
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Appeal  0  
Jamming  0  

Guardian of Alola (Japanese: ガーディアン・デ・アローラ Guardian de Alola) is a damage-dealing Fairy-type Z-Move introduced in Generation VII. It is the exclusive Z-Move of the guardian deities and a transformed version of their signature move, Nature's Madness.



Guardian of Alola deals damage equal to 75% of the target's remaining HP.

Like all Z-Moves, Guardian of Alola deals one-quarter of its normal damage (18.75% in this case) if the target is protected by a protection move.


Games Description
SMUSUM The user, the Land Spirit Pokémon, obtains Alola's energy using its Z-Power and attacks the target with full force. This reduces the target's HP greatly.


Any guardian deity Pokémon can use Guardian of Alola if it knows Nature's Madness, holds Tapunium Z, and if its Trainer wears a Z-RingSM or Z-Power RingUSUM.



In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 巨人衛士・阿羅拉 Geuihyàhn Waihsih Álòhlā
Mandarin 巨人衛士・阿羅拉 / 巨人卫士・阿罗拉 Jùrén Wèishì Āluólā
France Flag.png French Colère du Gardien d'Alola
Germany Flag.png German Alolas Wächter
Italy Flag.png Italian Collera del Guardiano
South Korea Flag.png Korean 알로라의수호자 Allolaui Suhoja
Russia Flag.png Russian Хранитель региона Алола Khranitel' regiona Alola
Spain Flag.png Spanish Cólera del Guardián
Thailand Flag.png Thai การ์เดี้ยน เด อโลล่า Guardian de Alola

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