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The fourth set in the Pokémon Ga-Olé Dash series was released on February 15, 2018. It features 62 standard disks and 2 secret disks. It is the ninth set overall.


The fourth set in the Dash series introduces the Fusion System (Japanese: 合体システム), which allows certain Pokémon when used together in battle to fuse into a different form. One of the launch courses includes a Grade 5 Necrozma with the Fusion (Japanese: がったい) ability, allowing it to fuse with Solgaleo or Lunala from previous sets to respectively form Dusk Mane Necrozma with the move Sunsteel Strike or Dawn Wings Necrozma with Moongeist Beam. While in these forms, Necrozma receives a boost in stats relative to the Grade of Pokémon it fused with: Grade 5 disks will boost Necrozma's Energy value by 1,040 points, while Grade 4 or Special disks will boost its Energy value by 760 points. If Solgaleo or Lunala disks with access to their exclusive Z-Moves are used to fuse with Necrozma, it can use these in battle as well. A new Grade 5 Kyurem, also with the Fusion ability, could be encountered on a course available to play from March 15, 2018. Kyurem can fuse with Reshiram to form White Kyurem with the move Ice Burn or Zekrom to form Black Kyurem with Freeze Shock. Players cannot use another Pokémon while Necrozma or Kyurem are in a merged state as both disk slots on the console will still be in use. Pokémon in a merged state cannot be distributed as a single disk.

The Let's Begin Ga-Olé! Course, a beginner course that has featured in the starting lineup of every Dash series set, had its roster expanded for the first time since the start of the series. These new additions were the two Cosmog previously available in the Let's Raise Cosmog! Course from the second Dash set. Among other courses available to play for the duration of this set was the Regigigas Course, in which players could encounter and capture a powerful Grade 5 Regigigas as well as Grade 4 versions of the Legendary giants Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. The Poipole Special Course and Naganadel Course introduced the first Ultra Beasts to Pokémon Ga-Olé in the form of Poison Pin Pokémon Poipole and Naganadel; the latter course also included another Grade 5 Silvally, this time with a Psychic Memory. Two new Grade 5 Lycanroc could also be encountered on the last of the standard courses available to play for this set, each of them with access to the exclusive Z-Move Splintered Stormshards.

Trainer and Battle Mode was available to challenge from March 29, 2018 and provided a new roster of opponents to battle. These opponents included 2 new Trainer classes and a new Battle Leader, Ratsuha, who could be challenged upon defeating the 4 Trainers before her. Promotional Regigigas or Darkrai disks could be dispensed for an additional ¥100 following a battle with Ratsuha, with 'WINNER' versions available to those who successfully defeated her entire team.

Tyranitar and Magnezone were added as Support Pokémon from this set. Players registering a Ga-Olé Pass for the first time would automatically receive Tyranitar as a Support Pokémon as part of the Pokémon Ga-Olé Welcome Campaign.

Course summary

Standard courses
Fusion!! Necrozma Course
Playable at set launch
Let's Begin Ga-Olé! Course
Playable at set launch
Regigigas Course
Playable from March 1, 2018
Fusion!! Kyurem Course
Playable from March 15, 2018
Naganadel Course
Playable from March 29, 2018
Super Strong! Lycanroc Course
Playable from April 12, 2018
Limited courses
  Available for Pokémon Ga-Olé Members to redeem from February 15, 2018 for 1,000 Member Points
Volcanion & Fire Friends Course
Playable from February 15 to July 31, 2018
  Available as an insert in the April 2018 issue of CoroCoro Ichiban!, released on February 21, 2018
Groudon & Earth Friends Course
Playable from February 21 to April 25, 2018
  Available as an insert in issue 57 of Pokémon Fan, released on February 28, 2018
Kyogre & Water Friends Course
Playable from February 28 to April 25, 2018
Special Regigigas Course
Playable from March 1 to 25, 2018 on select units
  Available as an insert in the April 2018 issue of CoroCoro Comic, released on March 15, 2018
Poipole Special Course
Playable from March 15 to April 25, 2018

Trainer and Battle mode opponents

Hot-blooded Boy Tatsuya
Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆
  Revelation Dance
   Leech Seed
  Aqua Tail
   Leech Seed
  Mirror Shot
   Leech Seed
  Anchor Shot
   Leech Seed
Traveler Soichiro
Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆
  Stone Edge
   Leech Seed
   Leech Seed
  Take Down
   Leech Seed
  Trop Kick
   Leech Seed
Office Worker Hitomi
Difficulty: ★★★☆☆
  Zap Cannon
   Leech Seed
   Leech Seed
  Shadow Ball
   Leech Seed
  Flare Blitz
   Leech Seed
Senior Trainer Renji
Difficulty: ★★★★☆
  Iron Tail
   Leech Seed
  Blast Burn
   Leech Seed
   Leech Seed
   Leech Seed
Battle Leader Ratsuha
Difficulty: ★★★★★
   Leech Seed
  Dazzling Gleam
   Leech Seed
  Giga Impact
   Leech Seed
  Dark Pulse
   Leech Seed

Set list

Disk No. Name Type Grade
D4-001 Dhelmise     
D4-002 Oricorio     
D4-003 Oricorio     
D4-004 Oricorio     
D4-005 Oricorio     
D4-006 Fomantis    
D4-007 Lurantis    
D4-008 Lurantis    
D4-009 Wingull     
D4-010 Pelipper     
D4-011 Pelipper     
D4-012 Lillipup    
D4-013 Herdier    
D4-014 Stoutland    
D4-015 Cubone    
D4-016 Alolan Marowak     
D4-017 Alolan Marowak     
D4-018 Psyduck    
D4-019 Golduck    
D4-020 Golduck    
D4-021 Noibat     
D4-022 Noibat     
D4-023 Noivern     
D4-024 Noivern     
D4-025 Fletchling     
D4-026 Fletchinder     
D4-027 Talonflame     
D4-028 Talonflame     
D4-029 Sandile     
D4-030 Krokorok     
D4-031 Krookodile     
D4-032 Krookodile     
D4-033 Bounsweet    
D4-034 Steenee    
D4-035 Tsareena    
D4-036 Tsareena    
D4-037 Aron     
D4-038 Lairon     
D4-039 Aggron     
D4-040 Aggron     
D4-041 Tynamo    
D4-042 Eelektrik    
D4-043 Eelektross    
D4-044 Eelektross    
D4-045 Regirock    
D4-046 Regice    
D4-047 Registeel    
D4-048 Regigigas    
D4-049 Necrozma    
D4-050 Kyurem    
D4-051 Poipole    
D4-052 Poipole    
D4-053 Naganadel     
D4-054 Rockruff    
D4-055 Lycanroc    
D4-056 Lycanroc    
D4-057 Lycanroc    
D4-058 Rockruff    
D4-059 Lycanroc    
D4-060 Lycanroc    
D4-061 Lycanroc    
D4-062 Silvally    
D4-001★ Dhelmise     
D4-032★ Krookodile     

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