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Earl's Pokémon Academy

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Earl's Pokémon Academy is a location in White City in Pokémon Stadium 2. It is an expanded Pokémon School taught by Earl Dervish. Here, players can learn various Pokémon battling and training techniques, as well as look up reference data regarding the 251 Pokémon of Generation II, as well at items.

Earl's curriculum comprises three levels: The Trainer Class, the Gym Leader Class, and the Elite Four Class. Each of these levels comprises a series of lectures, a quiz, and a series of skill tests where the player partakes in mock Pokémon battle. Initially, only the Trainer Class is available for the player. To unlock the Gym Leader Class, the lectures, quiz, and Trainer battles must be completed. Likewise, to enter the Elite Four Class, the player must complete all the lessons of the Gym Leader Class.

In the lectures section, players need to read through the notes given for each lesson. At the end of the lesson, there is a random question related to that lecture that Earl presents to the player. If the question is answered correctly, that lecture is passed, indicated by a star next to the lecture title. After all lectures have been passed, the entire lectures segment is passed.

In the quiz section, there are ten random questions that Earl gives to the player based on the lectures for that particular level. In order to pass the quiz, at least eight of those ten questions must be answered correctly.

For the Skill tests, there are a number of Trainers that must battled and defeated using the correct Pokémon. For the Trainer Class, there are seven Trainers. For the Gym Leader Class, there are five Trainers. For the Elite Four class, there are four Trainers. For each Trainer, the player and the Trainer are assigned a team comprising six Pokémon with a moveset depending on the theme involved for the Trainer.

For example, for Super Nerd Melvin in the Trainer Class, the player is assigned six Normal-type Pokémon and Melvin is assigned six Fire-type Pokémon. All of the player's Pokémon are given only one move and that move is either super-effective or not very effective against Fire-type Pokémon, with half of the Pokémon having a super-effective move and the other half having a not very effective move. The player and the opponent select three Pokémon from their teams to send into battle. The goal is to defeat the opponent's three Pokémon selected and choose the correct three Pokémon to send into battle. If one of those three Pokémon is misselected and the player defeats the opponent's three Pokémon, the Trainer is not considered defeated. In the aforementioned example, Melvin is considered defeated if the three Pokémon he selected are defeated and that the player has selected the correct three Pokémon to send into battle (the Pokémon who have moves that are super-effective against the Fire type). Once all of the Trainers have been defeated, then the entire Trainer battles section is passed.


Trainer Class



The correct choices for the player's party are highlighted in green.

Battle # Lesson Focus Player's Party Opponent Opponent's Party
1 Type effectiveness Growlithe Kabuto Pupitar S2 Camper.png
Camper Cole
Meganium Parasect Weepinbell
Pidgeotto Quagsire Beedrill Jumpluff Sunflora Exeggutor
2 Type effectiveness Clefable Furret Persian S2 Super Nerd.png
Super Nerd Melvin
Flareon Charmeleon Ninetales
Stantler Aipom Miltank Magmar Quilava Arcanine
3 Dealing with diverse teams Bellossom Ampharos Magmar S2 Schoolboy.png
Schoolboy Carson
Umbreon Steelix Donphan
Hypno Weezing Hitmonlee Sneasel Scizor Golem
4 Set-damage moves Pidgeot Dragonair Pinsir S2 SwimmerM.png
Swimmer♂ Clayton
Cloyster Grimer Tentacool
Corsola Hitmonlee Murkrow Mr. Mime Tentacruel Muk
5 Moves with a semi-invulnerable turn
and Moves with a charging turn
Croconaw Seaking Aerodactyl S2 Youngster.png
Youngster Jonathan
Houndoom Ivysaur Houndour
Dugtrio Delibird Raticate Meganium Exeggutor Venusaur
6 Defense and
Special Defense
Girafarig Lickitung Dewgong S2 Picnicker.png
Picnicker Cyndy
Slowbro Snorlax Furret
Granbull Magmar Fearow Quagsire Slugma Slowking
7 Evasion and
Moves that cannot miss
Lickitung Noctowl Golbat S2 Lass.png
Lass Nancy
Charmeleon Quilava Horsea
Flaaffy Eevee Togetic Pidgeotto Gligar Aipom

Gym Leader Class


  • Type match-ups
    • Dual-type Pokémon
    • Multiplied damage
  • Status problems
    • Status problems
  • Moves
    • Set damage moves
    • Moves & tactics
    • Multi-type moves
  • Trainer battles
    • Lead-off Pokémon
    • Switching
    • Reading the situation
  • New features
    • Holding an item
    • Notes on Eggs


The correct choices for the player's party are highlighted in green.

Battle # Lesson Focus Player's Party Opponent Opponent's Party
1 Infatuation and Confusion Lanturn Exeggutor Gastly S2 Pokémaniac.png
PokéManiac Joseph
Kangaskhan Snubbull Ursaring
Butterfree Raichu Jumpluff Miltank Clefable Stantler
2 Berry support Primeape Mankey Poliwhirl S2 Kimono Girl.png
Kimono Girl Naomi
Murkrow Haunter Misdreavus
Nidoking Poliwrath Politoed Gastly Magcargo Gengar
3 STAB Quagsire Mareep Wooper S2 Lass.png
Lass Tammy
Gyarados Bellossom Meganium
Electabuzz Kingler Spinarak Sunflora Tangela Magcargo
4 Moves that can hit semi-invulnerable Pokémon Hitmontop Seadra Porygon S2 Youngster.png
Youngster Dustin
Dragonite Dugtrio Sudowoodo
Arbok Magneton Aerodactyl Steelix Golduck Skarmory
5 Defense and
Special Defense
Staryu Gengar Alakazam S2 Schoolboy.png
Schoolboy Nolan
Chansey Ledyba Elekid
Mr. Mime Hypno Jynx Clefairy Ledian Blissey

Elite Four Class


  • Type match-ups
    • Multiplied damage
  • Moves
    • Support moves
    • Moves & tactics
    • Multi-type moves
    • Move combos
    • Situational combos
  • Trainer battles
    • Switching
    • Reading the situation
    • Reading the foe's moves
  • New Features
    • Holding an item
    • Notes on Eggs


The correct choices for the player's party are highlighted in green.

Battle # Lesson Focus Player's Party Opponent Opponent's Party
1 Held items Pikachu Raichu Sandslash S2 Cooltrainer M.png
Cooltrainer♂ Conner
Gyarados Remoraid Muk
Cubone Marowak Shuckle Seadra Kingler Magcargo
2 Speed and Endure Furret Scyther Raticate S2 Cooltrainer F.png
Cooltrainer♀ Becky
Machamp Electabuzz Scizor
Houndoom Raichu Typhlosion Bellossom Primeape Pinsir
3 Move combos Poliwrath Pineco Hitmonlee S2 Juggler.png
Juggler Ferris
Dragonite Arcanine Flareon
Golem Rhydon Steelix Magmar Typhlosion Tyranitar
4 Weather conditions Gyarados Exeggutor Magmar S2 SwimmerF.png
Swimmer♀ Julian
Starmie Slowbro Kingdra
Houndoom Jumpluff Dodrio Golduck Octillery Staryu

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