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None of my Pokémon are breeding right now.

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Before the Game Started

Before, I already had a game up, but I wanted to restart, with a mission. The mission was, that I play with the 3 Sinnoh starters, but of course, I wouldn't get them for free. So I decided to do the following, still going on with the story, and then capturing the Giratina of my game. And offer that for an exchange. So the deal was 1 of these 3:

One person accepted the deal, but also offered me all other starters from all the other regions. So naturally I accepted his offer. I traded away my Giratina and some other Pokémon he wanted (otherwise they would just be deleted) for a bunch of weak pokémon of his, and then restarted the game. After I was done and it was possible to trade, I send him a PM on the chat I was ready, but he took off. After a day or so, he came back... thank goodness... anyhow, the trades were made, and I'm only now awaiting Turtwig and Mudkip. But moving on with the story ingame otherwise I have to wait a really long time.

Dratini was a bonus, I asked for a free one, as he was farther in the story then I was... and maybe he had just 1 spare... which he had. So I got that one again, also I asked if I could get my Eevee from the previously game back as well, which I also got.

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