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Ultra Legend set 3 (Ga-Olé)

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The third set in the Pokémon Ga-Olé Ultra Legend series was released on November 29, 2018. It features 68 standard disks and 2 secret disks. It is the thirteenth set overall.



The third Ultra Legend series set has particular focus on Generation I Pokémon following the worldwide release of Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! on November 16, 2018. Many Generation I Pokémon made their Pokémon Ga-Olé debut in this set, including Grade 5 versions of the Legendary birds Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. Legendary duo Mew and Mewtwo also made return appearances as Grade 5 Pokémon—Mew has access to its exclusive Z-Move Genesis Supernova and 2 Mewtwo disks were available over the course of the set's duration with the ability to Mega Evolve into one of its Mega Evolved forms. The Poké Ball Plus peripheral, sold in conjunction with the release of Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!, can also interact with Ga-Olé machines via the Multi-Scanner to unlock an exclusive Let's Go! Course, in which promotional versions of Pikachu, Eevee, and Mew could be encountered and caught.

This set also continues the Ultra Beast theme, featuring the Pokémon Ga-Olé debut of the Rampart Pokémon Stakataka and the Fireworks Pokémon Blacephalon. As with previous sets, Ultra Beasts could be encountered on any course that featured an Ultra Beast Appears! icon within a certain timeframe. Stakataka could be encountered from the launch of the set until January 2, 2019, while Blacephalon could be encountered between January 3 and February 13, 2019. Both Ultra Beasts are Grade 5 Pokémon.

Mythical Pokémon Zeraora could be encountered and caught on an eponymous course later into the set's duration, as could promotional versions of Pikachu and Mimikyu as part of a tie in with the Pokémon anime. Both Pokémon are based on those who belong to characters in the anime: Ash's Pikachu and Jessie's Mimikyu. Both have access to respective exclusive Z-Moves 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt and Let's Snuggle Forever and both feature a voice-over and image of their respective Trainer when attacking in-game. Pikachu also wears Ash's hat as depicted in the Sun & Moon series. Legendary Generation IV Pokémon Cresselia and Heatran, as well as Mythical Pokémon Manaphy, were added to the roster of Pokémon that could be encountered on the Zeraora Course from January 31, 2019.

Trainer and Battle Mode was available to challenge from January 10, 2019 and provided a new roster of opponents to battle. The line-up included 2 new Trainers classes and a new Battle Leader, Seraji, who could not be challenged until the other 4 Trainers had been defeated. Promotional Hoopa or Volcanion disks could be dispensed for an additional ¥100 following a battle with Seraji, with 'WINNER' versions available to those who successfully defeated his team.

Vanilluxe and Scizor were added as Support Pokémon from this set. Players registering a Ga-Olé Pass for the first time would automatically receive Scizor as a Support Pokémon as part of the Pokémon Ga-Olé Welcome Campaign.

Course summary

Standard courses
150MX 151
Mewtwo & Mew Course ~Part 1~
Playable from set launch to January 9, 2019
144 145 146
Articuno, Zapdos & Moltres Course
Playable from set launch to January 16, 2019
007 004 001
Let's Begin Ga-Olé! Course
Playable at set launch
Zeraora Course
Playable from December 13, 2018
151 150MY
Mewtwo & Mew Course ~Part 2~
Playable from January 10, 2019
646W 646B
Black Kyurem & White Kyurem Course
Playable from January 17, 2019
Limited courses
Ga-Olé Ticket Available at participating stores as part of the Black Mega Gardevoir Campaign, which ran from June 17 until July 8, 2016
025 151 133
Let's Go! Course
Let's Go!コース
Playable from November 29, 2018 to June 30, 2019 by using the Poké Ball Plus peripheral on the Ga-Olé console Multi-Scanner
Ga-Olé Ticket
471 700 470
Only Eevee Course ~Part 3~
Playable from November 29, 2018 to February 13, 2019 at all Pokémon Centers and Pokémon Stores
Ga-Olé Ticket Available for Pokémon Ga-Olé Members to redeem from November 29, 2018 for 1,000 Member Points
718T 718C 718
Gather! Zygarde Course
Playable from November 29, 2018 to March 31, 2019
Ga-Olé Ticket Available as an insert in issue 61 of Pokémon Fan, released on November 30, 2018
Latias Course
Playable from November 30, 2018 to February 13, 2019
Ga-Olé Ticket Available as an insert in the January 2019 issue of CoroCoro Comic, released on December 15, 2018
006 150 025
Mewtwo Special Course
Playable from December 15, 2018 to February 13, 2019
Ga-Olé Ticket Available as an insert in the February 2019 issue of CoroCoro Ichiban!, released on December 21, 2018
Latios Course
Playable from December 21, 2018 to February 13, 2019
Ga-Olé Ticket
483 658A 484
Powerful Pokémon One After Another Course
Playable from December 27, 2018 to January 30, 2017
Ga-Olé Ticket
646W 649 646B
Special Black Kyurem & White Kyurem Course
Playable from January 17 to February 13, 2019 on select units
Ga-Olé Ticket

