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Ruins of Hope

Outside the Ruins of Hope

The Ruins of Hope are located to the east of Poni Breaker Coast. These ruins are a sacred space, home to the guardian deity of Poni Island, Tapu Fini.

Walk down the coral-encrusted pathway to reach Lillie and Mudsdale at the bottom. Enter the shrine and use Machamp Shove to move the nearest stone all the way northward, then push the stone in the middle to the east. Loop around and push that second stone northward to drop it into a hole in the ground. Walk through the doorway into the second chamber to find Hapu standing atop the platform.

Interior Chamber

A great light shines from the altar, and Hapu is gifted her own Sparkling Stone, marking her as the new kahuna. She reveals that her grandfather had also held this role, but died suddenly years ago, leaving the island without a kahuna ever since. Lillie asks Hapu about the Legendary Pokémon, but Hapu knows only that there is a ceremony held for it at the Altar of the SunneS / Altar of the MooneM. This ceremony uses two flutes to empower the Legendary Pokémon. Hapu recognizes the Moon FluteS / Sun FluteM that Lillie carries, and reveals that the other can be found on Exeggutor Island, an uninhabited island off the coast of Poni Island.

Seafolk Village

Fly back to Seafolk Village to catch up to Lillie and Hapu. Hapu and Mudsdale leave, and Lillie goes to speak with the village chief. After a brief conversation, you and Lillie set off on the S.S. Magikarp.

Exeggutor Island

Exeggutor Island
Location of Exeggutor Island

The small, uninhabited Exeggutor Island is designated as a nature preserve. Some Alolan Exeggutor blend in with the many palm trees. According to the chief of Seafolk Village, the island was formerly a trial site.

In Search of a Legend

As soon as you walk out onto the island, Lillie inadvertently disturbs an Alolan Exeggutor, which draws you into battle. When you reach the middle part of the island, the clouds roll in and it starts to rain, causing you and Lillie to run for cover in the nearby cave. The sun returns a short time later and Lillie runs back out of the cave, excited to see the rainbow high above. She wonders if maybe it is a good omen before continuing northward. Climb to the island's highest point to find Lillie in front of an old pedestal. Inspect the structure to take the Sun FluteS / Moon FluteM, then speak with the chief to return to Seafolk Village.

Seafolk Village

Now that you and Lillie have both the Sun Flute and the Moon Flute, the next step is to play them at the altar. The chief informs you that the altar is located in Vast Poni Canyon. He wishes you luck, warning that the road ahead is long as nature acts as its own trial.

Ancient Poni Path

Pass by Hapu's house and head north to find Lillie confronted by a group of Team Skull Grunts blocking the road. They need to know how to save Guzma, and intend to knock that information out of you.

Defeat two of the Grunts and Plumeria appears. She expresses regret for her actions and asks that you save Guzma, if you can. It was you who stood up to Team Skull and took on the darkness inside the Aether Foundation, so she says if anyone can, it's you. She gives you the Poisonium Z in apology and walks away. Lillie heals your Pokémon before rushing off to the north.

Vast Poni Canyon

Vast Poni Canyon

Vast Poni Canyon links Ancient Poni Path to the Altar of the SunneS / Altar of the MooneM. The rugged terrain produces a special magnetic field that allows certain Pokémon to evolve here.

Poni Grand Trial

Follow Lillie northward to meet Hapu and Mudsdale under a large, dead tree. She asks if you are ready to take on her Pokémon at full strength, and gives you the chance to prepare if you are not. As a Ground-type Pokémon specialist, Hapu's team takes serious damage from Grass, Water, and Ice attacks. Grass Pokémon have access to Grassium Z and Bloom Doom, while Water Pokémon can make use of Waterium Z and Hydro Vortex. Alternatively, they can hold a Miracle Seed or Mystic Water for a reliable power boost.

Hapu starts off her first battle as kahuna with her Alolan Dugtrio. Sandstorm lets it chip away its foe's health, while activating its Sand Veil Ability to boost its evasion. As it is part-Steel, Fire and Fighting moves are also effective. Grass moves are best against her Gastrodon and Ice moves are very effective against her Flygon. When it comes to her Mudsdale, avoid using physical moves: not only can it return the damage dealt with Counter, but its Stamina Ability boosts its Defense when it takes damage. With the Z-Crystal it holds, at any time Mudsdale can upgrade its Earthquake attack, turning it into the Ground-type Z-Move, Tectonic Rage. While powerful, this can fortunately be done only once.

After the battle, Hapu rewards you with the Groundium Z and teaches you the pose for Tectonic Rage. She then stamps your Trainer Passport with the Poni Trial Completion stamp. This stamp ensures that all Pokémon up to Level 80, even those received in a trade, will obey without question. She directs you and Lillie to a large cave opening to the east, encouraging the two of you to press onward to find the altar.

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