linkmahboibyzephyrcapec.jpg MAH BOI, this user knows what all true warriors strive for.

Hi! Some of you may have heard of me, as most of my accounts have "Hyper" in them. I'm a "friendly hacker", as I spend my hacking stuffs helping to fix errors. I like trying out glitches in games, and if there's a question about any glitch you may be stuck in I might be able to help you out. Please don't ask me to give you cheat codes. I don't like that. Anyways, I've been playing Pokemon games since late 2007, (Yeah, I'm new) but I'm really into the series, and I'm a champion at Mystery Dungeon games. If you want to battle my L33T team,(shown below) ask and I'll sort something out.

Mah Team

First Pokémon Game EVER Played

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team


  • It should be noted that the Team Hyper Wigglytuff is nicknamed "Master". It is the only Pokémon belonging to Team Hyper to have a nickname.
  • Another thing about the "Master" is that it knows moves from a Jigglypuff moveset. It would originally have basic Wigglytuff moves, but the Jigglypuff itself evolved at Level 100.
  • The main Team Hyper Pokémon are practically the same, however, they are not traded to new games, meaning there is a seperate Team Hyper for each game.
  • Munchlax has a hacked moveset in Platinum. It knows Rock Smash, Surf, Stockpile and

Last Resort.