Trainer and Battle mode opponents

Aspiring Idol Rei
Ga-Olé Trainer Aspiring Idol.png
Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆
Tretta Normal type.pngTretta Fairy type.png
Tretta Normal type.png Double Slap
Tretta Normal type.png
Tretta Normal type.png Double Slap
Tretta Grass type.png
Tretta Grass type.png Solar Blade
Tretta Fairy type.png
Tretta Fairy type.png Fairy Wind
Silent Boy Shunsuke
Ga-Olé Trainer Silent Boy.png
Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆
Tretta Bug type.pngTretta Poison type.png
Tretta Bug type.png Bug Buzz
Tretta Normal type.png
Tretta Normal type.png Dizzy Punch
Tretta Fire type.png
Tretta Fire type.png Fire Blast
Tretta Grass type.png
Tretta Grass type.png Giga Drain
Literary Girl Mako
Ga-Olé Trainer Literary Girl.png
Difficulty: ★★★☆☆
Tretta Grass type.pngTretta Poison type.png
Tretta Grass type.png Frenzy Plant
Tretta Fire type.pngTretta Flying type.png
Tretta Fire type.png Blast Burn
Tretta Water type.png
Tretta Water type.png Hydro Cannon
Tretta None type.png
Tretta None type.png
Veteran Employee Naokata
Ga-Olé Trainer Veteran Employee.png
Difficulty: ★★★★☆
Tretta Psychic type.png
Tretta Psychic type.png Psychic
Tretta Water type.pngTretta Flying type.png
Tretta Water type.png Waterfall
Tretta Normal type.png
Tretta Normal type.png Tri Attack
Tretta Ghost type.pngTretta Poison type.png
Tretta Ghost type.png Shadow Ball
Battle Leader Seraji
Ga-Olé Trainer Battle Leader Seraji.png
Difficulty: ★★★★★
Tretta Dragon type.pngTretta Flying type.png
Tretta Dragon type.png Dragon Rush
Tretta Psychic type.pngTretta Dark type.png
Tretta Dark type.png Hyperspace Fury
Tretta Steel type.pngTretta Ground type.png
Tretta Steel type.png Iron Tail
Tretta Fire type.pngTretta Water type.png
Tretta Water type.png Steam Eruption

Set list

Disk No. Name Type Grade
UL3-001 Bulbasaur GrassPoison Grade 1
UL3-002 Ivysaur GrassPoison Grade 2
UL3-003 Venusaur GrassPoison Grade 3
UL3-004 Venusaur GrassPoison Grade 4
UL3-005 Charmander Fire Grade 1
UL3-006 Charmeleon Fire Grade 2
UL3-007 Charizard FireFlying Grade 3
UL3-008 Charizard FireFlying Grade 4
UL3-009 Charizard FireFlying Grade 4
UL3-010 Squirtle Water Grade 1
UL3-011 Wartortle Water Grade 2
UL3-012 Blastoise Water Grade 3
UL3-013 Blastoise Water Grade 4
UL3-014 Leafeon Grass Grade 3
UL3-015 Leafeon Grass Grade 4
UL3-016 Glaceon Ice Grade 3
UL3-017 Glaceon Ice Grade 4
UL3-018 Sylveon Fairy Grade 3
UL3-019 Sylveon Fairy Grade 4
UL3-020 Venonat BugPoison Grade 1
UL3-021 Venomoth BugPoison Grade 2
UL3-022 Venomoth BugPoison Grade 3
UL3-023 Mankey Fighting Grade 1
UL3-024 Primeape Fighting Grade 2
UL3-025 Primeape Fighting Grade 3
UL3-026 Ponyta Fire Grade 1
UL3-027 Rapidash Fire Grade 2
UL3-028 Rapidash Fire Grade 3
UL3-029 Porygon Normal Grade 2
UL3-030 Porygon2 Normal Grade 3
UL3-031 Porygon-Z Normal Grade 4
UL3-032 Tangela Grass Grade 2
UL3-033 Tangrowth Grass Grade 3
UL3-034 Tangrowth Grass Grade 4
UL3-035 Dratini Dragon Grade 1
UL3-036 Dragonair Dragon Grade 2
UL3-037 Dragonite DragonFlying Grade 3
UL3-038 Dragonite DragonFlying Grade 4
UL3-039 Abra Psychic Grade 1
UL3-040 Kadabra Psychic Grade 2
UL3-041 Alakazam Psychic Grade 3
UL3-042 Alakazam Psychic Grade 4
UL3-043 Gastly GhostPoison Grade 1
UL3-044 Haunter GhostPoison Grade 2
UL3-045 Gengar GhostPoison Grade 3
UL3-046 Gengar GhostPoison Grade 4
UL3-047 Onix RockGround Grade 2
UL3-048 Steelix SteelGround Grade 3
UL3-049 Steelix SteelGround Grade 4
UL3-050 Kangaskhan Normal Grade 3
UL3-051 Kangaskhan Normal Grade 4
UL3-052 Magikarp Water Grade 2
UL3-053 Gyarados WaterFlying Grade 3
UL3-054 Gyarados WaterFlying Grade 4
UL3-055 Cresselia Psychic Grade 4
UL3-056 Manaphy Water Grade 4
UL3-057 Heatran FireSteel Grade 4
UL3-058 Articuno IceFlying Grade 5
UL3-059 Zapdos ElectricFlying Grade 5
UL3-060 Moltres FireFlying Grade 5
UL3-061 Mewtwo Psychic Grade 5
UL3-062 Mewtwo Psychic Grade 5
UL3-063 Mew Psychic Grade 5
UL3-064 White Kyurem DragonIce Grade 5
UL3-065 Black Kyurem DragonIce Grade 5
UL3-066 Zeraora Electric Grade 5
UL3-067 Stakataka RockSteel Grade 5
UL3-068 Blacephalon FireGhost Grade 5
UL3-028★ Rapidash Fire Grade 3
UL3-031★ Porygon-Z Normal Grade 4

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